How To Go Cox Bazar 2023 | Best Tour Guide For You

You want to know How To Go Cox Bazar easily? Yes! Here i get you all latest information’s about this.

Cox Bazar beach is a magical and beautiful beach. Every day changes its form. There is no winter-monsoon-spring-summer season when the look of the beach does not change.

This is the most scenic place in Bangladesh. It is a tourist city located in the southeast of Bangladesh. This place is famous for its natural beauty.

This city is located 152 km south of Chittagong city. Its distance from Dhaka is 414 km. It is the largest tourist destination in Bangladesh.

This city was once known as Panoya. Which literally means yellow flower. Another ancient name is palonki.

Oyster market has been developed for tourists here. The Burmese market has developed along the border with foreign goods from Myanmar (formerly Burma), Thailand, China, etc.

How To Go Cox Bazar
How To Go Cox Bazar

How to go Cox Bazar?

Here is your all information’s about How To Go Cox’s Bazar? You can easily reach Cox’s Bazar by air or road. And if you want you can go to Chittagong by train. From there you can reach this tourist place by bus.

Several airlines of Bangladesh Biman, Novo Air, US-Bangla fly daily from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar. If you want, you can reach this tourist place from Dhaka by these flights in just 1 hour.

The fare of these aircraft ranges from 3500 Taka to 11000 Taka. But sometimes these airlines make big offers. Then the rent goes down a lot.

And if you want to reach Cox’s Bazar from Dhaka by bus, there are many ways for you. From Dhaka many buses like Green Line, Shohag, TR Travels, Shyamoli, Hanif, Saudia, Eagle, S Alam, Silk Line, St. Martin etc. leave for Cox’s Bazar every day.

Bus fares can range from 900 Taka to 2,500 Taka.

  • Click here to know the detailed fare and contact number of these buses.

What to see in Cox Bazar? How To Go Cox’s Bazar

Cox’s Bazar is one of the longest beaches in the world waiting for you. But other than that, some other places of interest will thrill you. If you go there, you must visit these places once.

Kalatali Beach | How to go Cox Bazar?

Kalatali Beach is one of the tourist attractions of this city. This beach is very close to the beach of Cox’s Bazar. Where another amazing view of nature is waiting for you.

Different people of different ages come here to travel. Came to bathe in the sea.

Kalatali Beach has many other tourist facilities including various food restaurants. Walking on the beach on a moonlit night is really thrilling. A variety of dried fish and food is available here in the morning and evening.

dhaka to coxs bazar
How To Go Cox Bazar 2023 | Best Tour Guide For You 3

Laboni Beach | How to go Cox Bazar?

Want to see the real look of the sea? Then go to Laboni Beach! It is also known as Old Sea Beach.

Laboni Beach is also considered to be the main beach of Cox’s Bazar due to its proximity to the city.

You can take a bus to Cox’s Bazar, get off at Kalatali Sea-Beach Road, take a rickshaw or walk to this beach.

There are many small and big shops near the beach. Oyster market has been developed for tourists here.

The market is made up of foreign goods from Myanmar, Thailand, China and other countries along the border.

Himchari | How to go Cox Bazar?

Go to Cox’s Bazar and do not come back to Himchhari! Yes, Himchhari tourist center is located just 12 km south of this beach.

The beach here is more secluded and cleaner than Cox’s Bazar. Its beauty is no less.

The road from Cox’s Bazar to this beach is more beautiful and exciting than Himchhari. On one side is the sand of the vast sea and on the other side is the green mountain saree. Marine drive pouring pitch in the middle.

Such a scene is probably not found anywhere else in the country. When you climb the mountain, you will see a huge sea lost on the blue horizon.

Inani Beach | How to go Cox Bazar?

If you want to see another new look of the sea, visit Inani Beach. This beach is only 05 km away from Himchhari.

Inani Beach is littered with coral reefs. Much like St. Martin. The main attraction of this beach is the coral reefs. Almost every stone has different shapes and types.

Inani is a very quiet beach. Coral reefs cannot be seen at high tide. At low tide, the rock floats over a large area. Sharp snails and oysters stick to the coral reefs. So it is dangerous to skip over here.

Sonadia Island | How to go Cox Bazar?

Sonadia is a small coastal island opposite Cox’s Bazar. It is a paradise for migratory birds. So if you go to this sea beach, you must visit this island.

The area of the island is about 9 sq km. Cox’s Bazar is about 15 km from the district headquarters. Sonadia Island is located to the northwest and to the south of Maheshkhali Island.

It is separated from Maheshkhali Island by a canal. The beautiful western part of the island is famous for its sandy and oysters.

Maheshkhali Island | How to go Cox Bazar?

Maheshkhali is the only hilly island in Bangladesh. Maheshkhali has the famous Adinath temple, a place of pilgrimage for Hindus. Located on the top of a hill, this temple is a holy place for Hindus all over the world.

Anyone will be fascinated by this ancient civilization which is about 800 years old. It has taken on a new look thanks to the generosity of Nepal’s royal court and the efforts of the local Hindu community.

Maheshkhali is located in the middle of the sea just 12 km west of Cox’s Bazar city.

You can also visit Ramu Upazila if you have time. The whole of which will cover your eyes. Another sight Dulahazara Safari Park is also waiting for you.

Where You Live? How To Go Cox Bazar

No worries about staying in Cox’s Bazar. Numerous hotels and motels, big and small, are waiting for you there. How To Go Cox’s Bazar

In these hotels you can spend the night with 200 rupees. You can also go to a five star hotel and have fun. Understanding the budget is your decision. How To Go Cox’s Bazar

  • Click here to know the list of hotels and motels in Cox’s Bazar.

However, if you go to this place during the peak season, you have to rent a hotel room in advance. Because there are more tourists then hotels are not available.

Even if it is available, additional rent has to be calculated. Thank you for reading How To Go Cox’s Bazar. If you need more information about How To Go Cox Bazar you can comment bellow section. Cox Bazar tour,

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