Shimla Tourist Places With Cheap Resorts List 2023

If you are interested in Shimla Tourist Places then you have come to the right place. Here we will know about this wonderful tourist town of Himachal Pradesh, India. There must be information about cheap hotel resorts in Shimla.

Known as the “Queen of Hill Stations”, this city is full of natural scenery. And Shimla, known as a winter wonderland for tourists, has numerous attractions to explore. During the British rule, Shimla was declared as the “Summer Capital City” for summer vacations.

Shimla Tourist Places
Shimla Tourist Places

Shimla Tourist Places

The small beautiful town of Shimla is lined up with exotic features to fascinate the tourists. Shimla is at the top of the choice of foreign tourists coming to India to enjoy its diverse beauty.

Mall Road

Walk down the ridge road to Shimla Mall Road. Mall Road is divided into two parts. Mall Road has various administrative buildings of Shimla as well as numerous landmarks. The snow fall viewing experience at Mall Road is simply amazing.

If you walk along this road, you will see the civic life of Shimla city. There are also many entertainment options including cafes, restaurants and numerous shops.

The Ridge

Located in the heart of the city near Mall Road, this place is the hub of all cultural activities in Shimla. There are several old buildings around this open square which is made up of a large area. The sunset view here is very enjoyable.

Christ Church

Built in 1857, the second oldest church in India is within walking distance from The Ridge. This church is a famous landmark of Shimla with historical monuments and religious significance. A neo-Gothic architectural landmark, the church is popular for its Elizabethan design and festive surroundings.

Summer Hill

Situated on the Kalka-Shimla railway line near Mall Road, Summer Hill is a popular tourist spot for sightseeing. This hill is one of the famous seven hills of Shimla which offers a panoramic view of small villas nestled among pine, oak, cedar and cedar trees.

Viceregal Lodge

Built in 1888 by British architect Henry Irwin, this 130-year-old lodge was the residence of the British Viceroy. Presently the lodge is known as the headquarters of the Indian Institute of Advanced Studies. The magnificent building built in Jacobean style is a historical witness to the various activities of Shimla.

ST. Michael’s Cathedral

Built in 1885, this church is the first Catholic church in Shimla. The five altars installed in the church were brought from Italy. Many tourists come here to see the stonework and spend some quiet time in the church.

Himachal State Museum

The 35 galleries of the Himachal State Museum preserve various ancient artifacts of the culture of Himachal including coins, everyday tools, pottery, jewellery, paintings and costumes.

Wax Museum

The museum houses wax sculptures of various local and international personalities. The museum entry fee is Rs 250 per person.

Gaiety Heritage

Established in 1887, the complex hosted various events for the entertainment of British residents. Currently, various shows and exhibitions are held here. The church located here is open from 11 am to 5 pm. The entrance fee per person to the complex is Rs.


Located 82 km from Shimla at an altitude of 6,500 meters above sea level, Kotgarh is mainly famous for its apple orchards. There are several places to visit including Hetu Peak and Temple, Tanjubbar Lake and Derthu Mata Temple.


Dedicated to the Hindu god Hanuman, this ancient temple is situated on Jakho Hill, the highest peak in Shimla. Located at an altitude of about 2,455 meters above sea level, the temple hosts the “Dussehra” festival every year which is visited by thousands of tourists.


Located 21 km from Shimla, Kufri has Himalayan Nature Park, Kufri Fun World, Mahashu Peak, Shimla Reserve Forest Sangchuri, Shimla Water Wildlife Sangchuri and Nag Temple. Apart from this, there are opportunities for yak ride, skiing from Mahasu Peak and trekking in Chali.


Located 18 km from Shimla, skiing and winter sports are very popular during winter. Fagur Giri valley offers a wonderful view of Shimla and its surroundings.

Besides, you can also visit places like Naldehra and Tattapani in Shimla.

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Shimla Travel Expenses

From Delhi to Shimla via Kalka will cost 800-1200 rupess. 12,000-15,000 per person for 3 nights and 2 days stay in Shimla including food and sightseeing. However, if you travel by plane, the cost will be more than double. Again, extra cost will be added for adventure rides like paragliding, zip lining.

Where will you stay

There are several good quality hotels to stay near Jakhu Temple, Mall Road in Shimla. Raj Home Stay, Thiram Shimla, New Sanser Mall Road, Mehdudia Guest House, Hotel Vatika, Kavya Home Stay, Amarvilla Hotel, Adobe Rooms Hotel C Shimla etc. Will cost 550-1000 rupees for two people to stay for one night.

Where to eat

Cha ghost (mutton with curd), murg anardana (chicken stew with pomegranate) and dal chana are particularly popular among Shimla’s traditional dishes. You will also find quality food at restaurants like Qila, The Devicos, Baljee’s & Fascination, Cecil.

And the food includes falafel, madra (dals made with a mixture of different spices), dham (a special platter decorated with dal, rajma, rice, curd, flour), sidu (a special bread), thukpa (noodle soup), babru (dal You can eat food like tamarind chutney with Bara) and mash dal. You can taste some traditional street foods at The Ridge.

Where to buy what?

Shimla is famous for Lakhyar Bazaar, Himachal European, Lower Bazaar, Tibetan Market and The Ridge shopping. Here you can buy woolen cloths, special hats of Himachal, handicrafts, handmade traditional wooden and earthenware along with various local items.

Shimla Travel Advice

  • Be careful when visiting tourist spots located in the hills.
  • There are a lot of monkeys in the temples that grab tourists’ belongings when they get the chance so be careful with small items.
  • Add Manali to your trip to Shimla. Traveling together will cost less and is popular with everyone.
  • Beware of brokers.
  • For all train and bus information use WHERE IS MY TRAIN, IXIGO, HRTC and UBER.
  • It will be convenient to book train tickets online if you have dual currency.
  • Carry dry food and water bottles while traveling by train.
  • If you go to Kalka without booking the toy train ticket in advance, the cost will be less.
  • Download the offline map of the places you go to on your mobile.

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