Top 10 Plagiarism Checkers for Students and Teachers

Ensuring academic integrity is a must for everyone related to educational institutes. Whether a student or a teacher, you must ensure that all assignments are plagiarism-free and not violating academic integrity principles. Otherwise, you may have to face serious troubles.

However, there arises an issue. Most plagiarism checkers don’t accurately detect plagiarism in content. They claim that the content is original and ready to submit. But when it is submitted, they realize that it has a lot of plagiarism instances.

Students and teachers should always use reliable plagiarism detectors to avoid such issues. Although tons of plagiarism tools and apps are available online, most could be more reliable. Those tools either don’t detect plagiarism at all or show false positives. Both scenarios are unfavorable for students and teachers.

If you don’t know about any reliable plagiarism checker, don’t worry at all. This article will introduce you to the top 10 plagiarism checkers you can trust. Plus, this article will tell you about the pros and cons of these tools to help you understand which is the best for you.

So, let’s dive in!

Top 10 Plagiarism Checkers for Students and Teachers
Plagiarism Checkers for Students and Teachers


SmallSEOTools is a reliable plagiarism checker trusted by many students and teachers. This plagiarism detector uses advanced algorithms to check plagiarism and accurately find all copyright infringements.

Users can check up to 1,000 words in each query using this plagiarism checker free without paying anything. Unless you want to check more than 1,000 words in a query, it will always help you with it. In fact, by breaking your assignments into 1,000 words each, you can check unlimited words without any hassle.

For instance, if you want to check a research paper of 12,000 words. Break the content into 12 or more portions and check them individually. That’s how you can check plagiarism without paying even a single penny. On the other hand, using paid tools for that will cost you a lot.

Pros of SmallSEOTools

  • It is easy to use
  • It is free for everyone
  • It is more reliable than many online plagiarism checkers
  • It provides detailed plagiarism reports

Cons of SmallSEOTools

  • Users cannot check more than a thousand-word file in one query
  • Users may see ads on the platform


DupliChecker is an online platform providing tons of free tools to its visitors. However, its most used tool is its plagiarism checker, which is quite helpful for all users. If you want to check plagiarism in your text without spending a penny, DupliChecker is your best tool.

It is very easy to use and offers reliable reports to users. Apart from that, DupliChecker also provides some exceptional tools, like a paraphrasing tool and a grammar checker, making it a one-stop solution for all users, especially students.

Teachers who don’t have access to Turnitin can also use this platform to locate plagiarism in students’ assignments and find out which students have copied material from online sources, books, and research articles.

Pros of DupliChecker

  • It is a free-to-use tool
  • It provides accuracy
  • It allows students to remove plagiarism
  • It provides easy-to-understand results

Cons of DupliChecker

  • It provides limited words per query to free users
  • It shows ads


When it comes to plagiarism-checking, Turnitin is the most reliable, well-known, and appreciated tool in academia. Almost all educational institutes use this plagiarism checker to ensure academic integrity.

The best thing about Turnitin is that it has an enormous database. Usually, whenever someone has to upload an assignment, they upload it on Turnitin, and it stores that assignment in its database. If another student copies the same assignment, changes the name, and submits it, Turnitin immediately catches it and shows when and where the same project has been submitted.

Moreover, its database has the record of each book, research article, report, blog, news story, etc. Due to its database, no one can deceive Turnitin. Apart from that, it also uses modern algorithms that help it catch contextual plagiarism. So if a student paraphrases an assignment, chapter, or even a paragraph, Turnitin can locate it and find out where the same type of text is already published or submitted.

Pros of Turnitin

  • It accurately catches all instances of plagiarism
  • It is the most reliable plagiarism checker available online
  • It helps students ensure academic integrity
  • Most academic institutes trust it

Cons of Turnitin

  • It is quite expensive
  • It doesn’t provide individual accounts

4. is the best platform for students and teachers who cannot afford to purchase Turnitin’s subscription. This platform is as authentic as Turnitin. That’s why it is also trusted by some prominent educational institutes worldwide.

Although is a tool developed for all industries and needs, it is more helpful for academia than the digital marketing world.

This plagiarism checker online provides users with complete detailed results so they can make decisions accordingly. For instance, it shows the percentage of plagiarism and the uniqueness of content. Together all these things help students know whether they should revise the content.

Apart from that, this platform also provides multiple other benefits you rarely get on plagiarism-checking media. For instance, it also allows users to remove plagiarism instances by using its free and sophisticated paraphrasing tool. So, it is beneficial for students who want to locate and remove plagiarism from their assignments.

Pros of PlagiarismChecker

  • It offers an accessible plagiarism-checking facility to students
  • It provides some additional tools to users to improve content quality
  • It provides detailed reports
  • Many educational institutes trust it
  • It is very easy to use

Cons of PlagiarismChecker

  • It provides 800 words limit for each free query
  • It offers API to only premium customers


This advanced plagiarism detector has the trust of many users. The most significant factor contributing to its success is its deep search facility. This plagiarism checker deeply analyzes and compares the content with its database of billions of online articles, web pages, books, reports, and research papers. After the scanning process, it uses modern algorithms to detect contextual plagiarism.

Its deep search facility doesn’t let any plagiarism instances go undetected. As a student, if you want to avoid plagiarism, you should try this tool, as it can help you locate all the intentional and unintentional plagiarism instances you can remove before submitting your assignments.

