Top 10 Tourist Places In Bangladesh 2023

Today we tell you Bangladesh Tour & Top Tourist Places in Bangladesh. Bangladesh Tourism or Bangladesh Travel stabilized this awesome places.

Bangladesh is a country in Southeast Asia. This little country has lots of natural beauty. On the south, there is the Bay of Bengal. The natural beauty of this country attracts tourists from abroad.

The small country has many wonderful places to visit. So if you are one of the tourists, turn around today to see your own country.

Bangladesh Tourism or Bangladesh Tour related all information you will get this report. Let’s go know about Top Tourist places in Bangladesh-

Tourist Places In Bangladesh
Tourist Places In Bangladesh

Top Tourist Places in Bangladesh

Here is your top 10 Tourist Places in Bangladesh. If you want to add another places to this list just comment bellow section.

NoTourist SpotsHow To Go
01Cox’s BazarClick
02Saint MartinClick
04Kuakata Sea BeachClick
07Sajek ValleyClick

Cox’s Bazar | Top Tourist Places In Bangladesh

Cox’s Bazar is the main Tourist place in Bangladesh. It is also the longest sea beach in the world. This is an important place for Bangladesh Tourism. Many Tourist Come to Bangladesh Travel for this awesome sea. It is about 125 km in length. This is the most popular tourist center near the general population of Bangladesh.

It takes 10-12 hours to go from Dhaka by bus. You can also go to the plane very easily. There are numerous hotels and resorts centered around the tourist industry of Cox’s Bazar. The market has been developed for shopping around the beach.

Apart from the sea level in Cox’s Bazar, there are also some places to see hills and small fountains in Himchari.

Cox’s Bazar Tourist Spots | Bangladesh Tour

Cox’s Bazar beach: This is the longest sandy beach in the world. The length of 120 km. Open jeep, walking or riding a speed boat there was Laboni point, kolatali point, point of the diabetic hospital a few more points.

Sonadia Island: This is surrounded by the sea around the island of an Excellent scene. West and south of the island to the city of Cox’s Bazar.

Saint. Martin: coral island and the blue vista of coconut water bath Gulls. 38 km south of Teknaf police headquarters.

Bangabandhu Safari Park: Bangabandhu Safari Park covers an area of 900 hectares of protected forest and wild. 5 km to the south, at a place called Chakoria Dulahajara.

Himchhari: Cox’s Bazar, about 10 km south. On the way, there are several natural springs Himchharhi. A picnic spot by the forest department in the south of Cox’s Bazar has been made.

Radar Station: Radar station stand on hilltop location at the southern side of the Circuit House. From here jharajhanja nationwide, storm, high tide forecasts.

Bodor Mokam: Bodor mosque Mokam the oldest mosque in the city. Rumor has it that the saint has been named locally badarasahara.

The mosque is located on the south bank of the river near Cox’s Bazar Sadar Bakkhali.

More Tourist Spots

Hilltop Circuit House: district council building in a pleasant environment in the western mountains to the south hilltop location of the Circuit House.

Darjeeling, India will look like. From the hilltop see billow from the Bay of Bengal and tourism in the city can be seen.

Light House: Radar station on the south side of a hilltop.

Ancient Tradition: 1600-1700 AD, a mosque was built during the reign of Shah Shuja. Leave a neighborhood mosque known as the Mosque as Ajgobi.

It is located on the north side of the camp in Cox’s Bazar Sadar.

Hatchery Zone: Atomic Energy Commission from the hatchery to the south Kolatali. Billion a year in revenue.

Pagodas: In 1790, the English conquest of Arakan barmiz constructed in different areas of the Rakhine community.

They say the memorial. Sadar Bazar, Ramu and Teknaf hill or pagodas can be seen in the high hillock.

Buddhist merit Agga Kang: Kang Buddhist Cox’s Bazar Sadar large and small are more than 7 million. Kang and talent.

Buddhist statues look like barely established. Buddhist religious festival, Buddha Purnima, the full moon festival is celebrated at Kang.

Burn fish export and processing zones: the whole area has quite a few Burn fish export and processing companies.

More Tourist Spots

Salt production and processing areas: Tinsukia, napitakhali the needs of 85% of the country’s salt production, processing and marketing can be. Cox’s Bazar town 35 km away from the location.

Burmese Market: Rakhine women in various types of handicrafts and other commodities.

Oyster Market: oyster industry, the sales, and marketing of all kinds of commodities. Holiday hotel’s location on the main road crossing.

Shah Omar Shah (RA) the Dargah: Kakara union has a name shrines and holy places of the Muslims.

Rose cultivation project: covers about 50 acres have been cultivated roses personal initiative. The flower garden is located in Chakoria Her bang.

Dulahajara Safari Park: the government declared the area. Different from the Safari Park Zoo. Safari park and zoo animals are bound by wandering free.

Musical Nature Center: Safari park has been established within the scanning center of the first nature. Almost all of the forest vegetation, wildlife model, mural and the light and sound streams, wildlife.

