Top 7 Bandarban Tourist Spots & Beautiful Places 2023

You Want to know Bandarban Tourist Spots? Ok. this report only for you. This article will be very helpful for your Bandarban tour. Bandarban hills are green and unique forms together. Every year, countless people to enjoy the natural beauty of year rush.

Some places are the Nilgiri, Shorno Mondir, Meghla, Soilopropat, Nilachal, Milanchari, Cimbuk with several places. Bandarban district, 47 km on the southeast side of the Lama at 2200 feet above sea level, the location of the new tourist center of Nilgiri. Darjeeling can be informed as a country.

If you go to rent from Nilgiri to Landakrujar zip. There is also a Golden temple. At present a major tourist spot in the house of worship.

Bandarban Tourist Spots & Beautiful Places
Bandarban Tourist Spots & Beautiful Places

Bandarban Tourist Spots

Here you get beautiful Bandarban Tourist Spots. All spots are so attractive & natural. You can visit all the places when you go to the Bandarban tour.

Nilgiri | Bandarban Tourist Spots

The Nilgiris are called the Darjeeling of Bengal. The green hills and clouds lurking across the horizon will mesmerize anyone with its form. If you want to touch the clouds at a height of 2200 feet above the sea level, Nilgiris will fulfill your desire.

Nilgiri Tourist Center is one of the most beautiful tourist centers in Bangladesh run by the army at the top of Nilgiri Hills. Nilgiri is a 2200 feet high mountain about 50 km from Bandarban district headquarters.

Looking around from the Nilgiris, you will be mesmerized by the endless beauty of nature and the rolling clouds in the mountains. Along with the mountain ranges from the top of the Nilgiris, if the sky is clear, you can see Bagalek, Keokradong, the fifth highest mountain peak in Bangladesh, the beaches of Cox’s Bazar and Chittagong Port and the Sangu River.

You can also get to know the culture and traditions of the tribal villages near the Nilgiris. As there is an army camp in the Nilgiris, there is no reason to worry about security, so you can easily visit the Nilgiris famous for Darjeeling in Bengal with your family.

Nilachal | Bandarban Tourist Spots

Top 7 Bandarban Tourist Spots & Beautiful Places 2023 5

Neelachal Tourist Center is located on the hill in Tiger Para at an altitude of about 2000 feet above sea level, just 5 km from Bandarban city. The sky, mountains and clouds are beautiful in the blue sky and the natural beauty is unparalleled. Nilachal takes its full form both during the play of cloud rafts in the morning and sunset in the afternoon.

The entire Bandarban city can be seen from Nilachal, and if the sky is clear, the distant Cox’s Bazar sea beach beckons tourists. The curvy roads of the hills equally enthrall the tourists. Clouds play close at hand during monsoons, autumns and winters. Different natural beauty can be enjoyed from each place of Nilachal.

There are several rest houses and resorts here for the convenience of visiting tourists to observe the Nilachal form. Tourists can usually stay in Nilachal from sunrise to sunset. Later only those staying overnight at the resort were allowed to stay. If you want to see the clouds, you have to go to Nilachal early in the morning.

Boga Lake | Bandarban Tourist Spots

Boga Lake, 17 km away from Ruma Upazila of Bandarban district, is a lake formed naturally 2000 years ago at a height of about 1200 feet above sea level at the foot of Keokradong hill.

According to geologists, this lake was formed by the eruption of a dead volcano or by the fall of a meteorite. Boga Lake is popularly known as Dragon Lake. Tourists who come here are fascinated by the different beauty of form in the morning, evening or night.

The calm cool water of the lake washes away all the tiredness of the journey in an instant. Covering an area of about 15 acres on the lap of the hills, Boga Lake has become unique to the tourists with its expanse of sky, mountains and blue water.

Top 7 Bandarban Tourist Spots & Beautiful Places 2023 6

Sailapropat | Bandarban Tourist Spots

Sailapropat Jharna is located on Bandarban-Thanchi road, 8 km from Bandarban district town. This is one of the well-known springs in Bangladesh.

Being near the tourist town of Bandarban, this spring of clear and cold water is crowded with tourists throughout the year. The special feature of this spring is the ever-flowing stream of ice-cold water, which makes the rockfall an attractive tourist spot in Bandarban.

Besides, there is an ideal environment for a picnic next to this fountain. You must visit Sailapropat to see the mountains, waterfalls and mithali of rural life.

Meghla | Bandarban Tourist Spots

Meghla Tourism Complex is located in the area adjacent to Parbatya Zilla Parishad along the Bandarban-Keranihat road at the entrance of Bandarban district. The distance from Bandarban city to Meghla is only 4 km.

This place is arranged around an artificial lake surrounded by high and low mountains. Dense greenery all around, clear water of the lake and beautiful nature attract tourists to Durnibar.

People who are thirsty for diversity therefore come to Meghla again and again to satisfy their spiritual hunger.

Chimbuk hill

Chimbuk hill
Top 7 Bandarban Tourist Spots & Beautiful Places 2023 7

Chimbuk Hill is located about 23 km from Bandarban district town. Chimbuk Tourist Center is located at the top of Chumbuk Hill. The beautiful scenery on both sides of the winding road leading to the Chimbuk Hills, 2,500 feet above sea level, and the beauty of the spiraling Sangu River soothes the mind.

Standing at the highest height of the mountain and drinking sudha of heavenly nature, one can get lost in the depths of the otherworldly world by squeezing the raft of clouds.

Tajingdong Bijoy

The three hill districts of Bandarban, Bangladesh’s low crowded people space.

Inside the country, there are around Bandarban and Cox’s Bazar, Chittagong, Rangamati, and Khagrachhari. The province borders of Myanmar and Arakan and the China State.

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