Visa Free Countries For Bangladeshi Passport

Visa Free Countries For Bangladeshi Passport! Yes, People of Bangladesh can now go without a visa in 40 countries.

This means that when going to these countries, the country does not have to go through the process of visa; Available Visa facility. It is only a passport.

The United States-based organization The Hanley and Partners created an evaluation index by conducting a survey of over 200 countries in the world.

Visa Free Countries For Bangladesh
Visa Free Countries For Bangladeshi Passport 3

Visa Free Countries For Bangladeshi Passport

Here is your latest list by the table. This information updated from Henley Passport Index 2019.

Sri LankaTimor-Leste
Cape VerdeComoros Islands
SeychellesSierra Leone
JamaicaSt. Kitts and Nevis
Saint VincentTrinidad
MontserratBritish Virgin Islands
BoliviaCook Islands
South Pacific NiueSamoa

Visa Free Countries Asia

You can visit six countries in Asia without a visa. This time we will tell you a brief overview of those countries.


Bhutan is a beautiful country in South Asia. So you can go there without any tension. Traveling to this country does not cost too much money.

So many people come to this country when they get the chance. The monarchy has been in this beautiful country for a long time.

  • Capital: Thimphu
  • Official languages: Dzongkha
  • Religion: Vajrayana Buddhism (77.4%), Hinduism (22.6%)
  • Government: Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
  • Area: 38,394 km
  • Population: 741,700
  • Currency: Ngultrum (BTN)
  • Time zone: UTC+06:00 (BTT)
  • Calling code: +975

Where this information was highlighted about Bangladesh’s position. The index has lowered Bangladesh’s position on the evaluation list of different countries.

Previously, at the 95th position, it has now (2019) dropped to 99th. That is to say, the evaluation of Bangladeshi passports decreased.

The same index with Bangladesh is in Lebanon, Iran, Kosovo.

Every year Hanley and Partners are making the latest index of cooperation with the international travel agency (IATA) travel database. The country number is given in the index.

This number depends on how many countries can go to the world without a visa or on arrival visa (visa on arrival).

The strongest passport in the index in Japan and Singapore. The country’s passport can be visited in 180 countries.

And the country of the weakest passport Afghanistan is Afghanistan The country’s passport can be visited in 24 countries.

Iraq is on top of Iraq Iraqi people can go to 27 countries without a visa. Syria also has the 103rd place.

Pakistan has four numbers from the end. Pakistanis can get 10 scores without leaving a visa in 30 countries.

Dhaka-Kolkata Round trip only 5 thousand

Dhaka-Kolkata Round trip only 5 thousand 31 takas. yes, that is true. Indigo Airlines, India’s private aircraft carrier, is launching operations in Bangladesh.

Today 01 August, the attractive discount on the Dhaka-Kolkata route will be provided by the service provider for only 5 thousand 31 takas.

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