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Are you finding Chittagong Doctor list & Contact number? Yes! you are on the right place. Here you get Chittagong Specialist Doctors latest information. Chittagong is the second largest city in Bangladesh. The city, known as the port city, is located in the southeastern part of the Chittagong district.

Chittagong is the second largest city in Bangladesh. Known as the port city, this city is located in the Chittagong district of southeastern Bangladesh. Surrounded by hills, seas and valleys, the city of Chittagong, known as the commercial capital, is famous as the queen of the East for its natural beauty.

After Dhaka, Chittagong is the most important city in Bangladesh. Apart from being the largest port in the country, there are various business establishments here. It is located on the banks of the river Karnafuli, between the Chittagong Hill Tracts and the Bay of Bengal.

Chittagong Doctor List
Chittagong Doctor List

Chittagong Doctor list | Hospital

Hospital/DepartmentClick Link
National Hospital Chittagong doctor listClick
Evercare Hospital Chittagong doctor listClick
Chittagong Medical College Hospital doctor listClick
Chevron hospital chittagong doctor listClick
Max hospital doctor listClick
Parkview hospital doctor listClick
Epic healthcare doctor listClick
Metropolitan hospital doctor listClick
Imperial hospital doctor listClick
Medical center hospital doctor listClick
Islami bank hospital doctor listClick
Chittagong medical center doctor listClick
CSCR hospital doctor listClick

Specialist Doctors | Chittagong Doctor List

DepartmentClick Link
Cancer SpecialistClick
Cardiology SpecialistClick
Child SpecialistClick
Dentist SpecialistClick
Dermatology SpecialistClick
ENT SpecialistClick
Eye (Ophthalmology) SpecialistClick
Gastroenterology SpecialistClick
Gynaecology SpecialistClick
Medicine SpecialistClick
Neuromedicine SpecialistClick
Orthopedic SpecialistClick
Pediatric SpecialistClick
Rheumatology SpecialistClick

About Chittagong

Chittagong plays an important role in the economy of Bangladesh. The port of Chittagong is one of the oldest ports in the world, whose coastline has appeared on the world map of Ptolemy. The port is the busiest international seaport in the Bay of Bengal and the third busiest in South Asia.

The people of Chittagong are known as food lovers. Just as they like to eat themselves, they are also good at entertaining guests. The host of Chittagong is a great example of this.

Dried, honey, bela biscuits, bakarkhani, lakshishak, roast beef roast, pelon dal, kalabhuna, biryani, mezbani meat, aflatun haluya, tal pitha, salty hilsa are the traditional foods of Chittagong.

Like other regions of Bangladesh, Chittagong’s economy is dependent on agriculture, industry and trade. Paddy is the main crop of agriculture in Chittagong. Besides, vegetables are widely grown in winter and summer seasons.

Before the establishment of British rule in Chittagong, like other places in India, there were three types of education system based on religion. Maktab-Madrasa for Arabic-dependent Muslims, Toll-Pathshala-Chatuspathi for Sanskrit-dependent Hindus, and Kyang or Bihar for Buddhists.

Persian was the official language at that time. As a result, many Hindus learned Persian. Again, it was necessary for Muslim scholars to know Sanskrit for running the state and public relations. Handwritten books were used in all these institutions.

Until the new English education system, these three streams were the main features of education in Chittagong.

Besides, there are private medical colleges USTC, BGC Trust Medical College and Hospital, Maternal and Child Hospital Medical College, Southern Medical College and Chittagong Dental College in the city.

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