Dhaka To Chittagong Bus Schedule & Ticket Price 2022

Do you want to know Dhaka To Chittagong Bus Schedule?. Yes! you are in the right place. Here you get the latest Dhaka-Chattogram Bus Schedule & Rent.

At one time, trains and buses were the only way to get from Dhaka to Chattogram. Those who own private cars used cars. Others will rent a car. The distance from Dhaka to Chittagong is 265 km.

As the journey is expected to take three to five hours. But in reality jams take a lot longer. Regardless of the route, it takes an average of 8-10 hours.

And if there is a traffic jam then it goes up in 12-15 hours. In recent times, jam levels have increased even more dramatically.

Four-lane roads have not been able to play much role as the number of cars, buses and trucks is increasing rapidly. Yet every day, many people travel by bus to Dhaka to Chittagong route.

Some companies operate multiple buses on this route. These companies include this Dhaka To Chattogram Bus-

Dhaka To Chittagong Bus Schedule
Dhaka To Chittagong Bus Schedule & Ticket Price 2022 3

Dhaka To Chittagong Bus Schedule

AC BusNon AC
Green Line ParibahanHanif Enterprise
Shohagh ParibahanShyamoli Paribahan
Soudia ParibahanUnique Paribahan
Saintmartin ParibahanTR Travels
Tuba LineSoudia Paribahan
Yellow LineEna Transport
Desh TravelsS Alam Paribahan
Relax TransportTuba Line
Hanif EnterpriseYear 71 Express
TR TravelsShahi Service
Aziz TravelsRajib Special
London Express

Dhaka To Chittagong Bus Schedule & Ticket Price

Here we tell you Dhaka To Chattogram bus ticket price by the table. we collect this fare from the bus company. But the bus authorities decided that the fare could change at any time.

Bus NameAC PriceNon AC Price
Desh Travels1000 Tk.480 Tk.
Green Line Paribahan1200 Tk.
1300 Tk.
Ena Transport800 Tk.480 Tk.
SaintMartin Paribahan900 Tk.500 Tk.
SaintMartin Hyundai900 Tk
1000 Tk.
TR Travels1250 Tk.480 Tk.
Soudia Coach1250 Tk.480 Tk.
Relex Transport1250 Tk.
Relex Transport1000 Tk.
Silk Line1000 Tk.
Shanti Paribahan700 Tk.
Hanif Enterprise1000 Tk.480 Tk.
Shohagh Elite1250 Tk.
Tuba Line1250 Tk.
Year 71900 Tk.
SaintMartin Travels650 Tk.
1000 Tk.
Shyamoli NR Travels1000 Tk.480 Tk.
Unique Service 480 Tk.
S Alam480 Tk.
Eagle Paribahan480 Tk.
Shyamoli Paribahan(SP)480 Tk.

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Dhaka Chittagong Bus
Dhaka Chittagong Bus

Dhaka To Chittagong Bus Contact Number

Now we tell you Dhaka To Chattogram Bus all company’s address & contact number. you can anytime call & book your tickets on this number.

Green Line Paribahan

CounterContact Number
Rajarbag (Dhaka)02-9342580, 02-9339623
Arambag (Dhaka)02-7192301, 01730-060009
Fakirapul (Dhaka)02-7191900, 01730-060013
Azampur (Dhaka)01970-060075
Abdullahpur (Dhaka)01970-060076
Badda (Dhaka)01970-060074
Norda (Dhaka)01730-060098
A.k.khan road (Chittagong)031-751161, 01730-06002, 01970-060021.
Dampara (Chittagong)01970-060085, 031-630551
Dampara 2 (Chittagong)01730-060085, 031-2862994
Station Road (Chittagong)031-631288

