Top 10 Economically Important Bridges in Bangladesh

Today we will tell you about Economically Important Bridges in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is surrounded by boundless beauty. The whole small country is surrounded by a unique form of nature. All the big rivers have enhanced the appearance of that country. And all the big bridges have been built to keep the communication system running on these rivers.

Among them, Padma Bridge has introduced Bangladesh to the world in a new way. There are all the more important bridges like Jamuna, Lalon Shah, Amanat Shah. Today’s report is about 10 important bridges in Bangladesh.

Economically Important Bridges in Bangladesh

Economically Important Bridges in Bangladesh

Bridge NameLengthOpenedDistrict
Padma Multipurpose Bridge6,150 m2022Munshiganj
Jamuna Multipurpose Bridge4,987 m1998Sirajganj
Hardinge Bridge1,800 m1915Khulna
Lalon Shah Bridge1,786 m2004Rajshahi
Mukterpur Bridge1,521 m2008Munshiganj
Bekutia Bridge1,493 m2022Pirojpur
Payra Bridge1,470 m2021Patuakhali
Khan Jahan Ali Bridge1,360 m2005Khulna
Sayed Nazrul Islam Bridge1,194 m2002Kishoreganj
Shah Amanat Bridge950 m2010Chittagong
Economically Important Bridges in Bangladesh Padma Multipurpose Bridge

Padma Bridge | Economically Important Bridges in Bangladesh

Padma Multipurpose Bridge is a multipurpose road-rail bridge across the Padma River, the main distributary of Ganges, under construction in Bangladesh. It connects to Shariatpur and Madaripur, linking the south-west of the country, to northern and eastern regions. The bridge is scheduled for inauguration on 25 June 2022.

The bridge with 150.12 m (492.5 ft) long 41 spans, 6.150 km (3.821 mi) total length and 22.5 m (74 ft) width, is the longest bridge in Bangladesh, and is the longest over Ganges in terms of both span and the total length. The highest depth of pile of this bridge is 122 metres, which is highest among all other bridges.

About Padma Multipurpose Bridge

Official namePadma Bridge
DesignTruss bridge
Total length6,150 m (20,180 ft)
Width18.18 meters
Height120 meters (394 feet)
Water depth122 m (400 ft)
No. of spans41
Load limit10,000 tonnes
No. of lanes4
Construction startNovember 26, 2014
Construction end22 June 2022
Construction cost৳30193.39 crore
Opening25 June 2022
Economically Important Bridges in Bangladesh Jamuna Multipurpose Bridge

Jamuna Bridge | Economically Important Bridges in Bangladesh

Bangabandhu Bridge, also known as the Jamuna Multipurpose Bridge is a bridge opened in Bangladesh in June 1998. It connects Bhuapur on the Jamuna River’s east bank to Sirajganj on its west bank.

It was the 11th longest bridge in the world when constructed in 1998 and at present is the 6th longest bridge in South Asia. The Jamuna River, which it spans, is one of the three major rivers of Bangladesh, and is fifth largest in the world in discharge volume.

The bridge is supported on tubular steel piles, driven into the river bed. Sand was removed from within the piles by airlifting and replaced with concrete. Out of the 50 piers, 21 piers are supported on groups of three piles and 29 piers on groups of two piles. The driving of 121 piles started on October 15, 1995, and was completed in July 1996.

About Jamuna Multipurpose Bridge

Official nameBangabandhu Bridge
DesignBox girder bridge
Total length4.98 km
Width18.5 m
OpeningJune 1998
Hardinge Bridge

Hardinge Bridge | Economically Important Bridges in Bangladesh

Hardinge Bridge is a steel railway truss bridge over the Padma River located at Ishwardi, Pabna and Bheramara, and Kushtia in Bangladesh. It is named after Lord Hardinge, who was the Viceroy of India from 1910 to 1916. The bridge is 1.8 km (1.1 mi) long.

Construction of the through truss bridge began in 1910, though it was proposed at least 20 years earlier. It was constructed by Braithwaite and Kirk Company based on design of Sir Alexander Meadows Rendel. It was completed in 1912, and trains started moving on it in 1915.

The construction of a railway bridge over the Padma was proposed in 1889 by the Eastern Bengal Railway for easier communication between Calcutta and the then Eastern Bengal and Assam. In 1902, Sir FJE Spring prepared a report on the bridge.

