Bd Insurance Companies List With Full Facilities 2023

Hi Friends. Today i tell you Bd Insurance Companies List With Full Facilities. There are 78 companies in Bangladesh offering insurance services. Of these, 32 are life companies and 46 are non-life.

Of the life insurers, there are 1 government-owned and 31 privately-owned companies. Non-life Insurance, there are 1 public and 45 privately owned companies.

Insurance is a contract. It is a legally binding agreement between two parties. A contract is entered into by one party promising to indemnify the other party. The other party enters into a contract promising to pay a premium at a fixed rate to receive compensation.

A contract between the first party insurer and the second party insured containing the assurance of payment of indemnity and payment of premium respectively. In case of life insurance loss is not covered, no value of human life can be quantified. Hence financial security is provided in life insurance.

Insurance industry plays a very important role in the economic development of any country. Insurance helps in capital formation by collecting small savings (premium) from the public. Guarantees compensation for human life, debt and property.

Having such assurance makes people feel secure in their workplace and can concentrate on work. As a result, personal productivity increases. Thus, if individual production increases, national production increases.

When production increases, the standard of living of the people improves and the overall economic prosperity of the country. Example: Life insurance contract, fire insurance contract.

Bd Insurance Companies List
Bd Insurance Companies List

Bd Insurance Companies List (Life insurers)

“Life insurance premium” is the payment you pay to your life insurance company in exchange for your coverage. Life insurance premium can be regular monthly/annual payments or lump sum payments. Payments (called death benefits) are payments the life insurance company makes to your beneficiaries if you die unexpectedly during the term.

Here is your latest Bd life insurance list by the table.

Company NameWeb Site
Alpha Islami Life
Baira Life
Best Life
Chartered Life
Daimond Life
Delta Life
Fareast Islami Life
Golden Life
Guardian Life
Homeland Life
Jamuna Life
Jibon Bima
Meghna Life
Mercentile Life
National Life
NRB Global Life 
Padma Islami Life
Popular Life
Pragati Life
Prime Islami Life
Progressive Life
Protective Islami Life
Rupali Life
Sandhani Life
Sawdesh Life
Sonali Life
Sunflower Life
Trust Islami Life
Zenith Islami Life

Alpha Islami, Baira, Best, Chartered, Daimond, Delta, Fareast Islami, Golden, Guardian, Homeland, Jamuna, Jibon Bima Corporation, LIC Bangladesh, Meghna, Mercentile, Metlife, National, NRB Global.

Padma Islami, Popular, Pragati, Prime Islami, Progressive, Protective Islami, Rupali, Sandhani, Sawdesh, Sonali, Sunflower, Sunlife Insurance, Trust Islami, Zenith Islami.

Bd Insurance Companies List (Non-Life)

Here is your latest Bd non-life insurance list by the table.

Company/Corporation NameWebsite
Agrani Insurance Company
Asia Insurance
Asia Pacific General Insurance Company
Bangladesh Co-operative Insurance
Bangladesh General Insurance Company
Bangladesh National Insurance Company
Central Insurance Company
City General Insurance Company
Continental Insurance
Crystal Insurance Company
Desh General Insurance Company
Dhaka Insurance
Eastern Insurance Company
Eastland Insurance Company
Express Insurance
Federal Insurance Company
Global Insurance
Green Delta Insurance Company
Islami Commercial Insurance Company
Islami Insurance Bangladesh
Janata Insurance Company
Karnaphuli Insurance Company
Meghna Insurance Company
Mercantile Insurance Company
Nitol Insurance Company
Northern Islami Insurance Limited
Paramount Insurance Company
Peoples Insurance Company
Phoenix Insurance Company
Pioneer Insurance Company
Pragati Insurance
Prime Insurance Company
Provati Insurance Company
Purabi General Insurance Company
Reliance Insurance
Republic Insurance Company
Rupali Insurance Company
Sadharan Bima
Sena Kalyan Insurance Company
Sikder Insurance Company
Sonar Bangla Insurance
South Asia Insurance Company
Standard Insurance
Takaful Islami Insurance
Union Insurance Company
United Insurance Company

Agrani Company Limited, Asia Limited, Asia Pacific General Company Limited, Bangladesh Co-operative Limited, Bangladesh General Company Limited, Bangladesh National Company Limited.

Central Company Limited, City General Company Limited, Continental Limited, Crystal Company Limited, Desh General Company Limited, Dhaka Limited.

Eastern Company Limited, Eastland Company Limited, Express Limited, Federal Company Limited, Global Limited, Green Delta Company Limited.

Islami Commercial Company Limited, Islami Bangladesh Limited, Janata Company Limited, Karnaphuli Company Limited.

Meghna Company Limited, Mercantile Company Limited, Nitol Company Limited, Northern General Company Limited

Paramount Company Limited, Peoples Company Limited, Phoenix Company Limited, Pioneer  Company Limited.

Pragati Limited, Prime Company Limited, Provati Company Limited, Purabi General Company Limited

Reliance Limited, Republic Company Limited, Rupali Company Limited, Sadharan Bima Corporation, Sena Kalyan Company Limited.

Sikder Company Limited, Sonar Bangla Limited, South Asia Company Limited, Standard Limited

Takaful Islami Limited, Union Company Limited, United Company Limited

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