Laksham Station Train Schedule With Ticket Price 2022

This time I will tell you about the Laksham Station Train Schedule. This is a very important station for the Bangladesh Railway.

Every day there are several trains run this station. You can get to your destination by train from here. Now I will get you this station all the trains schedule by the table.

Laksham Station Train Schedule: Intercity

Firstly I will tell you all the Intercity trains schedule from this station. There are 8 Intercity trains run this station every day. These are- Mohanagar Godholi, Upakul Express, Paharika Express, Mohanagar Express, Udyan Express, Meghna Express, Turna Express & Bijoy Express.

703Mohanagar Godholi05:18 PMDhaka09:10 PMNo
704Mohanagar Provati11:33 AMChittagong01:50 PMNo
711Upakul Express07:35 AMDhaka11:50 AMWed
712Upakul Express07:45 PMNoakhali09:20 PMWed
719Paharika Express11:32 AMSylhet05:50 PMMon
720Paharika Express05:13 PMChittagong07:45 PMSat
721Mohanagar Express02:53 PMDhaka07:00 PMSun
722Mohanagar Express01:46 AMChittagong04:30 AMSun
723Udyan Express00:03 AMSylhet06:20 AMSat
724Udyan Express03:14 AMChittagong05:50 AMSun
729Meghna Express08:00 PMChandpur09:40 PMNo
730Meghna Express07:05 AMChittagong09:25 AMNo
741Turna Express01:14 AMDhaka05:25 AMNo
742Turna Express03:52 AMChittagong06:20 AMNo
785Bijoy Express09:44 AMMymensingh03:45 PMWed
786Bijoy Express02:15 AMChittagong04:50 AMTue
Laksham railway Station
Laksham Station Train Schedule With Ticket Price 2022 3

Laksham Station Train Schedule: Mail/Express Train

Here is your mail or express trains schedule by the table. This train is a very local train. So if you are traveling on a direct route, avoid these trains.

1Dhaka Mail01:00 AMDhaka06:55 AMNo
2Chittagong Mail04:33 AMChittagong07:25 AMNo
3Karnafuli Express01:00 PMDhaka07:45 AMNo
4Karnafuli Express02:50 PMChittagong06:00 PMNo
11Dhaka Express10:55 PMDhaka06:40 AMNo
12Noakhali Express03:45 AMNoakhali05:50 AMNo
13Jalalabad Express11:15 PMSylhet11:00 AMNo
14Jalalabad Express08:30 AMChittagong12:10 PMNo
29Sagorika Express10:55 AMChandpur01:00 PMNo
30Sagorika Express04:25 PMChittagong07:25 PMNo
37Mymensingh Express07:42 PMB.B East09:20 AMNo
38Mymensingh Express04:37 PMChittagong09:05 PMNo
46Somotut Express06:00 PMNoakhali07:50 PMNo
67Chattala Express10:53 AMDhaka03:35 PMTue
68Chattala Express05:51 PMChittagong08:50 PMTue
79Laksam Commuter08:35 PMComilla09:05 PMNo
80Laksam Commuter06:00 AMChittagong08:50 AMSat
81Chandpur Commuter11:55 AMComilla12:20 PMFri
82Chandpur Commuter07:00 AM Chandpur09:00 AMFri
83Chandpur Commuter07:05 PMComilla07:45 PMFri
84Chandpur Commuter01:30 PMChandpur03:50 PMFri
85Noakhali Commuer12:10 PMComilla12:55 PMFri
86Noakhali Commuer08:30 AMNoakhali10:10 AMFri
86 UpNoakhali Commuer06:55 AMComilla07:25 AMFri
88Noakhali Commuer03:00 PMNoakhali04:40 PMFri

Laksham Station Contact Number

  • Railway Police Control Room – 01711 692997

About Laksham Station

Laksam Railway Junction is a important railway station in Bangladesh. One of the five largest junctions in the country. It is located in Laksham Upazila of Comilla district.

In railway communication, a junction is a place from which two or more railways can travel. The station at or near a railway junction is called the junction station for railway service.

Laksham is a junction station. Laksham Railway Junction was established in 1893. At Laksam Junction Station, there are currently 4 platforms with huge station buildings.

Every day about 20 pairs of trains operate on various parts of the country over Laksam. Thanks for reading Laksham Station Train Schedule.

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