SSC Result 2014: All Education Board Result & Download Mark sheet

SSC Result 2014 published today. Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid handed over a copy of the results to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at Ganabhaban this morning. The chairman of the board was present.

On 9 February, SSC (Vocational) examination was started under eight general education boards, submission under Madrasa education board and technical education board.

The written test was completed on March 22. This time the total exams are more than 14 lakh.

SSC Result 2014: All Education Board Result & Download Mark sheet
SSC Result 2014: All Education Board Result & Download Mark sheet

SSC Result 2014: Pass-91.34%, GPA5- 1,42,276

The average pass rate for the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and equivalent examination is 91.34 percent. GPA-1 has received 1 lakh, 42 thousand 276 students.

Last year, the pass rate for the SSC and equivalent examinations was 89.3 percent. Last time 91,226 students got GPA5.

This time the total examinations were 14 lakh, 26 thousand 923 people. Of these, 13 lakh 3 thousand 331 students have passed.

Of the eight education boards in the secondary and equivalent school certification exams, the highest pass rate in the Rajshahi board this time. The rate is 96.34 percent.

The pass rate is lowest on the Sylhet board. That is 89.23 percent.

SSC Result 2014: All Education Board

Here you get all education board SSC 2014 results by the table. This result collected from the official website of the education board.

BoardExaminerPass (%)GPA 5

Dhaka Education Board

Not Passed20,774
% of Pass93.95
GPA 546,923
% of GPA 514.53
GPA 4116,016
GPA 3121,267
GPA 236,645
GPA 12,011

Chittagong Education Board | SSC Result 2014

Not Passed7,886
% of Pass91.41
GPA 510,907
% of GPA 512.99
GPA 426,546
GPA 334,593
GPA 211,358
GPA 1557

Barisal Education Board

Not Passed6,481
% of Pass90.75
GPA 54,775
% of GPA 57.51
GPA 421,070
GPA 326,334
GPA 210,725
GPA 1711

Comilla Education Board

Not Passed14,571
% of Pass89.92
GPA 510,975
% of GPA 58.45
GPA 441,863
GPA 355,588
GPA 220,268
GPA 11,231

Dinajpur Education Board | SSC Result 2014

Not Passed8,056
% of Pass93.2
GPA 514,854
% of GPA 513.45
GPA 441,285
GPA 342,248
GPA 211,358
GPA 1730

Jessore Education Board

Not Passed10,003
% of Pass92.26
GPA 510,968
% of GPA 59.2
GPA 442,429
GPA 350,847
GPA 214,429
GPA 1550

Rajshahi Education Board

Not Passed5,017
% of Pass95.91
GPA 519,845
% of GPA 516.85
GPA 444,931
GPA 341,653
GPA 210,468
GPA 1847

Sylhet Education Board

Not Passed7,324
% of Pass89.24
GPA 53,350
% of GPA 55.51
GPA 416,688
GPA 328,086
GPA 212,005
GPA 1632

Madrasah Education Board | SSC Result 2014

Not Passed25,361
% of Pass89.28
GPA 514,072
% of GPA 56.66
GPA 4106,482
GPA 375,219
GPA 214,857
GPA 1639

Tecnical Education Board

Not Passed16,756
% of Pass83.65
GPA 56,001
% of GPA 57
GPA 472,796
GPA 36,876
GPA 243
GPA 10

How to Get your SSC Result 2014?

You can get the SSC exam 2014 results in two ways. One of this Education Board Official Website. Another way is the Mobile SMS. How Can You Get That?

Education Board Official Website

  1. Click the Education Board Official Website.
  2. Fill SSC/Dhakil in Examination Row.
  3. Fill the Year 2014.
  4. Select Your Education Board.
  5. Give Your Roll No.
  6. Give Your Reg: No.
  7. Fill the CAPTCHA (exam: 1+1=?) Code.
  8. Click Submit & wait.

Mobile SMS

It is easier to collect results on mobile phones from the website. So you can take the help of your mobile phone. Just follow these steps.

  1. Go to your SMS option
  2. Type= SSC/Dakhil <Space>
  3. First 3 letters of your board name <Space>
  4. Your Roll Number <Space>
  5. 2014
  6. Send to 16222.

Teletalk, Grameenphone, Banglalink, Airtel & Robil also get you this option.

Education Board’s Short Code

Board NameShort Code
Dhaka BoardDHA
Comilla BoardCOM
Barisal BoardBAR
Sylhet BoardSYL
Chittagong BoardCHI
Jessore BoardJES
Rajshahi BoardRAJ
Dinajpur BoardDIN
Madrasha BoardMAD

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