Teachers can also use this plagiarism checker to know whether students have done the research and written the content themselves or used the copy-pasting method.

Pros of PlagiarismDetector

  • It provides a deep search facility to every user
  • It uses the latest algorithms to detect plagiarism
  • It also detects AI plagiarism in content
  • It supports multiple types of files

Cons of PlagiarismDetector

  • It doesn’t provide APIs or extensions

6. is an online platform offering many reliable and advanced tools that help SEO experts, professional writers, students, teachers, and freelancers in many ways. Plagiarism checker online is one of its tools that is very efficient in detecting plagiarism in any text.

Whether you want to detect plagiarism in an academic project, assignment, research paper or novel, you can rely on this plagiarism detector. This free plagiarism checker is as efficient and reliable as other paid tools. That’s why students prefer this tool and get plagiarism reports.

An additional feature that this tool offers is that it allows users to check plagiarism using multiple methods. For example, they can copy and paste the content, upload files from their devices or Dropbox, and check for plagiarism using URLs.

Pros of SearchEngineReports

  • It offers a free plagiarism-checking facility
  • It allows users to check plagiarism using multiple methods
  • It is beneficial for all types of content
  • It provides detailed and accurate reports

Cons of SearchEngineReports

  • It only offers 1,000 words per query for free users


Copyscape is the first choice of many professional content creators. However, this tool is built for more than just website content creators. It is also helpful for students and teachers. All those teachers who want to know if students have copied their assignments from online articles or blogs can use this plagiarism checker.

Moreover, students can use this platform to check for plagiarism in their academic projects and remove all plagiarized instances to ensure their assignments are original and not violating plagiarism laws.

Pros of Copyscape

  • It profoundly analyzes the content for plagiarism
  • It shows all plagiarism instances
  • It shows the original articles
  • It is well-known for its accuracy

Cons of Copyscape

  • It is costly
  • Many students don’t prefer it due to its pricing structure


Although Grammarly is known for eradicating grammar issues in its content, it offers another great service to its premium users. Grammarly Premium is undoubtedly the best tool for removing grammar and contextual mistakes from text.

Moreover, it also improves the overall language of the content and makes it easy to understand.

Apart from these two things, Grammarly also checks the content for plagiarism and allows users to modify plagiarized content easily. If you already have a Grammarly Premium account, you don’t need to purchase any other tool. Grammarly Premium is considered the best plagiarism checker by most users.

Although it doesn’t provide detailed reports, it shows all copyright infringements and provides links to original content. It also shows the plagiarism percentage so users can decide whether to modify the text or not.

Pros of Grammarly

  • It offers multiple facilities to users
  • It improves the content’s quality
  • It accurately identifies all plagiarism instances
  • It allows users to modify the content without leaving the page

Cons of Grammarly

  • It is a paid tool that many students cannot afford
  • Teachers usually don’t purchase Grammarly as they don’t need it


Almost every student who cannot get access to Turnitin knows this great plagiarism checker. Scribbr is an official partner of Turnitin, which helps it become a better choice than many other online plagiarism checkers.

The beauty of Scribbr is that it precisely detects even heavily paraphrased content. Even if someone has copied text from an online tool and paraphrased the whole content using an online tool, it can detect plagiarism as it also catches contextual plagiarism. That’s why most teachers also rely on this paid tool.

Scribbr also offers a citation tool that helps students perfectly include references in their assignments. Additionally, it provides editing tools to help students improve their studies and get remarkable grades.

Pros of Scribbr

  • It precisely detects all sorts of plagiarism
  • It is the best tool for academic assignments
  • It ensures academic integrity
  • It helps students polish their academic assignments

Cons of Scribbr

  • Scribbr is quite expensive for students
  • It is comparatively less efficient than Turnitin


Quetext is an online plagiarism checker that is equally helpful for students, teachers, and professional copywriters. This plagiarism checker provides detailed plagiarism reports to all its users that help them in decision-making. For instance, many educational institutes allow up to 18 percent plagiarism. So, using this tool, students can analyze whether the plagiarism percentage is below that level or if they have to alter some of their portions.

Moreover, it is also well-known for its accuracy. Unlike many paid and unreliable tools, this plagiarism checker doesn’t show false positives. It only highlights the portions duplicated from other sources or poorly paraphrased. Additionally, it shows different types of plagiarism, including self-plagiarism, patchwork plagiarism, mosaic plagiarism, and accidental plagiarism. So students can easily rely on it and ensure academic integrity.

Pros of Quetext

  • It detects multiple types of plagiarism
  • It shows accurate plagiarism reports
  • It detects contextual plagiarism
  • It offers a Chrome extension for ease of use

Cons of Quetext

  • It provides only a limited number of free searches
  • It doesn’t allow users to upload files


When you don’t want to compromise on academic integrity, you must not compromise on a plagiarism checker. The plagiarism detector is the leading tool that examines whether the students have ensured academic integrity. At the same time, it also allows students to check for plagiarism before submitting their work.

Students and teachers should refrain from using unreliable plagiarism checkers. Instead, they should always use a plagiarism checker well-known for its accuracy.

This article mentioned the top 10 plagiarism checkers that students and teachers can rely on. Moreover, it has also mentioned the pros and cons of each plagiarism checker so you can make an informed decision.

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