How To Go Saint Martin? Flight, Bus & Ship Schedule 2023

You Don’t Know How to go Saint Martin? Ok! No Tension we Will tell you the easy way for this route. Here you get Dhaka to Saint Martin Bus, Train & flight Schedule latest information.

Saint Martin’s only coral island in Bangladesh. This is a union of Teknaf Upazila under the Cox’s Bazar district.

How To Go Saint Martin? Flight, Bus & Ship Schedule
How To Go Saint Martin? Flight, Bus & Ship Schedule

How To Go Saint Martin?

You have to first go to Cox’s Bazar. Firstly from Cox’s Bazar, then the jeep will fly to Teknaf. Then go to Saint Martin By Sea trucks, ships or small vehicles.

You Can go to Cox’s Bazar by flight, Bus or Train. First of all, we will tell you Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar latest Flight Schedule.

Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar Flight

FlightFlight NoDhaka LeaveCox’s Bazar Arrival
US-Bangla Airlines1417:30 am8:35 am
Novoair9217:30 am8:35 am
Novoair 9338:20 am9:25 am
Novoair9239:50 am10:55 am
Regent Airways74110:15 am11:15 am
Biman43510:30 am11:25 am
Biman43910:30 am11:35 am
Novoair92511:20 am12:35 pm
US-Bangla Airlines14512:00 pm1:05 pm
Novoair92712:30 pm1:35 pm
Novoair9291:50 pm2:55 pm
US-Bangla Airlines1472:00 pm3:05 pm
Biman 4332:15 pm3:10 pm
Novoair9313:00 pm4:05 pm
US-Bangla Airlines1493:30 pm4:35 pm

If you want to go to cox’s Bazar by bus, here is your latest schedule & rent.

Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar Bus

Bus NameAC FareNon AC Fare
Greenline Paribahan (Sleeper)2500 Taka
Greenline Paribahan1250 Taka
2500 Taka (Sleeper)
Shohagh Paribahan1700 Taka
Relax Transport1800 Taka
Shymoli Paribahan (SP)2000 Taka800 Taka
Shymoli Paribahan (NR)1000 Taka
1600 Taka (Business)
800 Taka
Desh Travels1800 Taka
Ena Transport1200 Taka
1600 Taka (Business)
800 Taka
Eagle Paribahan1500 Taka800 Taka
Saint Martin Paribahan1500 Taka800 Taka
Saint Martin Hyndai 1400 Taka (Econo)
1800 Taka (Business)
Hanif Enterprise2000 Taka
Tuba Line2000 Taka800 Taka
Star Line1000 Taka
Royel Coach1500 taka
1700 Taka (Business)
800 Taka
Senjuti Travels1200 taka (Econo)
1600 Taka (Business)
800 Taka
Miami Air Con1050 Taka (Econo)
1350 Taka (Platinum)
Soudia Coach Service1000 Taka800 Taka
Unique Service800 Taka
SI Enterprise800 Taka
Econo800 Taka
S Alam Paribahan800 Taka
TR Travels800 Taka

How to Go Coxbazar to Teknaf?

You can reach Teknaf on one of the buses from Cox’s Bazar. Rent will cost 150 to 200 taka. After every 30 minutes, the bus left for Cox’s Bazar to Teknaf. It will take 2 hours for your bus to reach Teknaf.

Bus List: Tuba Line, S. Alam Service, Saudia, Hanif poribohon run every day in this route.

How To Go Teknaf To Saint Martin?

From Teknaf, you can go to Saint Martin with ships, trawlers, speedboats or freight boats.

Ship navigation: Query Sindbad, Query cruise & dine, Bee cruise, MV Tipu 7, Green line, Parizat, and Kutubdia currently travels to Teknaf-Saint Martin route.

You can also go to Green Line, Bee cruise and MV Tipu 7 for faster access. If you want quick and comfortable travel, you can go to Bee cruise (air-conditioned). It takes 1 hour and 30 minutes.

The ship left Teknaf at Every day 9.30 am. You must be present at 9 am. The ship will return again from Saint Martin at 3 pm. You have to reach the ship at 2:30 pm.

All the ships are released at the same time and the same time comes back. Ship tickets are taken up-down together. You will be given the date of the ticket and the date of arrival.

If you miss the ship for any reason, the company will not return the money. In that case, you have to come to the trawler or another way.

You can go there for a day if you want. There is a possibility of not getting a seat on the next day in the field. You have to stand up. He will not have to pay any extra money.

Ship Rent

Ship nameRent
Bee cruiseGreen Zone-1300 Tk, Blue Zone- 1400 Tk, Red Zone- 1600 Tk.
GreenlineEconomy- 1300 Tk. Business Class- 1700 Tk.
Query SindbadMain Deck- 550 Tk, Open Deck- 700 Tk, Breeze Deck- 800 Tk.
Query cruise & DineExclusive Lounge- 1000 Tk, Coral Lounge- 1000 Tk, Peyarol Lounge- 1400 Tk.
MV Tipu 7Main Deck- 650 Tk, Open Deck-850 Tk, Business Class- 950 Tk.
ParizatEconomy- 550 Tk, Open Deck- 700 Tk.
LCT KutubdiaEconomy- 550 Tk, Open Deck- 700 Tk, Royal Deck (AC)- 900 Tk. VIP- 1200 Tk.

For the sake of security, you must avoid trawler’s small vehicles. Because to reach this island, you will have to go through a huge wave of the sea.

Before leaving here, please know the local weather news. Avoid this area in the storm season.

How to go without the ship?

We do not support the St. Martin’s journey in any way other than the ships for safety purposes. These are no ship if the monsoon or the weather is bad.

The trawler, Speed boat Leave from Teknaf namar Bazar bridge & jetty ghat. The trawler and freight boat usually charge 150-350 Taka. It is less than a season and passenger. It takes 2-3 hours.

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