About Hardinge Bridge

Official nameHardinge Bridge
DesignTruss bridge
Total length1,798.32 m
Opening4 March 1915
Lalon Shah Bridge

Lalon Shah Bridge | Economically Important Bridges in Bangladesh

Lalon Shah Bridge, locally known as Pakshey Bridge is a road bridge in Bangladesh over the river Padma, situated between Ishwardi Upazila of Pabna on the east, and Bheramara Upazila of Kushtia on the west. Named after early 19th-century mystic poet Lalon Shah of Chhewuriya, Kushtia District, the bridge was completed in 2004.

The bridge is 1,800 metres (5,900 ft) long and is the second longest road bridge of the country, after Bangabandhu Bridge. It is on the N704. It provides important road connection to Mongla port of Khulna District in the south from Rajshahi division and Rangpur division, the northern part of Bangladesh

About Lalon Shah Bridge

Official nameLalon Shah Bridge
DesignBox girder bridge
Total length1.8 km (1.1 mi)
Width18.10 m (59.4 ft)
Opening18 May 2004
Mukterpur Bridge

Mukterpur Bridge | Economically Important Bridges in Bangladesh

Muktarpur Bridge is a road bridge in Bangladesh. It is also known as the Sixth Bangladesh-China Friendship Bridge. Sixth Bangladesh-China Friendship Bridge It is an important bridge for Munshiganj district.

Built over the Dhaleshwari river at Muktarpur, about 4 km from Munshiganj district headquarters, this bridge is an important milestone in the communication system of Dhaka, Narayanganj and Munshiganj.

Before the bridge was built, people in the area used to cross the river in trawlers and ferries. The construction of the 1521 m long Muktarpur Bridge over the Dhaleshwari River on the Dhaka-Munshiganj road was completed in February 2008 with the aim of establishing a direct link between Dhaka and Munshiganj districts.

The bridge is 1521 meters long and 10 meters wide. The construction of the bridge has cost Tk 208.35 crore. Of this, Government of Bangladesh financed Tk 79.15 crore and project assistance Tk 129.20 crore. Construction of the bridge was completed in January 2008.

The bridge has a total of 37 spans and 126 piles. The bridge was built by a joint venture of Bangladesh Bridge Authority and China Road and Bridge Corporation. With the construction of the bridge, it has become possible to easily transport vegetables, fruits and other agricultural products from Munshiganj and its adjoining areas to Dhaka metropolis.

About Mukterpur Bridge

Official name6th Bangladesh-China Friendship Bridge
DesignBox girder
Total length1,521 meters (4,990 ft 2 in)
Width10 meters (32 feet 10 inches)
Height18.29 m (60 ft in)
Total spans37
Construction endJanuary 2008
Construction cost208.35 crore
Opening18 February 2008
Bekutia Bridge

Bekutia Bridge

Bekutia Bridge is a road bridge in Bangladesh which is being constructed on the Kacha river in Pirojpur district. The bridge is being built with the help of the Chinese government. The total cost of construction of the bridge has been estimated at Tk 898 crore. Of this, the Chinese government has given a grand grant of Tk 654 crore.

The Bangladesh government has provided the remaining Tk 244 crore. The length of the bridge including the 429 meter viaduct is 1,427 meters and the width is 10.25 meters. The length of the main bridge is 998 meters.

The box girder type bridge stands on 10 pillars and 9 spans. There are 7 spans of 9 122 meters and 2 spans of 72 meters. The construction work of the bridge started in July 2016.

About Bekutia Bridge

Official nameBekutia Bridge
DesignBox girder bridge
Total length1,427 m (4,682 ft)
Width10.25 m (33.6 ft)
Construction beginsJuly 2018
Payra Bridge

Payra Bridge

Payra Bridge is a road bridge in Bangladesh that is built over the Pigeon River. The length of the bridge is 1,470 meters. Since the construction of this bridge, the need for ferry crossing on the 111.5 km journey from Barisal to Kuakata has been eliminated.

The Payra Bridge was built over the Pigeon River in the Lebukhali area of Dumki Upazila in Patuakhali on the Dhaka-Barisal-Patuakhali-Kuakata Highway. This bridge connects Barisal district and Patuakhali district of southern Bangladesh.

