Suborno Express Train Schedule & Ticket Price 2022

Here is your Suborno Express Train Schedule. Now i tell you Latest Ticket Price about this train. Lets go.

Suborno Express or Suborna Express is the most popular intercity train on the Dhaka to Chittagong route. If you want to Dhaka to Chittagong directly this is the best train for you.

Now I will tell you all the information about this train. This is a non-stop luxury interstate train. So far you can reach your destination only 5 hours 20 minutes only.

The Subarna Express was inaugurated on 14 April 1998 on Bengali New Year’s Day. Its Code No. 701 /702. It is hailed as a non-stop, luxury and fast train.

It travels from Kamalapur railway station in Dhaka to Chittagong. The Bangladesh Railway gives the highest priority to this train.

The train only travels to the Dhaka airport railway station. The Subarna Express is a popular train for travelers.

Suborno Express Train Schedule

Suborno Express Train Schedule

The train departs from Chittagong Railway Station at 7:00 AM and arrives at Dhaka at 12:25 PM. On the return schedule, they left Dhaka at 4:30 PM and reached Chittagong at 09:50 PM.

It is a Chittagong-based train. The night locomotives and coaches are at the Chittagong Railway Station. It operates 6 days a week. Closed weekly on Mondays.

Chittagong to Dhaka Train Schedule

Here you get Chittagong to Dhaka Suborno Express train schedule with a full-time table.

Train No702
Chittagong Departure07:00 AM
Dhaka Airport Departure11:48 AM
Kamalapur Departure12:20 PM
Off dayMonday

Dhaka to Chittagong Train Schedule

Now I will tell you Dhaka to Chittagong Suborno Express Train Schedule with substations.

Train No701
Kamalapur Departure04:30 PM
Dhaka Airport Departure05:02 PM
Chittagong Arrival09:50 PM
Off dayMonday

Suborno Express Ticket Price

Here you get this train latest ticket price by the table. you can buy two category tickets for this train. You can buy your tickets from Online website or stations tickets counters.

ClassPrice (Adult)Price (Child)
Single Chair380 Tk.255 Tk.
Snigdha725 Tk.483 Tk.
  • 15% Vat will be added to this price.
Suborno Express train schedule

About Suborno Express

The train is currently run by a white-made airbrush coach made by China. These coaches were imported. It consists of 8 air-conditioned (AC) chair coaches, 7 non-air-conditioned coaches, two guard-linked dinings and a powerful car.

Sometimes there are up to 22 coaches on the train as per demand. Prior to the Chinese coach, the train was operated by an Iranian Airbreak coach.

Due to maintenance problems, the Iranian coach was replaced with the newly imported white Chinese rack by the Golden Express.

The Subarna Express runs by the Bangladesh Railway’s 2900 class locomotive. The train requires an airbrake locomotive.

Travelers travel on the Subarna Express for essentially non-stop travel. It has multiple AC coaches from other trains operating on Dhaka to Chittagong route.

Dhaka to Chittagong Train Contact Number

  • Kamalapur Station – 02-8315857, 02-9330522, 01843-220622, 01711691612
  • Dhaka Airport – 02-8924239
  • Chittagong Station – +88 01711-691550, 635162

Dhaka to Chittagong Train More Information

  • Dhaka to Chittagong railway distance – 346 Km.
  • Journey time – 5 hours 20 minutes.

How Can You Buy Suborno Express Ticket

You can buy train tickets in two ways. First, go to the railway station directly, secondly online. But you can buy tickets online from the house easily to buy tickets online.

You can buy tickets online from Bangladesh Railway’s website online. In that case, an online charge will be applicable.

Click to buy tickets online: E-Ticketing

If you Want to know more this way, then click: Know For E-Ticketing

Other advantages

  • Inter-city trains are destinations for the prayer rooms.
  • The guard has a first aid box.
  • There are toilet facilities. However, it is better not to use the toilet when the train is stopped.
  • Each bogie has one guide. They are responsible for the services of passengers, necessary advice and ensuring the overall safety of the train.
  • Aluminum shutters are on the side of the window for the safety of the passengers.
  • Shovon Bogie has the advantage of cutting a standing ticket. Standing tickets are issued after the total allotted tickets have been sold.
  • The cost of a standing ticket is the same as a seating ticket. The product can be taken just like a normal ticket.

Meal system

  • Food trains are added to inter-city trains.
  • The food can be taken to the food car from any end of the train via the corridor.
  • Daily magazines and magazines are also available.

Charge to carry goods in Train

There is a pool arrangement for carrying goods from the station to the compartment or from the compartment. They charge according to the number of goods.

  • No more than 28 kgs (1 bag) BDT 30
  • No more than 28 kgs (2 bags) BDT 40
  • No more than 37 kg (1 bag) BDT 40
  • No mor/-e than 37 kg (2 bags) BDT 50
  • No more than 56 kg (1 bag) BDT 60
  • No more than 56 kgs (2 bags) BDT 80

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