How To Go To Kuakata? Bus & Launch Schedule 2024

You Don’t Know How To Go To Kuakata easily? Ok! Friends. We will get you better Solution. Here we tell you about Dhaka to Kuakata Bus, Kuakata Launch latest Schedule & Ticket price.

Firstly we will give a general idea about this awesome place. Distance from Dhaka to Kuakata beach is 380 Kilometers. And 108 Kilometer from Barisal City.

How To Go To Kuakata
How To Go To Kuakata

How to Go To Kuakata?

Two way to go from Dhaka to Kuakata. The first bus, second launch. When you are on the bus you can go directly to the beach.

If you are on the launch you will have to go to Barisal or Patuakhali. Then from there, you have to go on the bus to Kuakata. Here is your three options.

TransportTour Time
Direct Bus6 hours
Launch via Barisal then bus09 hours
Launch via Patuakhali then bus 11 Hours
  1. Go to Kuakata directly by Bus (6 hours)
  2. Take a launch/Ship to Barishal and then take a bus to Kuakata (09 hours)
  3. Take a launch/Ship to Patuakhali and then take a bus to Kuakata (11 hours)

Bus Ticket Price | How to Go To Kuakata?

From Dhaka, you can add different transport facilities including live luxurious Bus in Kuakata. In that case, going to the Gabtoli bus stand or Abdullahpur, you will easily get a quarry bus. Also Malibag,  Badda, Bashundhara gate you will get this bus at night.

Sakura Paribahan, Kuakata Express, Hanif Enterprise, Surovi Poribahan, Kanak Paribahan & more Buses Run Dhaka to Kuakata Route Every day. Here is your Dhaka to Kuakata Bus Schedule & Rent.

Bus NameAC FareNon AC Fare
Green Line Paribahan1600 Taka (Business)
1200 Taka (Economy)
Shyamoli NR1600 Taka800 Taka
Euro Coach (Sleeper)1400 Taka
Green Saintmartin Express1300 Taka
Sakura Paribahan1100 Taka750 Taka
TR Travels Classic900 Taka
Islam Paribahan850 Taka
Hanif Enterprise850 Taka
Molla Travels750 Taka

Bus Address & Contact Number

Bus NameContact Number
Green Line ParibahanArambag : 01730-060024
Barisal : 01730-060095
Shyamoli NRGabtoli : 01908-899640
Sayedbad : 01981-344734
Euro Coach (Sleeper)Dhaka : 01769-550254
Barisal : 01618-534190
Green Saintmartin ExpressDhaka : 01815-158698
Sakura ParibahanSyedabad : 01714-080221, 02-7520297
Barisal : 01714-022341, 01712-618924, 0431-64771
Kuakata : 01716-068992
TR Travels ClassicGabtoli : 01750-000474
Islam ParibahanDhaka : 01684-583827
Hanif EnterpriseArambagh : 01730-376343, 01713-402631, 01713-402632
Syedabad : 01713-402673
Barisal : 01713-450760, 0431-2174768
Dhaka to Barishal Launch Ticket Price
Dhaka to Barisal launch

Launch Ticket Price | How to Go To Kuakata?

In this case, you can go in two ways. Firstly, go to Barisal in the launch. Then go to Kuakata in Bus. Because these launches are quite luxurious. From 7 pm to 9 pm every evening, leaving 7-8 launches for Barisal. You will be able to reach Barisal at around 4 am on the launch.

The cabin fares for these launches will be of Sigal 1000 Taka, Double 1800 Taka. And the deck rent is about 200 to 250 Tk. After that, every 30 minutes, the bus was left for the Kuakata. Rent will be 100-150 Taka.

Shurovi, Parabat, Sundarban, Adventure, Manami, Tipu & More Launch go Dhaka to Barishal Route Every day. Here is your Dhaka to Barishal launch Schedule & Rent.

Deck300 tk.
Sofa600 tk
Single Cabin1000 tk.
Double Cabin1800 tk
Family Cabin2500 tk
Semi VIP3000 tk
VIP5000 tk

Secondly, the launch started from Dhaka to Patuakhali. These launchers leave Dhaka Sadarghat between 5 pm and 7 pm. Your rent will take a little less on this launch. However, it can take about 14 hours. Here is your Dhaka to Patuakhali Launch Schedule & Rent.

Launch Facilities

From 1800 sqft to 3000 sqft, the launches can carry between 250 and 1500 passengers. There are VIP cabins, double cabins, single cabins, side benches, floors and dock passengers in the launches.

Passengers launches from Dhaka Sadarghat divisional city Barishal are bigger and larger in size shape. The launches of Patuakhali are quite small compared to the launches of Barisal. These launches have sophisticated and comfortable arrangements. Such as-

  • The duplex VIP cabin, fan, and air conditioner
  • Medical center
  • Salon
  • Restaurants
  • Flat Tv
  • Modern fire extinguishers

Security and disaster deal

Own security personnel is engaged in the security of the passengers on the launch. To protect the life of any disaster, there are 80 buoys and 10 tires and 4 firebases for fire safety.

These are aligned in the ceiling on both sides of the floor and by the cabin. Every buoy can carry 4 passengers. First aid arrangements have been provided for first aid passengers for emergency needs. Normally it can move up to number 2 signal. When the 3 number signals, they do not move.


  1. Hundreds of people died in the accident every year in Bangladesh. So it is not okay to get an extra passenger to launch.
  2. Take charge of your bag luggage and goods.
  3. Do not eat any food given by strangers.
  4. If you have more cash, then keep it to the Master of Launch.
  5. If you have legitimately licensed weapons, keep them informed to the master of the launch. Or you can submit it to the Ansar members.
  6. Most lantern accidents have occurred here in Chandpur estuarine – Padma and Meghna. So try to stay awake at Chandpur.

Beauty Of Kuakata | How to Go To Kuakata?

This is one of the interesting beach beaches in the world. See sunrise and sunset standing in the same place. With the surging ocean wave. The wave that will make you lose all your fatigue-frustration in one’s life.

They also stand in the same place. Kuakata located in Patuakhali district of Kalapara thana.

What to watch

Sea Beach, Fatrar Forest, Kuakata Well, Sima Buddhist temple, Karenipara, Alipore Port, the Buddhist temple of the Misripara, Gongamati jungle.

The history behind Arakan’s arrival in the country is behind thisname. The word ‘well’ comes from ‘coup’. So here they had dug a lot of wells or coupes to meet the lack of water. Since then the name of this region is called Kuakata.

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