The country that most tourists come in….

A lot of people are going to roam around. Travelers travel around the country and travel around the world. In modern times, because of better communication system, the number of people going out of the country has increased greatly.

There are many countries, whose main source of income is the tourism sector. That is why they try to attract tourists with the highest importance in the sector. Tourists also get rid of the advantages of those countries.

Do you know, which country is the world’s most visited?

A CNN report says Hong Kong is the world’s most tourist attractions. In the country, 278 million 80 thousand 300 tourists went to the country. There will be 298 million 27 thousand 200 tourists in the year 2015.

Hong Kong is one of two special administrative regions of China. The other area is Makao. Located on the east side of the Pearl River Delta, this region comprises more than 260 isolated islands.

The north is located in the KuanGang province of China and the South China Sea on the east, west and south. Hong Kong’s economy is very strong.

Thailand (Bangkok) has the second position in this list. Here in the year 2017 the tourists came in 224 million 53 thousand 900 people. The forecast says that in 2016 this number will reach 23 million 6 lakh 88 thousand 800 people.

Thais are the majority of Thailand’s population. Most of them are practicing Theravada Buddhism. Other countries living in Thailand include Chinese, Malay and indigenous hill tribes, such as Mong and Karen.

Sophisticated classical music and dance and folk art of Thailand are famous. Although agriculture is the dominant country, the economy of Thailand is rapidly improving since the 1980s.

The country that most tourists come in.... 3

England (London) has the third place in the list of most tourist attractions. In the year 2017, there were 19.88 million 27 thousand 800 tourists. Statistics say that in the year 2018 this number will be 20 million 7 lakh 15 thousand 900 people.

London is a wonderful city. The name of the city of London will certainly be on the list of people traveling on a trip. London is a city of 2000 years old on the banks of the River Thames. It is known as the Minority Majority City.

That is, the majority of people in this city have come from a Minority IE minority. London is now the world’s leading economic country. Four world heritage sites are located here. There are also many attractive establishments, which attract thousands of people every year to travel to London.