This bridge is important in connecting the roads between Patuakhali and the capital Dhaka. The bridge was opened to traffic on 24 October 2021. On 19 March 2013, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina visited Patuakhali and laid the foundation stone of a four-lane Payra Bridge at the ferry terminal on the south bank of the Pigeon River at Lebukhali.

The project cost Tk 1,447.24 crore, which is three and a half times more than the original cost. The construction was funded by the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development and the OPEC Fund for International Development.

About Payra Bridge

Official namePayra Bridge
DesignBox girder bridge
Total length1,470 m (4,820 ft)
Width19.76 m (64.8 ft)
Height18.30 m (60.0 ft)
Construction startJuly 2016
Construction endOctober 2021
Opening24 October, 2021
Khan Jahan Ali Bridge

Khan Jahan Ali Bridge

Khan jahan Ali Bridge is a bridge built over the river Rupsha. It is also known as Rupsha Bridge. The special feature of this bridge is that it has a total of four steps, two at each end, with the help of which the main bridge can be climbed. Every day a lot of visitors come to visit the bridge.

The distance of bridge from Rupsha in Khulna city is 4.80 km. This bridge can be called the gateway of Khulna city because this bridge has established road connection with Khulna in the southern districts especially with Mongla seaport. The length of the bridge is about 1.60 km. And its width is 16.48 meters.

The bridge has special lanes for pedestrians and non-pedestrian vehicles. At present it has become a place of interest in Khulna. Khulna city looks very beautiful from the bridge at night. During the festival days, young people flock to this bridge and rejoice.

The foundation stone of the Japanese-built bridge was laid by the then Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and inaugurated by former Prime Minister Begum Khaleda Zia.

About Khan Jahan Ali Bridge

Official nameKhan Jahan Ali Bridge
Total length1.60 km
Width16.48 m
Opening21 May, 2005
Syed Nazrul Islam Bridge

Syed Nazrul Islam Bridge

Syed Nazrul Islam Bridge is a road bridge over the river Meghna between Bhairab and Ashuganj. This bridge plays a role in the development of Dhaka’s communication with Sylhet in the north-eastern region of Bangladesh. This bridge is part of Dhaka-Sylhet highway. The Bhairab Railway Bridge is located next to this bridge.

The Bhairab Bridge is located on the Meghna River. Construction of the bridge began in 1999 and was completed in 2002. The construction of the bridge cost Tk 635 crore. At first this bridge was named as Bangladesh-UK Friendship Bridge. Later in 2010, its name was changed to Syed Nazrul Islam, one of the four national leaders.

The main bridge is 1.2 km long and 19.60 m wide. It has seven 110 m spans and two 79.5 m spans. It is a toll bridge, the bridge authority collects tolls from vehicles crossing.

About Syed Nazrul Islam Bridge

Official nameSyed Nazrul Islam Bridge
Total length1,200 m (1.2 km)
Width19.60 m
Shah amanat bridge

Shah Amanat Bridge

Shah Amanat Bridge or Third Karnafuli Bridge is the third bridge built over the river Karnafuli. The construction work of this bridge started on 8 August 2007 and was completed in 2011. The launch of the bridge not only helped in the development of industries in the industrial areas on the south bank of the river Karnafuli, but also opened new horizons in the tourist towns of Bandarban and Cox’s Bazar.

The length of Shah Amanat Bridge or 3rd Karnafuli Bridge is 950 meters, width is 24.40 meters which means it is a 950 meter long cable stand anta dose concrete bridge which is suitable for heavy vehicles. The main bridge with charlane, footpath and divider is 830 meters.

The total number of pillars of the bridge is 10. There are four in the middle of the river, six on the north and south sides of the bridge. The connecting road of this four lane bridge is equally wide. Computerized controlled toll is collected on this bridge. The construction of the bridge was completed in less than four years.

The construction work of the bridge has been completed by the Chinese engineering company China Major Bridge Company at a cost of Tk 490 crore. It connects Patia and Bakalia police stations. More than Tk 100 crore has been saved in the implementation of this project.

About Shah Amanat Bridge

Official nameShah Amanat Bridge
DesignRandall Ltd.
Total length950 m (3,117 ft)
Width24.47 m (80 ft)
Opening6 September, 2010