Top 15 Best Resort Near Dhaka City & Latest Contact Number 2022

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Are you finding a Wonderful & best Resort near Dhaka City or Cheap resorts near Dhaka?

Yes! you are in the right place. Want a little rest, do you want to go somewhere? But do not have a long time to go away!

There is nothing about tension. There is a lot of beautiful places to visit around Dhaka City.

From the places you can visit with family You can also come out with friends.

Let’s find out the details of some wonderful places to visit around Dhaka. All Resorts are near Dhaka cities like Gazipur, Pubail & Ashulia. Here you get cheap resorts near Dhaka although.

Best Resort Near Dhaka City
Top 15 Best Resort Near Dhaka City & Latest Contact Number 2022 17

Wonderful Resort near Dhaka City

NoResort NameAddressContact Number
01Rajendra Eco ResortGazipur02-58070840, 01793-313662
02Bhawal National ParkGazipur02-8814700
03Padma ResortMunshigonj01625-788920
04Nokkhottrobari ResortGazipur02-9835173, 01772-224281
05Nuhash PolliGazipur01911-920666
06Chuti ResortsGazipur01777-114488, 01777-114499
07Rangamati Waterfront ResortGazipur01811-414074, 01811-414080
09Resorts AtlantisAshulia01937 402948, 01958 146163
10Sohag PolliGazipur01839-590248
11Ananda ResortGazipur01711-958668, 01670-275864
12Jol Jongoler KabboPubail01885-007777
13Arshinagar Holiday ResortGazipur01733-235400, 701923117056
14Dream squareGazipur9334149, 934203, 01755-6303311

Rajendra Eco Resort, Gazipur

Rajendra Eco Resort
Rajendra Eco Resort | Collected Pic

From Gazipur crossroads, from the big road opposite the Bangabandhu Safari Park, you will lose the green forest in the green forest. Beyond Bhabanipur Bazar, the road is a little more.

Dense shawl As far as eyes go, only trees and trees are there. In the pond tree, fishing birds live in the hopes of hunting.

Buck’s walk along the pond’s arrow. Birds of all kinds may seem like, maybe there is a wild forest.

Truly wild forest. In addition to roadside shawls, palm trees, and banyan trees. Some houses of the indigenous people on the street.

Wonderful Resort near Dhaka City
Wonderful Resort near Dhaka City

Room Rent

Room TypeRent (Per Night)
Cottage Park – Standard Room4,000 Taka
Cottage Park – Deluxe Suite8,000 Taka
Mud House- Room4,000 Taka
Mud House – Honeymoon Cottage4,000 Taka
Waterfront Cottage- Premium Room6,000 Taka


AddressDhaka – Mymensingh Hwy, Mawna Bhabanipur, Gazipur
Phone02-58070840, (9:00 AM to 5:00 PM for Reservation)
Mobile+88 0176-5018186, +88 01793-313661, +88 01793-313662 (Reservation)

Bhawal National Park, Gazipur

Bhawal National Park & Resort, best resorts near dhaka city
Bhawal National Park & Resort | Collected Pic

Bhawal National Park one of the government picnic spot. This park located in Gazipur Sadar and Sreepur thanas.

There is a large ground for sports. There is also a zoo here. In view of other national parks in the world, the garden was officially built in 673 hectares of land in 1973.

The main plant of the Bhawal National Park is the shawl. The park also is full of different trees and plants. There are several banana centers, 13 cottages and 6 rest houses inside the National Park.

Access to the garden will cost 6 rupees per person. In addition to using the picnic spot, there will be an advance booking from the Mohakhali office of the forest department


AddressPorajendropur Bus Stop, Dhaka – Mymensingh Hwy, Gazipur 1700

Wonderful Resort near Dhaka City

Padma Resort, Munshigonj

Padma Resort, best resorts near dhaka city
Padma Resort | Collected Pic

Usually, the cottage is available only when the holidays or the Eid. All information on the Padma Resort website will be available for booking.

If you want to rent the resort only for the day, then you can stay from 10 am to 6 pm and you will have to rent it at Tk 2300. And if you want to spend the night with the day, then the rent will be 3400 Taka.

Total 16 Cotes. These cottages are the main attractions. You can spend quiet time and quiet time in the cottages grown on the banks of the river.

The cottages have been named nicely as well. The name of 12 cottages has been named after 12 months of Bengali year.

The remaining four are named after four seasons. If filled in the rainy season, then the water in front of the cottages will be crushed.

It has to be walking along the wooden road. It seems that the cottages are floating in the water.

Room Rent

Room TypeRent
Per day2300 Tk.
Cottage3450 Tk. (Night)
Speedboat costs2500 Tk. (per hour)
Sampan boat1200 Tk. (per hour)
Troller600 Taka (per hour)

Phone: 01625-788920

Nokkhottrobari Resort, Gazipur

Nokkhottrobari Resort, best resorts near dhaka city
Nokkhottrobari Resort, Gazipur

Among the private resorts located in Gazipur, the beauty of the ‘Nokkhottrobari’ is beautiful. Nokkhottrobari is also a popular name for nature devotees and tourists.