Artificial lakes: Dulahajara Safari Wildlife Park inside two artificial lakes for drinking water contains.

Natural History Museum: Royal Bengal Tiger in 1960, Cox’s forests have been lost. Freshwater crocodile has become extinct in the Sundarbans. This is the first museum of wildlife.

Tourist spots in Cox’s Bazar

Rubber garden: natural beauty, amazing tourist attractions in the Ramu rubber plantation different tinge.

Bangladesh Forest Industries Development Corporation plans to set up over 28886 acres of land in Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh, as well as the largest rubber plantations.

Naikhangchhori lake and hanging bridges: It is a natural pond. Here is a hanging bridge.

From the Cox’s Bazar town Naikhangchhori going to the car, and the day has come around. Distance from Cox’s Bazar district Naikhangchhori 8 km.

Inani: Go to Cox’s Bazar beach to Inani to jeep about three miles to the west.

Kuakata Sea Beach | Top Tourist Places In Bangladesh


Kuakata is the most important Tourist places in Bangladesh. Every day more visitors visit this awesome place. There is no one to enjoy the natural beauty of Kuakata rivals. Kuakata is famous for sunrise-sunset. The incomparable natural beauty. Long-Sea beach is a really wonderful gift of nature.

Kuakata is one of the world’s attractive sea beaches. This enchanting Kuakata sea beach sunset and sunrise, when the rare, colorful scenes can be seen easily. This is one of the main elements for Bangladesh Tourism or Bangladesh Travel.

Tourist Spots | Bangladesh Tour

Fatrar forest: the beach on the west side of the mangroves has been started, called Fatrar forest. Fatrar protected wilderness forest already has been known as the Sundarbans.

Here care way, gewya, Sundori, Fatra, Goran, Bain, golpata, etc. Mangrove plants and monkeys numerous animals and birds. A one-hour boat journey to becoming an engine from the beach.

Keranipara: the Shima of the indigenous Rakhine Buddhist temple in rural keranipara the beginning. The main work in Rakhine female works.

Kuyakata’s Kuya: Kuakata beach at the beginning of a Buddhist Rakhine village keranipara mandiyera in the ancient wells of well.

Shima Buddhist temple: Kuakata old well in front of the ancient temple, a Buddhist temple in the name of the border. This is the seventh head temple of the ancient meditative Buddha statue, weighing eight metal.

Keranipara: the Shima of the indigenous Rakhine Buddhist temple in rural Kerani para the beginning. The main work in Rakhine female works.

Alipur Port: Kuakata is about four kilometers north of the largest fish in the southern business center of Alipur. Hundreds of fishing trawlers in the Bay of Bengal from the fishing port.

Misripara Buddhist Temple: Kuakata beach about 8 kilometers from the home of the arketi Misri para indigenous Rakhine Buddhist temples are another.

Gangamatir jungle: Kuakata beach at the east end of the canal of Gangamati. Apart from the forests that meet a variety of forest plants also cock, monkeys and various birds.

Saint Martin | Top Tourist Places In Bangladesh

Saint Martin Island In the last quarter of Cox’s Bazar. The ship has to cross the sea by joining the ship in Teknaf, on the island of Saint Martin. This is the most important Tourist places for Bangladesh tour. Many of the foreigner come for Bangladesh Tour for this place.

This island, decorated with the genuineness of nature. In the morning to go to St. Martin, the ships usually start off from Teknaf. At noon the ship returned to Cox’s Bazar. If you want you can also stay in Saint Martin. Many resorts have been developed here and the tourism industry is expanding slowly.

There is another small island with St. Martin. This call Frosted Island. From September to March the tourists are permitted to travel to the island. For the rest of the time, the authorities stopped the movement of the general public there. The Bangladesh Tourism Board has taken several initiatives to protect the island.

Sundarban | Top Tourist Places In Bangladesh


The Sundarbans are called the world’s largest mangrove forest. Sunderbans is not a part of Bangladesh. Some parts of the neighboring country are in India. In the Sundarbans has Bengal’s famous Royal Bengal Tiger, deer, monkey, crocodile and many other creatures.

Khulna, Satkhira, Bagerhat and several districts of India including the Sundarbans. You can visit the bus or train from Dhaka to Khulna. Then you can visit Kotka from there Sundarban.

Tourist Spots | Bangladesh Tour

Hiron points: Walkway made of wood, and the walk along with the forest monkeys, deer, crocodiles or sightseeing can be seen on the scene in Hiron points.

In addition to Hiron points, Tiger Point, Burigoyalini, Harabariya areas and maybe the luck of the Royal Bengal Tiger Show.

Katka Beach: Katka beach in the 40 feet high in a tower, from there, can enjoy the natural beauty of the Sundarbans.

There is a beautiful beach. Observation tower and walk back in time to enjoy the beauty of the beach. Many animals can be seen here.

Jamtola beach: There Jamtola observation tower. Never run from vast areas where thousands of deer can be seen in the Royal Bengal Tiger.

And right in the middle of the name Badamatola Kochi Khali. Badamtola is the very deserted beach. This beach is also known as Jamtola beach.

