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Bangladesh Emergency Number Full List | BD Helpline | 2022

Hello Friends. Today we tell you Bangladesh Emergency Number (BD Helpline). Not Only that here you get Bangladesh Phone Number. The services of various Bangladeshi government agencies are now available in cell phones and land phones. 54 government and autonomous organizations have launched helplines. Firstly we give you the all bd helpline

E Passport Bd Fee (epassport) & How to apply 2022

If you finding E-Passport Bd Fee (epassport)? Here is your E-Passport bd price, E-Passport bd apply, online Passport check & all information about this service. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will inaugurate this passport service on 17 December 2019. First, an e-passport will be handed over to the President, the Prime Minister and the Speaker

Gold Loan Interest Rate in Bangladesh 2022 | Bank Compare

Now i will know you Gold Loan Interest Rate in Bangladesh. Also here you get all Bangladeshi Bank compare. so lets know about Gold Loan Interest Rate. Gold loans are secured loans where gold jewelry is used as collateral. You pledge your gold jewelery to your lender and get a loan. The loan amount is usually a percentage of the value of the

Layoffs are going on in the world’s top tech companies

Technology sector firms are considered as safe and high paying companies all over the world. Recently such tech companies have seen numerous layoffs. The global economic downturn is hitting the tech sector hard like any other industry. As a result, these reputed technology companies are looking for alternative ways to solve the problem.

Solar panels in space will give electricity to the world?

Solar panels placed in space will give electricity to the world? As unbelievable as it may sound, an entrepreneur plans to harvest solar energy through satellites in space and deliver it to Earth through 'microwave beams'. This plan can be implemented in 2035, said Martin Soltau, co-chairman of the 'Space Energy Initiative (SEI)', an association

New design and great features are coming to YouTube

YouTube has entered the 17th year of its journey, and the platform has been revamped to mark the occasion. Along with some new features, this is the first major design change on YouTube. In this post, you will know more about the changes and new features of YouTube. YouTube User interface The YouTube web version and mobile app have been

Everything you need to know about airplane black boxes

Everything you need to know about airplane black boxes. When an aircraft experiences an accident, the most important thing to get the most accurate understanding of the cause of the accident is its black box. You may have heard the term blackbox before, but have you ever wondered what it actually is and how it works? If you have that curiosity,

Beginner’s Guide to the Basics of Understanding Camera Lenses

A camera lens comprises many glasses (Concave, Convex, Concavo-convex, etc.) placed in distinct groups to provide uniform picture sharpness. The illustration that follows depicts the inside of the lens. It also has an opening called "Aperture," which may be regulated by camera functions. The lens specification comprises all pertinent

Fundamental Filters for (DSLR) Digital Single Lens Reflex Cameras

Clicking the picture in digital format offers us a great deal of versatility. Multiple accessories used in film production may be controlled with any decent picture editing program. However, there are still certain controls that can only be implemented at the optical level and not the digital level. This implies that some accessories are still

How to Get Started with a Home Studio in Its Early Stage

Having a home studio offers several advantages. You can accomplish things at your speed, you won't spend time on transportation, and you won't be delayed by rain, sun, etc. Contrary to popular belief, a modest home studio will not be expensive and will not use a significant amount of the most valuable resource in a home, namely space.