Thinking about making a resort near Dhaka, with all the facilities of nature-seekers, actors Tauqir Ahmed and Bipasha Hayat couple created ‘Nokkhottrobari’ on 14 bighas of land.

It started on the 16th of December 2011, in which the temple started.

Room Rent

Room TypeRent (Per Night)
Hotel Complex – Couple Regular6,325 Taka
Hotel Complex – Deluxe Couple8,222 Taka
Hotel Complex – Twin Regular6,957 Taka
Water Bungalow – Deluxe Cottage10,752 Taka
Water Bungalow – Premium Suite22,770 Taka
Water Bungalow – Family Suite20,240 Taka
Family Bungalow27,830 Taka
Conference Hall (Large)30,000 Taka


AddressChinashukhania, Razabari Bazar, Sreepur, Gazipur
Mobile01772-224281, 01772-224282, 01977-356165

Nuhash Polli, Gazipur

Nuhash Polli, best resorts near dhaka city
Nuhash Polli, Gazipur

Humayun Ahmed’s hometown and shooting spot, popular fiction and filmmaker. With about 90 bighas of land, this zone has a small zoo, a large pond with a ponded gorge, a lovely cottage, a treehouse or a lot of trees.

The special attraction of Nuhash Polli is its garden of medicinal plants. A very rich herbaceous garden is rare in this country.

All in all, like a photo of Nuhash Polli, a sort of deserted settlement, where everyone will love it.

In December, January and February, these three months of the picnic are allowed in Nuhash Polli.

Rent & Fee

Entry Fee200 Tk.
Picnic Spot Fee69,000 Tk. (Holiday)
Picnic Spot Fee57,500 Tk. (Normal day)


AddressNuhash Polli Rd , pirujali gazipur sadar 1702 Gazipur

Cheap resorts near dhaka

Chuti Resorts, Gazipur

Chuti Resorts, best resorts near dhaka city
Chuti Resorts, Gazipur

The holiday resort has a navigational arrangement, the tents of the rare tree of the reserve are in the forest.

Birds of the day with six zones, regular cottage, birdhouse, fishing, herbal garden, poisonous crops, native fruits, vegetables, flower gardens, huge two playgrounds, modern restaurants, two picnic spots, rural cottage houses, kids zones for kids In the evening, the foxes cry.

The rare species of barbarians, the zombie poker procession, and fireworks, the screams of screaming And there is no word if there is a full moon.

Room Rent

Room TypeRent (Dollar)Rent (Taka)
Royal Suite213 Dollar17,000 Taka
Executive Suite163 Dollar13,000 Taka
Platinum King100 Dollar8,000 Taka
Premium Twin88 Dollar7,000 Taka
Duplex Villa75 Dollar8,000 Taka
Premium Duplex Villa113 Dollar10,000 Taka
Bhawal Cottage125 Dollar10,000 Taka
Family Cottage175 Dollar14,000 Taka
Oitijjo Cottage75-100 Dollar6000-8000 taka
Wooden Cottage57 Dollar8,000 Taka
Deluxe Twin75 Dollar6,000 Taka


AddressSukundi, Amtoli, Joydebpur, Gazipur.
Phone01777-114488, 01777-114499
01951-537777, 01951-508888

Rangamati Waterfront Resort, Gazipur

Rangamati Waterfront Resort, Gazipur
Rangamati Waterfront Resort

Another resort located at Chandra in Gazipur and Rangamati in the banquet center.

There are banquet stations, lake fishing, and sightseeing arrangements and cottage vacations arrangements.


AddressSinoboho Bazar, Shafipur, Gazipur
Mobile01811-414074, 01811-414080
Angana, Gazipur
Angana, Gazipur

Angana, Gazipur

The resort has been named ‘Angana’ because it is situated in Surya Narayanpur, Gazipur, and the beautiful natural beauty of Kapasia thana.

Owner of Rural Beauty, Private Resorts, owner of the subcontinent Runa Laila, brother of Syed Ali Murad, built it on 18 bigha land in 2004.

Whose position is in Suraj Narayan Pur village of Kapasia in Gazipur. Tiredness in the city life seems to come in tiredness.

To overcome this tiredness, visit the website to know the rest of the ‘Angana’, the private resort of Surajarayanpur village of Kapasia near the capital.


AddressSurjonarayanpur, Kapasia Pabur Daibari Rd Gazipur

Wonderful Resort near Dhaka City

Resorts Atlantis, Ashulia

Resorts Atlantis
Resorts Atlantis

Inside the Water Kingdom, the rest of the resort Atlantis, Mohammadi Garden Mahishshi is located at Dhamrai’s Mahishashi beside Dhaka-Aricha Highway This garden is located here.

If you do not see yourself, you can not believe it is a dreamer or heaven. The pond is inside the garden for entertainment. Boats, wooden swans, soil swivels are roaming in that pond.

