Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Delhi For Vacation

Want to leave for Delhi on this holiday? Then this report is for you. Here you get latest information about Best Places to Visit in Delhi For Vacation.

Delhi is the capital of the Union Territory of India, is one of the largest cities in the world. This busy and populous city, which has been ruled by different rulers for about 11 times, has traces of history and tradition scattered around every corner.

Along with this, the various structures of the Mughal period enriched the culture of Delhi. Hence, millions of tourists visit Delhi every year to see various attractions including Delhi Jama Masjid, traditional bazaar Chandni Chowk, Qutub Minar and tombs of various emperors.

Best Places to Visit in Delhi For Vacation
Best Places to Visit in Delhi For Vacation

Best Places to Visit in Delhi

There are many places to visit in Delhi. Even if you want to travel on foot, you can see many places, but if you travel through a tour guide, you can visit more places in less time.

Indian Gate

India Gate Monument was built in 1931 to honor the martyrs of the First World War and the Afghanistan War. The monument looks most beautiful in the evening light. Many families visit the park for picnics on holidays. The India Gate Parade held on Republic Day is one of the most prestigious events in India, without seeing its true significance.

Red Fort

The pride of India’s Mughal Empire and another landmark, the “Red Fort” is a major tourist attraction in Delhi. Built in 1638 in red sandstone, the fort is a fine example of Mughal architecture. Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan built this fort when he shifted his capital to Delhi.

A large number of people gather inside the fort to watch the light show every evening at 6 p.m. The Red Fort was recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2007. If you want, you can visit Digambara Jain Temple, Shish Ganj Gurdwara and Parathe Wali Gali located near the fort.

This fort is open every day except Monday. The fort entry fee is Rs 35 for Indians but Rs 500 for foreigners to enter the fort. The light show fee is Rs.80 for adults and Rs.30 for children.

Jama Mosjid

Jame Masjid located at Chandni Chowk is one of the largest mosques in India. Around 25,000 worshipers can pray together here. The mosque was built in 1656 during the reign of Shahjahan for about 12 years. The mosque has three gateways, four towers and a minaret with a height of 40 meters. There is no cost to enter Jame Masjid, but one has to spend money to climb the minaret of the mosque.

Kutub Minar

Qutub Minar, the tallest in India, is considered a monument to the beginning of the Mughal era and their conquests. The 70 meter tall 5-tiered minaret was built after Qutb-ud-din Aibak’s defeat of the Hindu empire. It’s hard to miss the wonderful view of Charpa from the top of the minaret. India’s first Masjid Qutub-ul-Islam is also located here.

The National Museum

The National Museum has about 4,600 years old Harappan temple dances, painting gallery, huge temple chariots, terracotta toys, pictures, bones, jewellery, bronze and copper implements, sculptures, masks, swords, musical instruments, tribal costumes etc.

The museum’s National Science Center is one of the largest science centers in the world. The museum is open from 10 am to 6 pm except Monday. Entry fee to the museum for foreign nationals is Rs 650.

Humayun’s Tomb

In 1570 Humayun’s widow Rani Haji Begum built this tomb, a unique example of Persian architecture. The vast mausoleum complex houses the emperor’s mausoleum amidst beautiful gardens. This structure has a lot in common with the Taj Mahal. Near the mausoleum is the Dargah of Nizam Al Din Auliya. Entry fee for Humayun’s Tomb is Rs 30 per person for Indians and Rs 500 for foreigners.

Chadni Chowk

Chandni Chowk is a must visit to get a taste of the original and authentic Indian bazaar in the city of Old Delhi. Chandni Chowk offers another glimpse of Delhi’s vibrant civic life amidst the crowds, haggling and chaos. There are several temples, markets, restaurants and cheap residential hotels. If you look around the small shops of Chadani Chowk, you will find a surprising number of new ones.

National Zoological Park
National Zoological Park | Collected Pic

National Zoological Park

National Zoological Park is a sanctuary for rare and endangered wild animals. White tigers and Indian elephants are particularly notable here.

Apart from the above mentioned places of interest there are more – Lodi Garden, Garden Of Five Senses, Gurudwara Bangla Sahib, Gandhi Smriti And Mahtma Gandhi Memorial, Nizamuddin Dargah, Jantar Mantar, Raj Ghat, Safdarjung’s Tomb etc.

Other notable temples located in Delhi include – Iskcon Temple, Lotus Temple, Akasardham Temple, Chattapur Temple and Laxminarayan Temple etc.

Best time to travel to Delhi

Delhi is unbearably hot in summer and Konkan is cold in winter. So one should travel to Delhi avoiding very cold and hot days. In that case February, March, October and November are the best time to visit Delhi. And if you go to Delhi during Puja, you can discover Delhi as a different city.

How to get around Delhi

If you keep 2 days to visit the popular places of Delhi, you can visit them very well. You can make a list of what you want to visit. But the easiest way to explore Delhi is to take a city tour package from a tour agency. You can visit Delhi with a day tour package.

For this, if you tell the hotel where you will be staying, they will make an arrangement. If you are in Paharganj, there are many agencies around and you can talk to them and get the package you want.

AC tourist bus will tour many places. Day tour packages are usually around Rs 300-500 per person. And if some of you want to travel together, you can hire a taxi for 1800-2000 rupees for the whole day.

Where will you stay

Paharganj is the best place to stay in Delhi on a budget. There are many hotels you can choose according to your choice and budget. And Delhi has several good quality hotels near Chandni Chowk and Red Fort.

Hotel Anshuman, Hotel Palace Heights, Air Port Hotel Grand Lawson, Air Port Hotel Lotus, Hotel Ashoka Castle, Hotel Da Caves, Hotel La Mount, Hotel Euro International, Hotel Vatika Palace and Namaskar Hotel for double occupancy between Rs.500 and Rs.650 go

You can take help of OYO App for online hotel booking.

Where to eat

Delhi is a heavenly food hub for foodies. Delhi has such a variety of flavors that it’s hard to explain. From street food to Mughlai and international cuisines are available here.

Indian food at Kebab Gali, various items of local Delhi vegetables at Haldiram, Old Delhi food at Karim’s, Dosa at Sagar Ratna, Asian food at Asian House, Sushi at Sushi House, Biryani at Dees Biryani and Indian curries at Chawla Chik.

Using Zomato app will give you an idea about various restaurants and food in Delhi.

Where to buy what?

You can buy many types of handicrafts, handwoven bags and wearable clothes at cheap prices in Delhi haat and Chandni Chowk.

Delhi Travel Advice

  • Delhi is a very densely populated and busy city so the roads are always jammed. So if you want to go somewhere, try to go out with time.
  • Agra is not far from Delhi, you can visit Taj Mahal and Fort from Agra in one day.
  • If you want to go during special festivals (Eid, Puja), make arrangements in advance.
  • Avoid local water and drink bottled water.
  • There is a fact called “Delhi Belly” in Delhi, so be sure to eat wisely and keep essential medicines with you.
  • Mosquitoes are very common in Delhi so it is better to carry odomos or fabric roll on.
  • Dress as modestly as possible in Delhi, and avoid going out alone at night.
  • Try to enjoy Holi or Diwali festival with any local family in Delhi, the joy will double.
  • Be sure to buy at a bargain price.
  • If you use the metro line in terms of travel, the cost will be much less.

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