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Hi Friends, Today I tell you Sundarban Tourist Spots. The world is full of natural beauty and biodiversity heritage (World Heritage) in the Sundarbans. Everything here is full of wonder.

Khulna from any edge of the town and the hotel is the preferred tour operator who communicates with the Sundarban. Direct contact with tour operators in the hotel and up to the time that the ship can be visited in the Sundarbans.

Nearly 6 in 17 km area of the world’s largest mangrove forest, the Sundarbans 24 km per hour, at least six times change its form.

Sundarban Tourist Spots
Sundarban Tourist Spots

How To Go Sundarban Tourist Spots

  • From Dhaka to bus, train and launch there directly to the country.
  • Both AC and Non-Ac buses are the movements.
  • Bus from Dhaka to Khulna Hanif Enterprise and the eagle Paribahon that flies the purpose of transportation on a regular basis.
  • Cars are worth from 6 am to 11 pm left for Khulna.
  • It takes time to reach by road from Dhaka to Khulna for 7 hours and 45 minutes.

Which will attract you Sundarban Tourist Spots

There are many things that will attract you to the Sundarbans. There are several places of interest throughout the forest. Here are the details.


The forest ecosystem and the habitat of the wild animals. The number of wild animals and habitats of the impact on human resources and forest management. tortoise (tortoise Betagur Baska, Tortoise sundi Lissemys Punctata And excess cartilage tortoise Trionyx hurum).

Chameleon Yellow monitor – Varanus flavescens ও Water monitor – Varanus salvator), Python (Python molurus) & Royal Bengal tiger (Panthera tigris tigris) Sundarbans is one of the native species.

Royal Bengal tigers

500 Royal Bengal tigers in the Sundarbans, which is part of the largest single.

The tiger significant number of people, an average of 50 people per year to about 100, is killed. They are not the only tiger habitat near the border.

Tiger surrounding jungle, attacks on humans are rare. Taking various measures for the safety of a single death was reported in the Indian part of the Sundarbans.

On the other hand, from AD 2004 to 1981 in Bangladeshi people have been killed by tigers.


The Sundarbans, the overall context of any scientific research on fish. As a result of the current state of the fish, the fish extinct.

Only, the people who eat the fish and get the fish export, the fish have been identified. The idea is that, around 300 species of fish in the Sundarban.

Hiron points

Walkway made of wood, and the walk along with the forest monkeys, deer, crocodiles or sightseeing can be seen on the scene in Hiron points.

In addition to Hiron points, Tiger Point, Burigoyalini, Harabariya areas and maybe the luck of the Royal Bengal Tiger Show.

Katka Beach

Katka beach in the 40 feet high in a tower, from there can enjoy the natural beauty of the Sundarbans. There is a beautiful beach. Observation tower and walk back in time to enjoy the beauty of the beach. Many animals can be seen here.

Jamtola beach

There Jamtola observation tower. Never run from a vast areas where thousands of deer can be seen in the Royal Bengal Tiger. And right in the middle of the name Badamatola Kochi Khali. Badamtola is very deserted beach. This beach is also known as Jamtola beach.

Dublar Chor

Dublar Chor is a small part of the forest. The small river flows through the Chor; Where the river joins the Bay of Bengal. Dublar Chor is located in a little easier, since tourist can not enter into the feed.

Where to Stay? Sundarban Tourist Spots

Besides a safe haven for tourist vessels or vessels, Hiron points to Nilakamol and Tiger Point Kochi Khali and the Katka forest department has rest house accommodation.

Nilakamol the local tourism fee per room three thousand, four thousand rooms 1. Kachi Khali three thousand rupees per room, four rooms of 10 thousand rupees.

Katka every room two thousand, four thousand, two rooms, five thousand rupees and in foreign countries Nilakamol, Kocikhali kotaka five thousand and 15 per thousand and 10 per thousand.

Satkhira town next to the forest in Munshiganj, There Mongla Tourism Corporation hotel, offering tourists stay at the common hotel.

Khulna metropolitan is Hotel Royal, Castle Salam, Tiger Garden Hotel, hotel in the West, in the City Hotel, Hotel Millennium, etc. In addition to the common quality standard hotel for travelers is that hotels in the Sundarbans.

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