Desh Travels

CounterContact Number
Arambag (Dhaka)02-7192345, 01762-684430, 01709-989436
Fakirapul (Dhaka)01762-620932
Mohakhali (Dhaka)01705- 430566
Azompur (Dhaka)01762-685091
BMS (Dhaka)01762-684438
Abdullahpur (Dhaka)01762-684432.
AK Khan Road (Chittagong)01762-620934
Daampara (Chittagong)031-2857780, 01762-620935, 01709-989437
Vatiari (Chittagong)01705-416964
Shetakundo (Chittagong)01705-416965
Mirsorai (Chittagong)01705-416966
Baroiyarhat (Chittagong)01705-416967

Shohag Paribahan

CounterContact Number
Sayedabad (Dhaka)01926-699367
Kamlapur (Dhaka)01926-696262
Narayngonj (Dhaka)01926-699368
Jonopoth (Dhaka)01926-699368
Chittagong road (Dhaka)01926-699365
Dampara (Chittagong)031-616520, 01711-798344, 01926-699355
Mirersorai (Chittagong)01711351262
AK Khan Gate01926-699347

Shohag Elite

CounterContact Number
Sayedabad (Dhaka)01926-699367
Kamlapur (Dhaka)01926-696262
Narayngonj (Dhaka)01926-699368
Jonopoth (Dhaka)01926-699368
Chittagong road (Dhaka)01926-699365
Dampara (Chittagong)031-616520, 01711-798344 01926-699355
Mirersorai (Chittagong)01711351262
AK Khan Gate (Chittagong)01926-699347
Shetakunda (Chittagong)01819323183

Ena Paribahan

CounterContact Number
Mohakhali (Dhaka)01760-737650, 01619-737650, 01869-802725
Airport (Dhaka)01760-737652, 01869-802726, 01872-604498, 01872-695911
Uttara BGB (Dhaka)01760-737651, 01869-802728
Fokirapul (Dhaka)01869-802736, 01872-604475
Abdullahpur (Dhaka)01869-802729, 017989-11752, 01610-449903, 01872-625733
Badda (Dhaka)01869-802735, 01872-604495
Alonkar (Chittagong)01869-802742
AK Khan Gate (Chittagong)01711-346177
Daampara (Chittagong)01878-059209
Vatiari (Chittagong)01869-802745
Shetakunda (Chittagong)01869-802746
Mirersorai (Chittagong)01869-802747
Baroiyarhat (Chittagong)01872-625745
Free Port (Chittagong)01869-802749
Navy gate (Chittagong)01869-802743

Saint Martin Paribahan

CounterContact Number
Arambag (Dhaka)01762-691341, 01762-691339
Fokirapul (Dhaka)01762691350,01762-691342
Panthopath (Dhaka)01762-691364
Kollanpur (Dhaka)01762-691353
Chittagong Road (Dhaka)01762-691343
Gorib ullah Shah Majar Gate (Chittagong)01762-691345, 01762-691360

TR Travels

CounterContact Number
Kallyanpur (Dhaka)02-8035964
Kallyanpur (Dhaka)02-8031189
Gabtoli (Dhaka)02-9004412, 01191494863
Mohakhali (Dhaka)01191494866
Fakirapul (Dhaka)01190760004
Sayedabad (Dhaka)01190760003
Arambagh (Dhaka)01191863673
Kolabagan (Dhaka)01191863674
Malibag (Dhaka)01191863675
Dhampara (Chittagong)01191863676
BRTC Bus Terminal (Chittagong)01191863678
A.K Khan (Chittagong)01191863677

Soudia Coach

CounterContact Number
Panthapath (Dhaka)01919-654926, 01919-654927
Kalyanpur (Dhaka)01919-654928
Arambagh (Dhaka)01919-654932, 01919-654933
Kalabagan (Dhaka)01919-654926
Rajarbagh (Dhaka)01919-654930, 01919-654931
Eden Counter (Dhaka)01919-654935
Syedabad (Dhaka)01919-654856, 01919-654857
Kamalapur (Dhaka)01919-654859.
Fakirapul (Dhaka)01919-654858
Kalabagan (Dhaka)01919-654861
Gabtali (Dhaka)01919-654863, 01919-654853
Abdullahpur (Dhaka)01919-654854
Damapara (Chittagong)01919-654902, 01919-654903,
Cornel Hat (Chittagong)01919-654906, 01919-654986
Station Road (Chittagong)01919-654725, 01919-654941
BRTC (Chittagong)01919-654824
Cinema Palace (Chittagong)01919-654823
Alongkar (Chittagong)01919-654825, 01919-654819
Nasirabad (Chittagong)01919-654897
Bahaddarhat moor (Chittagong)01919-654742
Notun bridge (Chittagong)01919-654743, 01919-654827
Bhatiyari (Chittagong)01919-654828
Bayejit counter (Chittagong)01919-654834

