Egg Hill Bandarban, New horizon of Tourism

Egg Hill Bandarban, The hill of Bangladesh is a new horizon of tourism. About 25 to 30 thousand feet in height, this mountain is called locally called Egg Hill.

The location of the egg hill is in the middle of Alikadam and Thanchi Thana. The boundaries of the two police stations were determined by this hill. There was no way too far to go to this mountain.

Under the supervision of Bangladesh Army, the road has been constructed to Alikadam-Thanchi. The construction of this road of 33 kilometer long takes 10 years.

Alikadam-Thanchi regional road is the highest road in Bangladesh at the moment. Alikadum this road has moved upwards and the height of the road near the Egg Hill Bandarban stands 2500 feet. He went down again and went to Thanchi and ended.

Meanwhile, the natural beauty of the egg hill can make any person feel ill. Today, hundreds of thousands of tourists are traveling to the mountains.

Egg Hill Bandarban : Historical background

There is a tradition of Egg Hill Bandarban in the Tripura community living in the hills surrounding the hills. The story is like this, Ushe Prue is a very fond son. She loves her very much After father’s death, mother’s only asset The mother read very ill a day. Life goes on.

The village Ojha saw the mother of Usha saying that this disease is not curable. His mother must be stunned. But there is a way to save a mother. But that way is very dangerous. To save the mother, He agreed to take any risk. He wanted to know what to do.

The location of the Egg Hill in the direction of Ush’s community where it is located 3 days a day. On the full moon night, a strange flower blossomed on the top of the hill. And in the morning the flowers fell. Only if the juice of the flower is fed, then the mother of Usha will be healed.

No one could reach the Egg Hill till today. Those who tried to get rid of the disappearance. Many people say there is a monster in the mountain that guards the flowers.

When someone rises on the hill, the monster kills him. Despite knowing all this, he will go to the decision. Without getting the courage to go alone, the friend started with the Thu Pru for the Egg Hill.

Egg Hill Bandarban : Believe It or Not

After walking three days and three nights on the hill, they finally reached the top of the hill. Ush leaving the Thu Pru, alone, went on the top of the hill. Needed him, he risks alone. Thu Pru saw that her friend was slowly moving towards the top of the mountain.

In the middle of the sky, when the sky was full moonlight, Usoake once again saw that Tui Thuile aimed at something thundered. It stood near Thuui to build it. Thi is seen in a bag containing stones and their desirable hill flowers. With a hint, he told that he got flowers. Uhse said that he will go down, wait for him.

Seeing the last of Thu with Ush And he has never been found. The whole one day, waiting for Thu Usha came back. When the mother is good, has lost forever. But his dedication to his mother forever lasted forever.