Silicon Valley: The Uncanny Valley of Technology

The uncanny valley of technology is Silicon Valley. Technology developed from this city and spread throughout the world. Silicon Valley has offices of hundreds of thousands of technology companies. Some of them have changed the pattern and economy of the world. So maybe the world’s biggest technology companies have set up their headquarters here.

‘Silicon Valley’, the dream city of technologists

Silicon Valley is the world’s most important technology city. New startups take off from this city every year. Some of them change the image of the world and the dynamics of the economy. Silicon Valley is a city spread over an area of 300 square miles located in Northern California between the cities of San Francisco and San Jose in the United States.

After 1995, Silicon Valley became a major commercial center for the Internet economy and high technology. The biggest tech giants of the world were born here. This city of world technology has an ancient history. For many years, Stanford has been renowned for being a source of technology inventions, advances in manufacturing research, and the formation of technology companies.

Around 1939, Stanford University professor and teacher Frederick Turman and former students David Packard and William Hewlett formed a small electronics company. They were the first to build a small company in the Paulo Alto garage, halfway between the two cities of Francisco and Sanejas in the United States, for research purposes. Later, this Palo Alto garage became known as Silicon Valley.

In 1947, Professor William W. Hansen built the new Microwave Laboratory. Later in 1951, Varian Associates created the Stanford Industrial Park for innovation and research. Around 1970, Professor Vinton Kerf (the father of the Internet) conducted research on Internet communication systems on computers with a classmate. Be successful.

Later in 1980, John Keoughi and his students invented Internet data transfer over telephone lines. From here modern internet technology originated. Surrounded by stunning mountains, the area is the epicenter of today’s world’s high-tech technology. Computer technology, software, microchips, internet service technology major companies have their headquarters here. Which is now known as the world’s largest technology market.

silicon valley
silicon valley

The biggest market for technology

The big global tech market is San Francisco’s Silicon Valley. Where there is the office of the popular social media Facebook, the headquarters of Yahoo, Google and Apple stand a little far away. Microchips, Microsoft, all internet service technology companies have their headquarters here. Silicon Valley is the birthplace of all famous startups.

Although there are offices of famous websites like Nvidia, eBay, Amazon and numerous hi-tech institutions in other countries of the world, Silicon Valley is considered to be the center of modern technology. Billions of dollars worth of technology is traded annually in this high-tech city of the United States. According to the country’s media sources, the annual GDP of Silicon Valley is 128 thousand 308 dollars. Which is equal to the annual GDP of Middle Eastern country Qatar.

Why is Silicon Valley famous?

If technology and innovation go hand in hand, it could be said that they go hand in hand in Silicon Valley. This region of the United States can easily be called the technology center of the world. Apple, Google, Facebook, Intel, HP, Oracle, Cisco, all the major information technology companies in the world have their headquarters in Silicon Valley.

The area south of the San Francisco Bay in the US state of California is called Silicon Valley. Several cities including San Jose, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, Redwood City, Mountain View, Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Cupertino belong to Silicon Valley. It has been almost five decades since the region received such a name. Around the 1950s, silicon chip-based innovators and manufacturers came to the cities. It can be said that a new chapter has started in that region.

Silicon chips are used in everything from computers, from mobile phones, printers, gaming devices to calculators. As a result, many people who work with information technology have become popular. Today, Silicon Valley is home to some of the most well-known high-tech technologies in the entire world.

Here are the head-quarters of leading companies in the technology market. There are no leading companies in technology that are not centered in Silicon Valley. From Google, Microsoft to those companies like Amazon, e-bay.

Homestead is here. All famous start-ups are born in this valley. Start-ups of world famous companies like Adobe, Oracle are in Silicon Valley. The home of the world’s famous data centers is also in this Silicon Valley. Socially, Silicon Valley has a greater role to play in the development of information technology. As a result, Silicon Valley has created a strange field for technology all over the world. Two-thirds of world famous ventures come from here.

According to the researchers, global entrepreneurs would have been left behind without Silicon Valley institutions. At one time this valley was inhabited by African-Americans and Latin Americans. Later, as the technology market grew, the number of foreign faces in Silicon Valley increased. People from different countries including China, Japan, India, Cuba live and work here.

Major companies in Silicon Valley


Search giant Google was founded in 1998 by two friends, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. It is an American multinational internet and software company. Who mainly do various research on artificial intelligence along with search giant. Google is the most popular company based in Silicon Valley. Google is one of the largest companies in Silicon Valley.


Microsoft is an American computer technology corporation. Their best known software products are computer Windows operating system and Microsoft Office. Microsoft was founded on April 4, 1975 by Bill Gates, one of the richest people in the world.


Apple was founded by Steve Jobs in 1976. which is located in Cupertino, Santa Clara County, San Francisco, California. It is a US-based manufacturer of personal computers, computer components and software. Currently the market value of the company is 2.55 trillion US dollars.


eBay is a popular multinational e-commerce company in America. Established in 1995, it is still very popular worldwide.


It is the largest internet based trading company in America. Yahoo has website, search engine, dictionary, Yahoo mail, news, Yahoo Answer, map, advertisement, video, social media etc.


the alphabet; Which is sometimes called ‘The Googleplex’. The Google subsidiary is headquartered in Mountain View, Santa Clara County, Silicon Valley. According to media sources, the company’s annual revenue in 2022 is $282 billion. The company has a market value of about $1.3 trillion.


Chevron is one of the largest companies in the world and the second largest oil company in the United States by revenue, after Standard Oil. Silicon Valley’s San Ramon, Contra Costa County is home to this multinational power corporation. The company’s annual revenue in 2022 was $235 billion.


Meta is one of the largest social media networks in the world. Mark Zuckerberg’s famous company is headquartered in Menlo Park, San Mateo County, Silicon Valley. The company’s market value is $559 billion. The company generated $116 billion in revenue in 2022. Popular social media like Facebook, Instagram, Threads and WhatsApp are managed under Meta.


Nvidia Corporation is an American technology company based in Santa Clara, California. They usually make graphics processing units (GPUs) and chips for mobiles. This multinational company was established in 1993.


Intel Corporation is an American chip manufacturer. Which was established in 1968. Intel manufactures computer processors as well as motherboards, network interface controllers, integrated circuits, flash memory, graphics cards.

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