Best Chittagong Ambulance Service Contact Number 2021

Here is your Chittagong Ambulance Service Contact Number. You can contact this number 24 hours 7 days in a week. Ambulance are ready to bearing your patient. But take care for your health.

Chittagong Ambulance Service Contact Number

Ambulance ServiceContact Number
Chittagong Fire Service031-716326-7, 031-630334
Chittagong Modern031-639730, 0154633214, 01716074497
Chittagong Railway Hospital031-502220
Chittagong Upasham Hospital031-637243
Chittagong Alfa01819-371919, 01819-327070
Chittagong Holy Crescent Hospital031-620025
Chittagong Dead Body Carrier031-650000
Chittagong Poly Hospital031-502024, 505021-9
Chittagong General Hospital031-619584, 01874808388, 01814480900
Chittagong Media031-650000
Chittagong Alif031-657574, 01819-380000, 01819-325060
Chittagong Madical College hospital01819637685
Chattogram Ambulance Service01707998822
Chittagong Manobik Ambulance Service01881005635

Not Only that you can contact any time national number 999 for your urgent ambulance service.

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