Gaibandha Station Train Schedule With Ticket Price 2019

Now I will tell you Gaibandha Station Train Schedule With Ticket Price 2020. This is a very busy station for the Bangladesh railway. Every day more travelers run this station for many reasons.

There are many Intercity or mail trains run this station with travelers. You can travel to Burimari, Shantahar, Lalmanirhat, Dhaka, Dinajpur, Rangpur Panchagar, Bonarpara from this station.

Gaibandha Station Train Schedule
Gaibandha railway station

Gaibandha Station Train Schedule: Intercity

At least 4 Intercity trains run every day at this railway station. They are- Karotoa Express, Lalmoni Express, Dolanchapa Express & Rangpur Express. Here is your all train’s schedule, ticket price & substations by the table.

No Name Departure To Arrival Off
713 Korotoa Express 11:02 AM Burimari 03:00 PM No
714 Korotoa Express 07:36 PM Santahar 10:00 PM No
751 Lalmoni Express 06:30 AM Lalmonirhat 08:20 AM Fri
752 Lalmoni Express 12:15 PM Dhaka 08:55 PM Fri
767 Dolonchapa Express 03:49 PM Dinajpur 08:20 PM No
768 Dolonchapa Express 09:59 AM Santahar 12:20 PM No
771 Rangpur Express 05:00 PM Rangpur 07:00 PM Sun
772 Rangpur Express 09:50 PM Dhaka 06.05 AM Sun

Gaibandha Station Train Schedule: Mail/Express

Almost 4 mail or express train run on this route every day. You can travel to more places with these trains. Here is your all information about these trains.

This train runs every day on a weak. They have no off day.

No Name Departure To Arrival
7 Uttarbango Mail 01:14 PM Panchagarh 09:30 PM
8 Uttarbango Mail 06:48 PM Santahar 10:40 PM
19 Bogra Express 19:00 PM Lalmonirhat 10:00 PM
20 Bogra Express 08:43 AM Santahar 12:40 PM
21 Padmaragh Express 09:59 AM Lalmonirhat 12:25 PM
22 Padmaragh Express 05:01 PM Santahar 08:10 PM
59 Ramsagor Express 07:03 AM Dinajpur 01:30 PM
60 Ramsagor Express 09:10 PM Bonarpara 09:45 AM
Gaibandha railway station

Gaibandha Station Train Contact Number

  • Gaibandha Station Contact Number – 01990-025014

How Can buy a train ticket?

Do you want to buy a train ticket? Yes! you have three ways. If you Want to know more this way, then click: Know For E-Ticketing. You can buy only Intercity train tickets online. Thanks.

  • Firstly, Go to the near railway station directly.
  • Secondly, You can buy tickets online just a couple of clicks. Here is your Bangladesh railway ticket website link.
  • Thirdly, You can Download RailSheba apps & Purchase more tickets.
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