Padma Bridge Toll Rate, Span Details & Total Cost History 2023

Padma Bridge is the dream bridge of Bangladesh. Here we discuss about Padma Bridge Toll Rate, Span Details & Total Cost History.

Padma Bridge is a multi-purpose road and railway bridge built over the Padma River in Bangladesh. Through this, Shariatpur and Madaripur districts have been connected with the iron ore of Munshiganj.

As a result, the south-western part of the country is connected to the north-eastern part. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the Padma Bridge on 25 June, 2022.

Construction of the multi-purpose socio-economic development project ‘Padma Multipurpose Bridge’ on the Padma River, designed by AECOM, was scheduled to begin in 2011. It was supposed to end in 2013.

The original project was planned by the former caretaker government on 28 August, 2007. At that time the much talked about Padma bridge project worth 10 thousand 161 crore was passed.

Later, the Awami League government came and connected the railways and on 11 January, 2011 revised the cost of the bridge in the first phase. At that time the cost was estimated at 20 thousand 507 crore.

Later, the cost of Padma Bridge was increased by another Tk 8,000 crore. As a result, the total cost of the Padma Bridge stood at Tk 28,793 crore.

Padma Bridge Toll Rate
Padma Bridge Toll Rate

Padma Bridge Toll Rate

The bridge department of the Ministry of Road Transport and Bridges has issued a notification fixing the toll of Padma bridge. The notification has been issued on 17 May 2022.

VehiclesToll Rate
Motorcycle100 Taka
Car or jeep750 Taka
Pickup van1,200 Taka
Microbus1,300 Taka
Small bus (Max 31 Seat)1,400 Taka
Medium bus (32 Seat or Maximum)2,000 Taka
Big bus (3 axcel)2,400 Taka
Small truck (upto 5 tons)1,600 Taka
Medium truck (more than 5 to 8 tons)2,100 Taka
Medium truck (more than 8 to 11 tons)2,800 Taka
Truck (up to 3 axles)5,500 Taka
Trailer (up to 4 axles)6,000 Taka
Trailer (over 4 axles)6,000 Taka+1500 (Per axle)

Padma Bridge Cost & General Information

The total cost for the construction of Padma bridge is 30,193.39 crore. These costs include construction of bridge infrastructure, river governance, connecting roads, land acquisition, rehabilitation and environment, salaries and allowances, etc.

According to the agreement of the bridge department with the finance department of Bangladesh, the government has given a loan of Tk 29,893 crore for the construction of the bridge. The bridge authority will pay 1 percent interest within 35 years.

Name of the ProjectPadma Multipurpose Bridge Project (PMBP)
Executing AgencyBangladesh Bridge Authority (BBA)
Construction PeriodNovember 2014 ~ December 2018 (4 Years)
Liabilities Period1 year from the date of completion
Pr-feasibility Study by BBA1998-1999 (GoB Fund)
Feasibility Study, finalized by JICA, Japan2003-2005 (JICA Grant)
LAP, RAP & EMP2006 (GoB Fund)
Detailed Design and procurement, finalize by Maunsell Ltd. AECOM NZL2009-2011 (ADB TA Loan + GoB Fund)
Procurement & Implementation2011-2015 (GoB Fund)
Independent checking of design finalize by Flint & Neill Limited UK2010 (ADB TA Loan Fund)
ADB TA Loan FundAbout 1471 hector
Main Bridge Length6.15 km
Viaduct3.148 km (Road), 532 m (Rail)
Approach Road12.117 km
River Training Works14 km (1.6 Mawa + 12.4 in Janjira)
Estimated Project CostBDT 301933.88 Million
USD 3.868 Billion (Including VAT and IT)
Padma Bridge
Padma Bridge Toll Rate, Span Details & Total Cost History 2023 3

Padma Bridge Technical Details

On 17 June 2014, a formal agreement was reached between the Government of Bangladesh and China Major Bridge Company for the construction of the Padma Bridge. The Chinese company Padma Bridge was awarded as the lowest bidder.

When the first tender was called for the construction of the Padma Bridge in 2010, 40 companies took part in the pre-qualification.

Five of these companies were selected under the supervision of World Bank, JICA and ADB. A company was later dropped due to World Bank objections.

Only this Chinese company submits financial proposals when soliciting financial proposals. A company called China Major Bridge, a subsidiary of China Railway Group Limited, has been contracted to build the bridge.

Total Span41
Span Lenth150 m each Composite Superstructure
Pile DetailsRacked (Inclined at 1H:6V) Steel Tubular driven pile
6 Nos. In each pier
Pile Diameter = 3m
Pile Length = 128m
Total number of pile in Main BridgeSteel Pile = 40*6 = 240 nos
vertical bored concrete pile = 2×16 = 32 nos (upto 80m depth)
Upper Deck22 m wide concrete deck slab (2.5 m hard shoulder on the both side)
4 Lane road
Lower DeckSingle Track Dual Gauge Rail
Deck Height13.6 m
Navigational clearance18.30 m
ViaductMawa End (North Bank): 19+20 = 39 span; Length = 1478.03m
Janjira End (South Bank): 23+19 = 42 span; Length = 1670.03m
Total Road Viaduct: 81 span; Total Length= 3148.06m
Rail ViaductMawa End and Janjira End: 7+7 = 14 span; Length = 532m
Utilities Through the Bridge760mm dia Gas Transmission Line
150mm dia Fiber optical & Telephone Duct
7 nos High voltage Electric Line Platform in River over Pile Foundation at 2km downstream of Main Bridge

Padma Bridge Time based work | Padma Bridge Toll Rate

The physical work of Padma Bridge is basically divided into five packages namely- (a) Main Bridge, (b) River Governance, (c) Road connecting Jazira, (d) Toll Plaza etc. Mawa connecting roads, toll plazas etc. and Mawa and Jajira service areas.

TypeWork StartWork End
Main BridgeNovember-2014June-2022
River Training WorkNovember 2014June 2021
Construction Supervision Consultant (CSC-2) for Main Bridge & River Training WorksNovember-2014June-2022
Janjira Approach Road & Selected Bridge End FacilitiesOctober 2013October 2016
Mawa Approach Road & Selected Bridge End FacilitiesJanuary 2014July 2017
Service area 2January 2014July 2017
Construction Supervision Consultant (CSC-1) for Approach Roads & Service Area-2October 2013October 2018
Land AcquisitionAugust 2006June 2020
Resettlement activities(Compensation and plot handed over)June 2009June 2020
Environmental ActivitiesJune 2009June 2021

The multipurpose bridge project will create a direct connection of the south-western part with the center of the country through a specific route through Mawa-Jajira Point.

This bridge will significantly contribute to the social, economic and industrial development of the relatively underdeveloped region.

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