Chittagong Station Train Schedule With Ticket Price 2020

Here is your Chittagong Station Train Schedule With Ticket Price 2020. Every day more trains run on this Chittagong railway station. If you want to know all the train details just stay with us.

Chittagong railway is more important for the Bangladesh railway. Every day more people travel to this station. So far a couple of trains run on this station.

Two kinds of trains run this station every day. One of them is Intercity & another is Mail train. Here is all the latest information by the table. Just enjoy it & stay with us. If this information is helpful for you please share this for your friends.

chittagong railway station

Chittagong Station Train Schedule: Intercity

From Chittagong railway station you can travel to more destinations with Intercity trains. Most of the important destinations are Dhaka, Sylhet, Chandpur, Mymensingh. Here is your details information.

No Trains Departure To Arrival Off
701 Subarna Express 07:00 AM Dhaka 12:10 PM Mon
703 Mohanagar Godhuli 03:00 PM Dhaka 09:10 PM No
719 Paharika Express 09:00 AM Sylhet 05:50 PM Mon
721 Mohanagar Express 12:30 PM Dhaka 07:00 PM Sun
723 Udyan Express 09:45 PM Sylhet 06:20 AM Sat
729 Meghna Express 05:15 PM Chandpur 09:40 PM No
741 Turna Express 11:00 PM Dhaka 05:25 AM No
785 Bijoy Express 07:20 AM Mymensingh 03:45 PM Wed
787 Sonar Bangla 05:00 PM Dhaka 10:10 PM Tue

Chittagong Station Train Schedule: Mail/Express

Most of the Mail or express train runs this station every day. This train you can travel also- Dhaka, Sylhet, Chandpur, BB East, Comilla & Nazihat.

No Trains Departure To Arrival Off
1 Dhaka Mail 10:30 PM Dhaka 06:55 AM No
3 Karnafuli Express 10:00 AM Dhaka 07:45 PM No
13 Jalalabad Express 07:30 PM Sylhet 11:00 AM No
29 Sagharika Express 7:30 AM Chandpur 01:00 PM No
37 Mymensingh Express 03:30 PM B.B. East 09:20 AM No
67 Chattala Express 08:15 AM Dhaka 03:35 PM Tue
79 Laksam Commuter 05:30 PM Comilla 09:05 PM Fri
  Nazihat Commuter-1 06:30 AM Nazihat 08:10 AM Fri
  Nazihat Commuter-3 11:30 AM Nazihat 01:10 PM Fri
  Bishabiddaloy Commuter-1 08:30 AM Chittagong Univercity 09:40 AM No
  Bishabiddaloy Commuter-3 01:10 PM Chittagong Univercity 02:20 PM No
chittagong railway station
Chittagong Railway Station

Contact Number

  • Nasir Uddin Ahmed, GM, Chattogram – 843200
  • Sarder Shahadat Ali, AGM, Chattogram – 843176
  • Chief Medical Officer, Chattogram – 843165
  • Md. Shubaktogin, Chief Engineer, Chattogram – 843162
  • Ruhul Quader Azad, Chief Controller of Stores, Chattogram – 2863133
  • Mohammad Nazmul Islam, Chief Commercial Manager, Chattogram – 2863191
  • Ishrat Reza, Chief Estate Officer, Chattogram – 843145
  • Md. Iqbal Hossain, Chief Commandant, RNB, Chattogram – 843170
  • Sadekur Rahman, Divisional Railway Manager, Chattogram – 843182
  • Station Manager, Chittagong – 01711691550
  • Chief Train Controller/CRB, Chittagong – 01711691534
  • OC, Chittagong Railway Thana – 01750078698

How Can buy a train ticket?

Do you want to buy a train ticket? Yes! you have three ways. If you Want to know more this way, then click: Know For E-Ticketing.

  • Firstly, Go to the near railway station directly.
  • Secondly, You can buy tickets online just a couple of clicks. Here is your Bangladesh railway ticket website link.
  • Thirdly, You can Download RailSheba apps & Purchase more tickets.
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