Top 10 Best Hospital in Chittagong With Contact Number 2021

Are you finding Best Hospital in Chittagong? or Best Private Hospital in Chittagong? Really this is very difficult to say who is the really best?

However, the list is based on the hospitals in which the people of Chittagong rely the most. Maybe these are the reliable hospitals in Chittagong. Again, you may disagree.

However, we welcome and respect your opinion. You can name the best hospital in our comment box. If you want to know Chittagong Hospital list & contact number just click this link.

Best Hospital in Chittagong

15 Best Hospital in Chittagong

Hundreds of hospitals and clinics have been set up in Chittagong to provide health services to the people. However, not all of them could gain people’s trust.

This is our report on the Best Hospital in Chittagong list that have gained confidence.

Hospital NameAddress & Contact
Chittagong Medical CollegeAddress: K.B, Fazlul Kader Road
Phone: 031 619597
Evercare hospital ChittagongAddress : Oxygen – Kuwaish Rd
Phone: 10663, 09612310663, 02-8431661
National hospitalAddress: 30, Mehedibag, Chittagong
Phone: 031 623713, 031 623753
ChevronAddress: In front of Makki Mosque, Chittagong
Phone: 031 657863, 031 652533
Max hospitalAddress: 35/36, Mehedibagh Road, Chittagong
Phone: 031 622514/15/17/19 (PABX)
Parkview hospitalAddress: 94/103, Katalganj Road, Panchlaish
Phone: 01976 022333, 01976 022111
Epic Health Care LtdAddress: Epic Center 19 K.B Fazlul Kader Road, Panchlish
Phone: 031 657361, 01847 005345, 01847 005346
Imperial hospitalAddress: Zakir Hossain Road, Pahartali
Phone: 09612 247 247
Islami Bank hospital ChittagongAddress: 03, Sheikh Muzib Road, Chittagong
Phone: 01731-253990
CSCR hospitalAddress: Probortak Circle, Chittagong
Phone: 031 2550625-9
Bangabandhu Memorial Hospital (BBMH)Address: Foy’s lake
Phone: 031 659070-7

Chittagong Medical College

Chittagong Medical College is the Best Hospital in Chittagong. This is a medical institution located in Chittagong, Bangladesh. Directly managed by the government, the company was established in 1957.

Which is currently one of the leading medical education institutes in the country. This hospital is a name of dependence for the people of Chittagong.

It is located on KB Fazlul Quader Road in Panchlaish area of the city. At present there is a third stage hospital with 1313 beds attached to it.

Evercare hospital Chittagong


Evercare Hospital Chittagong is the first-ever 470-bed multi-disciplinary super-specialty, tertiary care hospital in Cittagong.

This is also Best Hospital in Chittagong & Best Private Hospital in Chittagong.

It features 24/7 Emergency Department, state of the art ICUs and 27 specialties and subspecialties filling capacity gaps in the region.

The hospital spans 492,000 sq ft and Equipped with the latest technology and more than 500 best in class medical professionals.

The Evercare Hospital Chittagong will provide quality, accessible healthcare to improve patient outcomes for communities in, and around, Chittagong.

Chevron Chittagong

Chevron Chittagong

Chevron Clinical Laboratory (Pte.) Ltd. (CCLL) is one of the leading private healthcare providers in Bangladesh with a network of nine outreach centers located strategically across the greater Chittagong division.

As the first homegrown healthcare group in Bangladesh, CCLL was incorporated on 22nd February, 1984 and commenced operations as the country’s sole integrated investigative laboratory on 16th May, 1984 in Chittagong.

It was a pioneering venture in the field of integrated and automated diagnostics in Bangladesh. This is also Best Hospital in Chittagong.

At present, Chevron portfolio includes Clinical Laboratory Management, Healthcare Technical Services, Diagnostic Modality Development and Commissioning, Specialist Physician Consultation Services, modern Eye Hospital and Research Center and many more.

