Bandarban Tourist Spots Top 7 Amazing Places

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Bandarban hills are green and unique forms together. Every year, countless people to enjoy the natural beauty of year rush.

Some places are the Nilgiri, Shorno Mondir, Meghla, Soilopropat, Nilachal, Milanchari, Cimbuk with several places.

Bandarban district, 47 km on the southeast side of the Lama at 2200 feet above sea level, the location of the new tourist center of Nilgiri. Darjeeling can be informed as a country.

If you go to rent from Nilgiri to Landakrujar zip. There is also a Golden temple. At present a major tourist spot in the house of worship.

Bandarban Tourist Spots

Here you get beautiful Bandarban all Tourist Spots. All spots are so attractive & natural. You can visit all the places when you go to the Bandarban tour.


Bandarban district, about 47 Kiloimatar southeast sides of the road in Bandarban hill. Thanchi at the top of the Nilgiri tourist Kent.

By car can go. Two thousand two hundred feet height of sea surface. The handy crafts are so beautiful.


From Bandarban town, near the high mountains name Nilachal. To be the blue of the sky merges with the mountain as far as it has been named Nilachal. Its height of about one foot.

The city is about (four) km away. The natural beauty of the surrounding area, including the city from the Bandarban, is seen easily.

Boga Lake

About 3 thousand feet high in the mountains to the sea surface caused a natural way to Boga Lake. Keokaradang 70 kilometers away from the city’s Bandarban and Ruma, about 18 km from the district.

Boga Lake covers approximately 15 acres on the mountain. Almost see the blue color of the water.


Bandarban to Sailapropat going 8 kilometers away within Ruma road. It creates wonderful natural beauty. The cold water is always flowing fountain.

This spring water is very transparent and cool. But almost impossible to get out of their springs in the spring view of the rainy season, the majority of the time is full of local and foreign tourists.


The Keranihat transparent water pleasant lake beside the highway. Bandarban town is 4.5 km away from the complex range of entertainment equipment.

Central is being conducted under the supervision of the district administration in a zoo. Access Price: Rs 30 per head.

Chimbuk hill

The Bandarban district to the narrow, winding road full of natural scenes. Chimbuk hillside of the road to the home of numerous tribes.

The rooms are up to the platform. Just look toward the direction from the top of the hill, and the hill Chimbuk. The showy green mountain view.

Tajingdong Bijoy

The three hill districts of Bandarban, Bangladesh’s low crowded people space.

Inside the country, there are around Bandarban and Cox’s Bazar, Chittagong, Rangamati, and Khagrachhari.

The province borders of Myanmar and Arakan and the China State.