Relax Transport

CounterContact Number
Arambag (Dhaka)01955-585522, 01955-585521
Fokirapul (Dhaka)01955-585511, 01844-168465
Kolabagan (Dhaka)01955-585533, 01844-168466
Dampara (Chittagong)01955-585544, 01955-585543
AK. Khan Road (Chittagong)01955-585555, 01844-168462
Cinema Palace (Chittagong)01955-585566, 01955-585520

Silk Line

CounterContact Number
Arambag (Dhaka)01844-191800, 01844-191801
Kolkabagan (Dhaka)01844-191803, 01844-191804
Dampara (Chittagong)01844-191805, 01844-191806
Cornel Hat (Chittagong)01844-191808, 01844-191809

Hanif Enterprise

CounterContact Number
Kalyanpur-1 (Dhaka)01713-049540, 01713-049541, 02-9010212
Kalyanpur-2 (Dhaka)01713-049573
Kalyanpur-3 (Dhaka)01713-049574
Kalyanpur-4 (Dhaka)01713-049561, 02-8091402, 02-9022953, 02-9015673
Shyamoli Ringrod-1 (Dhaka)01713-402639
Shyamoli Ringrod-2 (Dhaka)01713-049532
Gabtali (Dhaka)02-9012902
Technical (Dhaka)02-9008475, 01713-049541
Kalabagan (Dhaka)01730-376342, 01713-402670, 02-8119901
Fakirapol (Dhaka)02-7191512
Arambagh (Dhaka)01730-376343, 01713-402631, 01713-402632, 01713-402671, 02-7194007
Savar (Dhaka)01753-488476, 02-7747788
Nabinagar (Dhaka)01681-29999, 01753-488476
Panthapath (Dhaka)01713-402641
Syedabad (Dhaka)01713-402673
Uttara (Dhaka)01713-402672
Abdullahpur (Dhaka)01713-049513
Norda (Dhaka)01713-049579
Chittagong Counters01713-402663, 01713-402664, 01713-402665, 01713-402667, 01713-402668, 01713-402669
A K Khan road01713-402665, 01713-402667

Tuba Line

CounterContact Number
Kalabagan (Dhaka)01876-005654
Fakirapul (Dhaka)01876-005652
Arambagh (Dhaka)01876-005653
Kamalapur (Dhaka)01876-005691
Syedabad (Dhaka)01876-005687
Chittagong (Dhaka)01876-005657
Abdullahpur (Dhaka)01876-005675
Chittagong01751-175735, 01876-005660

Year 71

CounterContact Number
Gabtali (Dhaka)01971-078801
Kalyanpur (Dhaka)01971-078802
Panthapath (Dhaka)01971-078810
Fakirapul (Dhaka)01971-078803
Golapbag (Dhaka)01917-078820
Syedabad (Dhaka)01917-078807

S. Alam Paribahan

CounterContact Number
Fakirapul (Dhaka)02-7193961
Kamalapur (Dhaka)02-8315087, 01917-720395
Suritola (Dhaka)02-9566654
Gabtali (Dhaka)02-9002702, 01813-329394
Station Road (Chittagong)031-617372
Taj Market (Chittagong)031-652478, 621991
Cinema Palace (Chittagong)031-611037
BTRC Counter (Chittagong)031-617372
Damapara (Chittagong)031-2868566

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