Santahar Station Train Schedule With Ticket Price 2020

Now I will tell you Santahar Station Train Schedule With Ticket Price 2020. There are more Intercity & Mail trains to run this station every day. Here is your schedule by the table.

This is a very important station for the Bangladesh railway. Every day thousands of people run this route.

Santahar Station Train Schedule: Intercity

More than 11 Intercity trains run this route every day. Here is your all train’s latest schedule & more information.

These trains name is- Ekota Express, Karotoa Express, Rupsha Express, Barandra Express, Titumir Express, Simanta Express, Lalmoni Express, Drutajan Express, Nilsagor Express, Dulonchapa Express & Rangpur Express

Santahar Station Train Schedule
No Trains Departure To Arrival Off
705 Ekota Express 04:00 PM Dinajpur 06:50 PM Tue
706 Ekota Express 01:55 AM Dhaka 08:10 AM Mon
713 Karotoa Express 09:00 AM Burimari 03:00 PM No
727 Rupsha Express 01:30 PM Chilahati 05:00 PM Thu
728 Rupsha Express 11:45 AM Khulna 05:40 PM Thu
731 Barandra Express 05:30 PM Chilahati 09:50 PM Sun
732 Barandra Express 09:45 AM Rajshahi 12:05 PM Sun
733 Titumir Express 08:50 AM Chilahati 01:00 PM Wed
734 Titumir Express 06:25 PM Rajshahi 09:10 PM Wed
747 Simanta Express 02:50 AM Chilahati 06:20 AM No
748 Simanta Express 10:20 PM Khulna 04:15 AM No
751 Lalmoni Express 04:35 AM Lalmonirhat 08:20 AM Fri
752 Lalmoni Express 02:30 PM Dhaka 08:55 PM Fri
757 Drutojan Express 01:55 AM Dinajpur 04:40 AM Wed
758 Drutojan Express 12:15 PM Dhaka 06:10 PM Wed
765 Nilsagor Express 02:05 PM Chilahati 05:45 PM Mon
766 Nilsagor Express 01:05 AM Dhaka 07:10 AM Sun
767 Dolonchapa Express 01:30 PM Dinajpur 08:20 PM No
771 Rangpur Express 03:05 PM Rangpur 07:00 PM Sun
772 Rangpur Express 11:50 PM Dhaka 06.05 AM Sun

Santahar Station Train Schedule: Mail/Express train

There are four mail or express trains run this route every day. They have no odd day in a weak. You get full service from these trains every day.

No Trains Departure To Arrival
7 Uttorbongo Mail 09:30 AM Panchagar 09:30 PM
19 Bogra Express 04:00 PM Lalmonirhat 10:00 PM
21 Padmaragh Express 06:30 AM Lalmonirhat 12:25 PM
23 Rocket Express 07:20 PM Parbatipur 10:00 PM
24 Rocket Express 12:55 PM Khulna 11:45 PM
31 Uttara Express 04:45 PM Parbatipur 08:15 PM
32 Uttara Express 06:20 AM Rajshahi 10:20 AM

Santahar Station Contact Number

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Santahar Railway station
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About Santahar Station

Santahar railway station is a junction station located in Adamdighi Upazila of Bogra district. With this junction station, hundreds of commuters and intercity, about 30 trains run daily.

With this junction station, about 30 trains run daily between the inter-city & the mail trains.

The station was built to facilitate Kolkata’s communication with North Bengal and Assam, Tripura, and Nagaland in undivided India.