Benapole Express Train Schedule & Ticket Price 2022

Dhaka To Benapole Train Schedule or Benapole Express Train schedule & Ticket Price You will get here. So Friends Lets go for details.

The train movement on the Dhaka-Benapole route has started on 17 July 2019. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the video conferencing from Dhaka’s Ganobhaban.

After the inauguration at 12 pm on Wednesday, the train left for Benapole at 1 pm to Dhaka. The pilot was Benazir Ahmed. 104 tickets to this train were sold till 12:30 on Wednesday.

This train of 896 seats will leave from Benapole station at 1 pm every day. The trains will have a temporary break in Jessore, Ishwardi and Dhaka airports. The train stopped at Kamalapur Railway Station at 9 pm.

Again, at 12:40 pm, leaving Kamalapur and Benapole at 8:45 am in the morning. Train Shovon chair rent 534 Tk, Tapanukul chair 1013 Tk, Tapanukul first-class 1213 Tk, and Tapanukul berth ticket cost 1869 Tk.

At the time, local parliament member Sheikh Afil Uddin, local MP Nasir Uddin, Bangladesh Railway Director General Shamsuzzaman, Railway Ministry Secretary Mofazzel Hossain, Shasha Upazila Parishad Chairman Sirajul Haque Manjus and Awami League leaders and government and non-governmental people of different categories were present at Benapole Railway Station.

There was no train service directly from Benapole to Dhaka. In order to reach Dhaka, the passengers of India are facing extreme suffering. The only road to travel depends on the bus.

Dhaka To Benapole Train

Benapole Express Train Schedule

This is a breakthrough move. The train is safe and comfortable to travel. Here you Get Dhaka to Benapole express New train Schedule.

Dhaka Leave 12.40 amBenapole arrival 08.45 am
Benapole Leave 01.00 pmDhaka arrival at 09.00 pm
Journey time8 hours 5 minutes

Benapole Express Train Ticket Price

Here we tell you the ticket price of Dhaka to Benapole Express. You Can Buy these tickets from Kamalapur Railway station. This is your latest Benapole Express Schedule & Ticket price.

ClassPrice (Adult)Price (Child)
Single Chair485 Tk.320 Tk.
Snigdha932 Tk.616 Tk.
AC Berth1,724 Tk.1,154 Tk.
  • 15% Vat will be added this price

Sub Station From Dhaka

The trains will have a temporary break in Jessore, Ishwardi and Dhaka airports. The train stopped at Kamalapur Railway Station.

SubstationsDeparture time
Kamalapur12:40 AM
Biman Bandar01:12 AM
Ishwardi05:10 AM
Chuadanga06:07 AM
Darsana Halt06:28 AM
Court Chandpur06:50 AM
Jessore07:50 AM
Jhikargacha08:08 AM
Benapole08:45 AM

Sub Station From Benapole

SubstationsDeparture time
Benapole01:00 PM
Jhikargacha01:20 PM
Jessore02:07 PM
Court Chandpur02:43 PM
Darsana Halt03:04 PM
Chuadanga03:26 PM
Ishwardi04:35 PM
Kamalapur08:55 PM

The train will leave Jessore’s Benapole Railway Station at 1 pm every day. Reaching Jessore Railway Junction will take a 15-minute break. In addition to the passengers moving there, the train engine will be rotated.

Then there will be another 15-minute break for Ishwardi to replace train operators and other workers. After the train will be left on the final destination at Dhaka Kamalapur Station.

However, the train will be stopped for some time before the departure of the Dhaka Airport station.

Benapole Express Facilities

All the modern amenities, including the environment-friendly bio-toilets, are available on the train. It takes eight hours to go from Dhaka to Benapole.

There are 12 new coaches on the train. Among them, two air-conditioned controlled. These coaches have safe slide doors instead of the conventional swing doors.

There is a wheelchair system for disabled passengers, which is the first in the country.

Modern amenitiesBio-toilets
air-conditioned controlledsafe slide doors
wheelchair systemMore

There will be Food arrangements for the passengers on the train at noon. A new service called ‘Railway catering service’ has been introduced for the services of passengers. Good quality food will be provided inside the train at a cheap price.

This is not mandatory for anyone. Nobody can take it if he wishes. This meal will be provided by the tourism corporation and will be provided on the train.

benapole express Dhaka To Benapole Train Schedule

How Can You Buy a Train Ticket

Thank yoo for reading Dhaka to Benapole Train Ticket Price. You can buy train tickets in two ways. First, go to the railway station directly, secondly online. But you can buy tickets online from the house easily to buy tickets online.

You can buy tickets online from Bangladesh Railway’s own website online. In that case, an online charge will be applicable.

Click to buy tickets online: E-Ticketing

If you Want to know more this way, then click: Know For E-Ticketing

Goods transport

  • An air-conditioned passenger can carry 56 kilograms, first-class passenger 37.5kg, comfortably class passengers 28kg and cheap second class passenger with 23 kilograms without rent.
  • By paying extra goods, you can take it as luggage and take it to its own destination. There are separate counters for luggage booking at major stations.
  • Trolleys for carrying luggage.
  • There are wheelchairs for carrying sick people.

Food Facilities

Food trains are added to the intercity trains. Through the corridor, it is possible to take food from any corner of the train to the food car. The price list of food items in all food carts is drawn.

Here burgers, cakes, sandwiches, patches, rolls, bread, tea, copies, cutlets, boiled eggs, fried chicken, kebab singers, such, various types of soft drinks and mineral water are available.

Other Benefits

  • Intercity trains have a scheduled place for prayers.
  • The Guard has a primary medical box.
  • There are toilet facilities. But it is better not to use the toilet while the train stops.
  • Each Bogi has one guide. They carry out duties to ensure passengers’ services, necessary counseling and overall safety of the train.
  • The aluminum shutter is on the side of the window for passengers’ safety. There are some precautions to take when traveling on the train.
  • For example – Do not sit in the train’s door-window, do not get on the roof of the train, do not ride in the engine. During the running of trains in the densely populated or slum areas, window shutters can be installed.
  • There is a stand-alone ticket cutting facility in the Shovon Bogi.
  • After the total allocated ticket has been sold, a standing ticket is issued.
  • The price of the standings tickets is equal to the ticketing ticket and the product is taken as a general ticket.

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