Chittagong Ambulance Service Contact Number 2023

Here is your Chittagong Ambulance Service Contact Number. You can contact this number 24 hours 7 days in a week. Ambulance are ready to bearing your patient. But take care for your health.

Chittagong Ambulance Service Contact Number
Chittagong Ambulance Service Contact Number

Chittagong Ambulance Service Contact Number

Ambulance ServiceContact Number
Chittagong Fire Service031-716326-7, 031-630334
Chittagong Modern 031-639730, 0154633214, 01716074497
Chittagong Railway Hospital031-502220
Chittagong Upasham Hospital031-637243
Chittagong Alfa01819-371919, 01819-327070
Chittagong Holy Crescent Hospital031-620025
Chittagong Dead Body Carrier031-650000
Chittagong Poly Hospital031-502024, 505021-9
Chittagong General Hospital031-619584, 01874808388, 01814480900
Chittagong Media031-650000
Chittagong Alif031-657574, 01819-380000, 01819-325060
Chittagong Madical College hospital01819637685
Chattogram Ambulance Service01707998822
Chittagong Manobik Ambulance Service01881005635

Not Only that you can contact any time national number 999 for your urgent ambulance service.

About Chittagong

Chittagong is the second largest city in Bangladesh. Known as the port city, the city is located in the Chittagong district of southeastern Bangladesh.

Surrounded by hills, seas and valleys, Chittagong, known as the commercial capital, is famous as the queen of the East for its natural beauty. In 2017, the population of the city was more than 87 lakhs.

After Dhaka, Chittagong is the most important city in Bangladesh. Apart from being the largest port in the country, there are various business establishments here. The city is located on the banks of the river Karnafuli between the Chittagong Hill Tracts and the Bay of Bengal.

Chittagong plays an important role in the economy of Bangladesh. The port of Chittagong is one of the oldest ports in the world, whose coastline has appeared on the world map of Ptolemy.

It is the main maritime gateway to the country. The port is the busiest international seaport in the Bay of Bengal and the third busiest in South Asia.

About Chittagong Ambulance Service

Chittagong is a major port city located in the southeastern part of Bangladesh. The city has several ambulance services, both government-run and private, which provide emergency medical transportation to patients.

The government-run ambulance service in Chittagong is called the “Central Ambulance Service,” which is operated by the Chittagong City Corporation. The service operates several ambulances that are equipped with modern medical equipment, and trained medical professionals operate the ambulances. The service is available 24/7 and can be reached by dialing the emergency number “999.”

In addition to the government-run ambulance service, there are also several private ambulance services in Chittagong. These services offer a range of emergency medical transportation services, including ambulance rentals, air ambulance services, and medical repatriation services.

Some of the popular private ambulance services in Chittagong include the “LifeLine Ambulance Service,” the “National Ambulance Service,” and the “Emergency Ambulance Service.” These services are equipped with modern medical equipment and staffed with trained medical professionals, providing timely and effective emergency medical transportation to patients.

Overall, the ambulance services in Chittagong are constantly evolving, and there is a concerted effort by the government and private healthcare providers to improve the quality of emergency medical services in the city.

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