Top 10 Most popular tech city in the world

If you want to know about the most popular tech city in the world then this report is for you. We will discuss in this report about the most talked about tech cities in the world.

Technology developed from these cities and spread throughout the world. These cities have offices of thousands of technology companies. Some of them have changed the pattern and economy of the world. So maybe the world’s biggest technology companies have set up their headquarters here.

silicon valley
silicon valley | Collected Pic

Silicon Valley is the world’s most important technology city. New startups take off from this city every year. Some of them change the image of the world and the dynamics of the economy.

Silicon Valley is a city spread over an area of 300 square miles located in Northern California between the cities of San Francisco and San Jose in the United States. After 1995, Silicon Valley became a major commercial center for the Internet economy and high technology.

The biggest tech giants of the world were born here. This city of world technology has an ancient history.

New York City is at the top of the technology world. It is known as a special kind of tech heavyweight city. According to the city comptroller’s office, New York City is home to more than 7,000 high-tech companies. The world’s biggest hi-tech technology companies, startups and even more than 500 small companies have their headquarters in this city.

25 percent of entrepreneurs here are women. The city has high-speed WiFi and Internet services with download speeds for public use. A large part of the amount of money that comes from the technology sector of the United States comes from this city of New York.

Seoul, South Korea
Seoul, South Korea

It is called the city of the future; That’s right. It is almost equivalent to New York due to various innovations in technology and design. Reason: Seoul’s metro system is designed to rival New York’s subway system. According to 2thinknow, Seoul is more modern than any city in the world.

It is one of the best hi-tech cities in the world. The city has high power WiFi in alleys, parks, streets. 90% of Koreans here use high-speed broadband lines. The speed of which is 100 megabytes per second. In addition, Seoul has the headquarters of more than a hundred world-class companies including LG, Samsung, Hyundai-Kia.

Taipei is a high-tech city that supplies a large portion of microchips to the tech world. It is widely known as the Silicon Valley of Taiwan. The city is unmatched in tech gadgets, high-speed trains, microchips, hi-tech products, robots and artificial intelligence.

According to 2thinknow’s analysis, Taipei is very advanced in industrial design. It has – over the years – focused on hardware and microchip innovation rather than software. The city is said to be home to some of the biggest PC companies including Asus, MSI, Gigabyte and Acer. The city also has the highest number of venture capitalists.

Singapore city
Singapore city | Collected Pic

Known for its rainy season, Singapore is home to a large number of skilled programmers and venture capitalists. The city has become one of the most advanced states in the world due to its continuous use of modern infrastructure and high-tech. Every house here, even the shopping mall; Internet service WiFi is available even on street corners.

In addition, the city has increased reliance on high-tech public trains and light rail, reducing pressure on private cars. This technological success of the city has many artificial intelligence identities. For example, The Mariana Bay Stands and The Gardens by the Bay are among them.

40 percent of Canada’s technology business takes place in this capital city. Brimming with numerous startups and innovation infrastructure, Toronto is home to 30 percent of Canada’s technology (IT) firms, originating from places like the Cisco Innovation Center. Most of which operate with less than 50 employees.

As a result, this young company is poised to impact the world in the next decade. Overall, annual revenue from tech companies in the city is about $52 billion. In addition, Toronto is able to attract the attention of the world’s top institutions. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google and many other famous companies are here.

Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo, Japan | Collected Pic

Tokyo, Japan is at the forefront of the technology world. The various uses of technology in the country’s capital city have caught the attention of the world. Apart from the title of the largest city in the world, the city has become one of the most developed countries in terms of internal transport system. For example, Tokyo’s subway system is used by 2.3 billion people every year.

This city can be said to be the home of technology entrepreneurs and tech giants. The city is unmatched in tech gadgets, high-speed trains, next-generation smartphones, hi-tech tech products, robots and artificial intelligence. The capital city of Tokyo is home to numerous technology companies including the popular Panasonic, Nikkan, Sony.

Although China’s capital city doesn’t have the startup history of other high-tech cities, Beijing is famous for its city-wide smartphone usage and per capita benefits. Over the past few years it has become the best source of income for tech entrepreneurs. Such a scene can now be seen in the capital city of Beijing.

It was ranked 15th in the 2016 Technology Innovation and Economy list. Zhongzhuangchun is also a major technology center in the Haidian District of Beijing, China. There are offices of various IT companies in most areas of this city. This city is called Silicon Valley of China.

Bangalore, India
Bangalore, India

Bangalore is at the top of Indian tech cities. This tech city is called Silicon Valley of India. Statistics show that between 2017 and 2021, 38 to 40 percent of the average space leased in Bengaluru was taken by IT companies. 250 software companies are headquartered here.

Many famous companies including Microsoft Corporation, Hewlett Packard, Google, Facebook are here. Apart from this, there are Indian startups. This city is a major attraction for technologists. Foreign companies are more interested in operating in Bangalore than in other countries. Because the cost here is one-fourth less.

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