How To Find 24 Hour Emergency Ambulance Service Quickly?

How To Find Emergency Ambulance Service Quickly? An ambulance is a vehicle specially designed and equipped to allow the transport of sick, injured or pregnant ( woman about to give birth) to a hospital public or private to hospital or clinic or a specialized care unit.

An ambulance usually has the necessary medical equipment and functional and first aid for the wounded. Online ambulance service in Dhaka has all facilities in all ambulance fleet.

In our country Bangladesh, ambulance service are directed under the rules of the highway code.

We provide different types of ambulance. There are mainly-AC ambulance, Non-Ac ambulance and Freezer ambulance/ Van. We provide ambulance according to your need and patients’ condition. However, the basic ambulance we provide is non-Ac ambulance service which is cheap and cost effective. The rent of other types of ambulance we provide is cheap too.

Be sure that, you get the right type of ambulance service in cheaper price and in quickest possible time. It saves time, money, energy and above all a valuable life. Follow this simple process:- Call our number, get the ambulance and get to the hospital, or grab your phone and call the number to get the ambulance and reach home.

How To Find 24 Hour Emergency Ambulance
How To Find 24 Hour Emergency Ambulance

Types of Emergency Ambulance Service

• Basic Ambulance
• Advance Ambulance
• Mortuary Ambulance
• Neonatal Ambulance
• Patient Transport Vehicle
• Air Ambulance service

Basic Ambulance

These types of Ambulance are the basic Ambulances that we commonly see in our daily lives. Basic Ambulance service are handled by an emergency medical technician (EMT) and transport patients who require basic medical supervision under minor or uncritical situations such as mind fractures, and sub-acute care facilites. It comprises of the patient bed, pulse oximetry and oxygen delivery devices.

Genereal or basic Ambulance are like:
• Ac Ambulance service
• Non-Ac Ambulance service
• Freezing Ambulance service

Advance Ambulance

Advance Ambulance are equipped with advacne equipment and tools handle critical ill patients.They are also equipped with an ECG Monitor, defibrillator, intravenous and blood drawing tools, etc.

Patients who require a high level of care and who are fighting for life need services like hospital, Emergency department or critical care unit need advance ambulance services. Patients suffering from serious life-threatening causalities and cardiac emergencies are transportation with advanced life support Ambulances.

Advanced Ambulance are like:
• CU Ambulance,
• CCU Ambulance
• NICU Ambulance
• CCU Ambulance
• PICU Ambulance

Ventilator Ambulance With doctors or Brothers

Mortuary Ambulance

A mortuary Ambulance is used for transportation of the dead body from any place. It is aslo called as Hearse Van. Mortuary Vans carry the dead body in a freezer box. Medically trained staff make sure that all the necessary provisions are taken while transportion the physical remains of a person.

They maintain the safety quidelines befor transporting the dead body person to the desired place and preserving the body until they receive their last rites. The dead bodcy carrier Ambulance are two types like: Freezing Ambulance service & Mortuary Ambulance.

Neonatal Ambulance service

Neonatal Ambulance services aimed ate reducing neonatal mortality rates. Neonatal Ambulances transport premature and sick babies to specialized care hospitals which can provide the righ kind of treatment and care to infants. They are equipped with incubators for new-borns or premature babies.

Patient Transport Vehiclesa

During non-emegency situations, Medical transport vehicle transfers patients to and from hospitals. A patient who requires to be transferred to a facility that can give a higher or more specialized level of care or used to transfer patients from a specialized facility to a hospital when they no longer require this specialized care.

Freezing Ambulance service in Dhaka

A freezing ambulance is a dead body carrier ambulance. It has a freezer box in it. The freezer ambulance can intact the dead body several hours and days. People who wants to keep their relatives dead body intact or free from germs or viruses for several hours or several days, they can rent our freezer ambulance.

Sometimes the dead body comes from abroad or they need to stay more than 12 hours before buried, in that case you need to this ambulance service.

The freezer ambulance have freezer box shape is built with facilities which can carry coffin. Ventilation system is well so that the air can be kept refresh inside the ambulance. Well trained driver and assistant are always alert for the service.

Necessary fuel are stored so that the ambulance engines will never stop because there are lack of diesel pump in village area.

Details of freezing Ambulance

Freezer ambulance is used to transfer the dead body from a place to another.

  1. Freezer ambulance’s temperature is (-7) degree so there is no bad odor from the body, and the body is free from the virus.
  2. This freezing ambulance rent is something more then a normal ambulance, anoter rent of freezer ambulance is only any place in Bangladesh.
  3. High-quality steel stetchers keeping the dead body.
  4. There are lighting facilities inside to see the dead body.
  5. There is a good side glass to see the dead body from outsite.
  6. We clean the car by detole, savlon after completed the duty.
    If you need latest Ambulance and Quality freezing Ambulance service then contact in Our Helpline.

Ambulance service Company Name & Helpline:

24 Ambulance service
250, Mogbazar Road, Dhaka-1217

Online Ambulance service
Mirpur-10, Roundabout, Dhaka-1216

Shikdeer Ambulance service
Eskaton Road, Dhaka-1217

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