Dublar Chor: Dublar Chor is a small part of the forest. The small river flows through the Chor; Where the river joins the Bay of Bengal.

Dublar Chor is located in a little easier since tourist cannot enter into the feed.

Bandarban | Top Tourist Places In Bangladesh

Bandarban is a district of the Chittagong division. If you reach Bandarban from Dhaka on the bus, you can see Nilgiri, Nilchal, Chimbuk, Meghla and other mountains of Bandarban. Besides, the Golden Temple of Buddhists is in Bandarban. This is the awesome Tourist places in Bangladesh.

If you are ready to travel far enough, Thanchi, Alikadam, Amakhyakum, Nafakum can explore these beautiful beautiful areas in Bandarban. Bandarban is the most important place for Bangladesh Tourism or Bangladesh Travel.

Tourist Spots | Bangladesh Travel

Nilgiri: Bandarban district, about 47-kilometer southeast side of the road in Bandarban hill. Thanchi at the top of the Nilgiri tourist Kent. By car can go.

Nilachal: From Bandarban town, near the high mountains name Nilachal. Its height of about one foot. The city is about (four) km away at.

Boga Lake: about 3 thousand feet high in the mountains to the sea surface caused a natural way to Boga Lake. Keokaradang 70 kilometers away from the city’s Bandarban and Ruma, about 18 km from the district.

Sailapropat: Bandarban to Sailapropat going 8 kilometers away within Ruma road. It creates wonderful natural beauty. The cold water is always flowing fountain. This spring water is very transparent and cool.

Meghla: The Keranihat transparent water pleasant lake beside the highway. Bandarban town is 4.5 km away from the complex range of entertainment equipment.

Chimbuk hill: The Bandarban district to the narrow, winding road full of natural scenes. Cimbuk hillside of the road to the home of numerous tribes.

Tajingdong Bijoy: The three hill districts of Bandarban, Bangladeshe’s low crowed people space. Inside the country, there are around Bandarban and Cox’s Bazar, Chittagong, Rangamati, and Khagrachhari.

Sylhet | Top Tourist Places In Bangladesh


Sylhet is the northeast region of Bangladesh. This is mainly for the famous tea garden. It is easy to go to Sylhet from the capital Dhaka bus or train. There are also Sylhet Airport. The famous tourist centers in Sylhet are Jaflong, Lalakhal, Bichankandi, and Rataragul.

Besides, many tea gardens, including the Harappan gasfield, visited many people. A beautiful place to visit in Tangua Haor rainy season in Sunamganj outside Sylhet district. At the same time, there is the Loya Chharra National Park, Hammam Jhorna in Srimangal.

Madhubkund Jhorna is another special attraction in the rainy season in Sylhet.

Tourist Spots | Bangladesh Travel

Bisanakandi: Bisanakandi of Sylhet has surrounded the beauty of nature. To overcome the busyness or loneliness of busy life, one can visit the hills and stones from this diversity.

Jaflong: Jaflong is located in the border area of Sylhet of Bangladesh.

Fountains descending from these hills are one of the tourist attractions. Besides, many hanging bridges of India’s Dauki Port also attracted.

Srimangal: Srimangal is the capital of Bangladeshi Tea! The mountains, the rainforest, haor and the green tea gardens are in this region.

Madhobkundo: Madhabkund Falls is the largest waterfall in Bangladesh. Located in Moulvibazar district of Sylhet division.

Lawachara: Laujachara National Park A significant sampling of the remaining evergreen forests in Bangladesh. This is a reserved forest.

It is one of seven wildlife sanctuaries and 10 national parks in Bangladesh. This forest is located in Kamalganj upazila of Moulvibazar district in Sylhet division.

Birishiri | Top Tourist Places In Bangladesh

Greater Mymensingh a little north of Dhaka. It is possible to reach Mymensingh easily by adding a bus or train. Mymensingh is becoming one of the main attractions of the day. Birishiri is one of the attractions here.

This Birishiri is a unique blend of the beauty of nature. This Birishiri located in Durgapur Upazila of Netrokona. It is basically located on the foothills of somebody. There is a varied Someshwari river here.

There you can reach the boat or the ferry crossing on the hill of Chinese soil. A little distance away from the city of Birishiri, there is no good hotel or resort yet.

If you want to take a short tour for 2/1 days, Birishiri is a very good tourist center for you. This is the amazing Tourist Spots in Bangladesh.

Sajek Valley | Top Tourist Places In Bangladesh

Sajek Valley
Sajek Valley

Sajak valley is One of the main Tourist Spots in Bangladesh of Rangamati district. That’s can be one of the most beautiful place for Bangladesh Tour. Tourists can travel there very easily. Sajak valley is 18000 feet above sea level.

Though the Sajak valley is located in Rangamati district. But Khagrachari is the best way to get here. From Khagrachari to Chand’s car to go to Dighinala Bazar to go to Sajak. There is no other vehicle except the Chand car from Dighinala.

Sajak’s sunrise and sunset scenes snatch everyone’s heart.

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