Max Hospital, Chittagong

A hospital founded by doctors, MAX Hospital & Diagnostic priority was and remains their patients. ’Putting Patients First’ is not just there motto; it is there way of life.

Be it bringing in the latest innovation and the brightest minds, the best equipments and facilities or the adoption of stringent standards and protocols.

  • Max hospital chittagong doctor list

Max Hospital & Diagnostic is the world’s leading provider of diagnostic information services needed to make better health care decisions which started from 1 July, 2014.

They offer the broadest access to diagnostic testing services through our network of laboratories and patient service centers, and provide interpretive consultation through our extensive medical and scientific staff.

This is also Best Private Hospital in Chittagong.

Parkview Hospital

Parkview Hospital’s mission is to providing excellent care for patient lays out the vision for the hospital that includes medical services structured around the needs of patients.

The confluence of values for Parkview Hospital can be a ray of hope that will represent Leadership in Bangladesh healthcare. This is also Best Private Hospital in Chittagong.

  • Parkview hospital chittagong doctor list

It is a ray that has the encouragement of millions; it is looking for a cure, looking for hope. The dream nurtured and grew within the sponsor of Parkview Hospital until the point of conception.

Epic Health Care

Epic Health Care is the best health care in Chattogram, Bangladesh, confidently providing comprehensive diagnostic health care services.

These services are provided by expert medical professionals, skilled technologists using state-of-the-art technology.

  • Epic healthcare chittagong doctor list

The mission of Epic Health Care is to provide high quality international standard diagnostic healthcare which will meet the needs and exceed the expectations of the people of Bangladesh.

Dedicated to providing multidisciplinary medical diagnostic and consultation services backed by state-of-the-art facilities, Epic Health Care offers team-based quality patient care that is widely acknowledged to be amongst the best in Bangladesh.

Imperial hospital

Imperial hospital is the also popular hospital in Chittagong. Their mission is to ensure a unique healing environment, service excellence and quality clinical outcome.

Imperial Hospital Limited is the trusted hospital and preferred healthcare service provider in Bangladesh.

  • Imperial hospital chittagong doctor list

To provide highest quality clinical and non-clinical service to customers: patients and attendants. This is also Best Private Hospital in Chittagong.

To advance health services, human resource development in Bangladesh by contributing continuously to the proficiency development of doctors, nurses, technicians, and all staff.

CSCR hospital

Initially, the Ultrasonography Center was started on July 7, 1988 with the joint efforts of some of the eminent doctors of today (CSCR).

  • CSCR hospital chittagong doctor list

This was later transformed into a modern diagnostic services and consultancy chamber called CSCR (Pvt) Ltd. on 26 September 1999 under the joint initiative of a few specialist doctors from Chittagong.

Bangabandhu Memorial Hospital (BBMH)

Bangabandhu Memorial Hospital (BBMH) is the largest private hospital in Chittagong, Bangladesh. The hospital has 220 beds and 15 wards.

The hospital serves 700 to 1,000 patients daily. About three-quarters of them are outpatients. Dr. Pakhtun started his internship in this hospital on 17 December 2018.

The hospital is one of the 23 “referral” hospitals in the country. Other hospitals usually refer patients to “referral” hospitals if they need specialist doctors and improved healthcare.

The hospital was established in 1994 on the campus of the University of Science and Technology (USTC) in Chittagong.

It (USTC) began its journey as an educational provider hospital called the Institute of Applied Health Sciences (IAHS) of the medical school run by the university.

Islami Bank hospital Chittagong

Islami Bank Hospital Chittagong is a newly opened private hospital in Agrabad area located in the same building of Agrabad Islami Bank. This is also Best Private Hospital in Chittagong.

People get treatment and pathological care in a very reasonable price in the hospital. Like other hospitals they provides standard healthcare services through expert physicians & professional nurses with modern equipments. 

  • Islami bank hospital chittagong doctor list

They provide 24/7 emergency services with expert emergency physicians. They also have pharmacy for both indoor & outdoor patients.

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