Room Rent

Room TypeRent (Per night)
Economy4700 Taka
Deluxe5500 Taka
Exclusive Deluxe5500 Taka
Super Deluxe6500 Taka
Exclusive Super Deluxe7500 Taka
Suite8500 Taka
Exclusive Suite9900 Taka


AddressAshulia , Dhaka
Mobile01937 402948, 01958 146163, 01937 402949

Sohag Palli, Gazipur

shohag palli
shohag palli

One of the attractions of this resort surrounded by 11 acres of high yielding land is the beautiful beauty hanging Sanko built on the pond and crafted in pillar and balconies – which attract visitors to the visitors.

Due to the huge hangover in the middle of a large pond, the visitors attract more visitors. There is a double-decker restaurant on the east side of the pond.

The name of the restaurant has been named Mejban. Not only that, a lake has been built artificially. So there is always rain or dry water. And the fish of this lake can be seen in different species of fish.


AddressKalampur, Chandra, Kaliakoir, Gazipur
Mobile01839-590248, 01839-590253, 01839-590251

Cheap resorts near Dhaka

Ananda Resort, Gazipur

Ananda Resort, cheap resorts near dhaka
Ananda Resort, Gazipur

The famous Kaliakoir resort of Gazipur is ‘Ananda’. Anand Resort has a very similar emotional relationship with the name. Attempts have been made to bring all the ingredients for joy here.

Not just by eye, but riding on different rides will be a joy to see here. This luxurious accommodation is a feature of the luxury resort, which offers direct fishing from fish to fish.

This opportunity for fish hunters is certainly an extra burden. Time to cut off the fish is waiting for the fish.

Apart from this, there are many materials for children’s play. There is swimming. 42 Bigha high-low elevation ground is built on the Anand Resort.

Its location is located in Talaoli area of Sinaabahi in Kaliakoir. There are several species of fruit trees and 6 cottages.

Room Rent

Room TypeRent (Per Night)
2 Bed Room AC Cottage12,000 Taka
2 Bed Room 1 Living Room AC14,000 Taka
1 Bed Room Deluxe AC Cottage7,000 Taka
1 Bed Room AC Cottage6,000 Taka
Economy Room Non AC3,000 Taka
Extra Bed (Flooring)1,000 Taka
Dormitory per Bed (Driver)1,000 Taka
Conference Hall40,000 Taka
Picnic Spot-One100,000 Taka
Picnic Spot-Full3,50,000 Taka


AddressTaltoli, Sinabo Bazar, Shafipur, Gazipur
Mobile01711-958668, 01670-275864

Jol Jongoler Kabbo, Pubail

Jol Jongoler Kabbo, cheap resorts near dhaka
Jol Jongoler Kabbo

Around one bigha of land has been built on 90 bighas of land in Pubail near Dhaka. The fences of the jute and jute, the roof above the top, the water in the front horizon spread in the front.

It is not a modern place, but it is clean and a shade of village-Bengal. Of course, come back.


AddressPubail Pilot Bari, Demurpara, Gazipur
Phone01885-007777, 01919-782245, 01719-523016

Cheap resorts near Dhaka

Arshinagar Holiday Resort, Gazipur

Arshinagar Holiday Resort, cheap resorts near dhaka
Arshinagar Holiday Resort, Gazipur

Holidays Resort and Picnic Spot with the latest amenities in Bhawale of Gazipur, just 30 km away from Dhaka.

Arshinagar, arranged with modern amenities in the natural climate of Bhawal’s village and salon.


AddressPajulia, Joydebpur, Gazipur
Mobile01976-462661, 01626-462661

Wonderful Resort near Dhaka City

Dream square, Gazipur

Dream square, cheap resorts near dhaka
Dream square, Gazipur

There is a huge private resort named ‘Dream Square’ in the village of Azharchala in Maona, Gazipur.

Its main attraction is the wide range of greenery around the area. Attractive places in the Dream Square include oils, dairies, fish hatcheries, compost fertilizer plants, biogas plants.

The unique feature of Dream Square is the cultivation of restaurant food vegetables, which is complete fertilizer and pesticide-free.

There are a few naturally occurring large-scale lakes. There are 16 small-large ponds.

Two portraits of national fish Ilish fish in the middle of the garden surrounded by greenery. And monkey figures on different trees are there.

There are many species of bird sanctuaries. There is a restaurant, there is Wi-Fi access. Here are the most foreign tourists around.

Room Rent

Room TypeRent (Per Night)
Standard Cottage6000 Taka
Standard Mud House6000 Taka
Deluxe Regular8000 Taka
Dream Couple9000 Taka
Dream Executive Twin11000 Taka
Premium Villa9000 Taka
Blue Suite12000 Taka
Green Suite14000 Taka
Superior Villa40000 Taka
Executive Suite54000 Taka
Presidential Villa75000 Taka


AddressChalkpara, Mawna, Sreepur, Gazipur.
Phone01755-603310, 01755-603311

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