How To Go To Bandarban? Bus & Train Schedule 2020

Do you want to know How To Go To Bandarban? Ok Friend, today we will tell you about the Bandarban Bus & Train Schedule. Here you get the latest update in this route.

How To Go To Bandarban?

The easiest way to go to Bandarban is the road. Many buses from Dhaka leave for Bandarban every day.

But if you want to go to Bandarban on the train. In that case, first, you have to go to train Chattogram. Bandarban on the bus from there. Ok, lets read, Bandarban Bus & Train Schedule 2019.

Here is your three way to go Dhaka to bandarban.

  1. Dhaka to Bandarban Direct by bus 7 hour 15 min.
  2. Firstly Dhaka to Chittagong by train 7 hours. Then Chittagong to Bandarban by bus 1 hours 30 minits.
  3. Firstly Dhaka to Chittagong by Flight 45 minits. Then Chittagong to Bandarban by bus 1 hours 30 minits.

bUS SCHEDULEDhaka to Bandarban Bus Schedule

Here you get Dhaka to Bandarban latest bus schedule & fare. This list update today.


Bus List: Unique Service, Desh Travels, S Alam Service, Shyamoli Transport, Saudia Coach, Eagle Paribahan, Dolphin, Saint Martine Transport, Hanif Enterprize.

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  • This Rent can change at any time. please sure your rent before buying your ticket.

Bus Address & Contact Number

Unique Service: 0290027710, 01963-622223 (Gabtoli), 01963-622244, 01821-498833 (Kalyanpur), 01963-622255 (Asad gate), 01963-622279 (Pantha Path), 01963-622226 (Fakirapul)

Desh Travels: 01762-684430 (Arambagh), 01762-620932 (Fakirapul), 01705- 430566 (Mohakhali), 01762-685091 (Ajampur), 01762-684438 (uttara), 01762-684432 (Abdullah Pur)

S Alam Service: 02-7193961 (Fakirapul), 01917-720395 (Kamalapur), 01813-329394 (Gabtali)

Shyamoli Transport: 01865-068922 (Technical), 01714-619173 (Asad Gate), 01716-478951 (Kalyanpur)
02-9141047 (Kalabagan), 02-7194291 (Arambag), 02-7541336 (Sayedabad)

Soudia Coach: 01919-654926 (Panthapath), 01919-654928 (Kalyanpur), 01919-654932 (Arambagh), 01919-654926 (Kalabagan), 01919-654930 (Rajarbagh).

Eagle Paribahan: 01779-492926 (AsadGate), 01779-492927 (Panthapath), 01793-328222 (Motijheel), 01779-492952 (Fakirapul), 01793-328045 (Syedabad)

Saint Martine Transport: 01762-691341 (Arambagh), 01762-691350 (Fakirapul), 01762-691364 (Panthapath)

Hanif Enterprize: 01713-049540 (Kalyanpur), 01713-402639 (Shyamoli), 02-9012902 (Gabtali), 01713-049541 (Technical), 01730-376342 (Kalabagan), 02-7191512 (Fakirapol)

Dhaka to Chattogram train scheduleDhaka To Chattogram Train Schedule

if you want to go to Bandarban with the joy of train travel. Then you have to first go to train Chattogram. From there you have to go on the bus Bandarban.

It takes time to go from Bandarban to Chittagong for a maximum of two hours. Rent is like 100 Taka.

Now let’s see what trains travel daily on Dhaka to Chattogram route.

Train list: Mahanagar Pravati, Subarna Express, Sonar Bangla, Mahanagar Express, Turna Express, Kornofuly Express (local), Chittagong Mail (local).

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Dhaka to Chattogram train details

Mahanagar Pravati: From the Kamlapur Station departure at 7:45 am. Chattogram reached at 1:50 pm. No Offday in the week.

Ticket price: Shovon chair second class 125 Tk, Shovan Chair 150 taka, Snigdha second class 345 Tk, First class 455 Tk, AC 756 Tk.

Where to stop: Dhaka Airport, Bhairab Bazar, Brahmanbaria, Akhaura, Comilla, Feni.

Subarna Express: This train will leave from Kamalapur at 3 pm. Chittagong reached at 8:10 pm.

But it is closed every Monday of the week.

Ticket price: Shovon Chair 355 Taka. Snigdha 673 Taka.

Where to stop: Dhaka Airport.

Sonar Bangla: The train will leave Dhaka at 7:00 in the morning. Chattogram reached at 12:20 pm.

It is closed every Wednesday on the week.

Ticket price: Shovon Chair 600 Taka, Snigdha 1000 Taka, AC seat 1100 Taka.

Where to stop: Dhaka Airport.

Mahanagar Express: From Kamalapur, the train ran for Chattogram at 9 pm. Chattogram reached at 4:30 in the morning.

It is closed every Sunday.

Ticket price: Shovon Chair Tk 345. AC seat 656 Taka.

Where to stop: Dhaka Airport.

Turna Express: The train will leave from Dhaka at 11 pm. Chattogram reached at 6:20 am in the morning. No Offday in the week.

Ticket price: Shovon Chair 320 Tk. AC seat 731 Tk. AC Bath 1093 Taka.

Where to stop: Dhaka Airport, Brahmanbaria, Comilla, Laksam, Feni.

Beauty Of Bandarban

Bandarban is one of the three hill districts of Bangladesh. Cox’s Bazar south-west of Bandarban, Chittagong district on the northwest, Rangamati on the north and Myanmar in the east.

Bandarban has many tourist spots because of its geographical location. Beautiful Bandarban district in the middle of the hills, rivers, and fountains.

How To See: Nilgiri, Nilachal, Gold Temp, Boga Lake, Sailapropat, Meghla, Chimbuk hill, Tajingdong Bijoy

Dhaka To Chittagong Flight Schedule

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