Barisal Ambulance Service Contact Number 2023

Are you finding Barisal Ambulance Service Contact Number? You are on the right place. Contact this number 24 hours 7 days in a week. Ambulance are ready to bearing your patient. But take care for your health.

Barisal Ambulance Service Contact Number
Barisal Ambulance Service Contact Number

Barisal Ambulance Service Contact Number

Ambulance ServiceContact Number
Barisal Islami Bank Hospital0431-71036, 0431-71810, 01718-237662 
Barisal Moklesur Rahman Hospital & Clinic0431-63784, 01712-794900
Barisal Marie Stopes Clinic0431-2173228, 01712-626948
Barisal Sheba Clinic01716-071470
Barisal Islam Poly Clinic0431-62099, 01716-043151
Barisal Payra Nursing Home0431-72043
Barisal Khadem Hossain Clinic0431-2175558
Barisal Paribarik Shastho Clinic0431-2175239
Barisal Save Health Hospital & Clinic0431-2174854, 01711-272602
Barisal Poly Clinic01716-043151
Barisal Dr. Captain Najib Uddin Clinic0431-2173234
Barisal Razzak Memorial Clinic01716-148809
Barisal Fair Health Clinic0431-64412
Barisal Eden Nursing Home0431-64879, 01711-585760
Barisal Momota Clinic01712-252216
Barisal South Bangla Nursing Home01720-946539

Not Only that you can contact any time national number 999 for your urgent ambulance service.

About Barisal

Barishal is a major city in the southern part of Bangladesh. It belongs to the Barishal division as well as the district and divisional headquarters. Greater Barishal is a major source of food grain production in the country. Barishal has a river port which is one of the oldest, second largest and most important river port in the country.

Barisal district is located at 21 degrees to 23 degrees north latitude and 89 degrees to 91 degrees east longitude. The area of Barisal city is 93.63 sq km.

Barisal is a divisional city located in the southern part of Bangladesh. The city has a range of healthcare facilities, including government hospitals, private hospitals, and clinics, providing healthcare services to the residents of Barisal.

Barisal has several government hospitals, including the Barisal Medical College Hospital, which is a tertiary care hospital with a capacity of over 1000 beds. The hospital provides specialized care in various departments, including medicine, surgery, pediatrics, gynecology, and obstetrics.

In addition to the government hospitals, there are also several private hospitals and clinics in Barisal, providing medical care to patients. These hospitals are equipped with modern facilities and provide a range of services, including general health check-ups, specialized treatments, and diagnostic services.

Barisal also has several health centers, which provide primary healthcare services to the people living in the surrounding rural areas. These health centers are staffed with trained medical professionals and offer basic medical services, including vaccinations, family planning, and maternal and child healthcare.

Overall, the healthcare facilities in Barisal have improved significantly in recent years, with a focus on providing accessible and affordable healthcare services to the local population. However, like many other cities in developing countries, there are still challenges, such as a shortage of skilled healthcare workers and inadequate funding, which need to be addressed to improve the quality of healthcare services in the city.

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