Bangladesh Newspapers Circulation & Ad Rate 2020

Bangladesh Newspapers Circulation & Ad Rate Published. The list was published on 1 January 2020. According to the list, the total number of newspapers in Bangladesh is 706.

It has 551 daily newspapers. These newspapers were published from across the country, including the capital Dhaka.

According to the latest list, the number of daily newspapers published from Dhaka is 254. And 297 more daily newspapers were published from across the country.

Let us not look at the latest information on all the important newspapers published from Dhaka. All such information has been made public.

Bangladesh Newspapers List

Here is your all type of newspapers list by the Bangladesh government. These newspapers are being published regularly with permission from the government.

TypeDhakaOut of Dhaka
Daily Newspapers254297
Weekly Newspapers7036
15 Days Newspapers1604
Monthly Newspapers2403
Three-Monthly Newspapers0100
Six-Monthly Newspapers0001

Bangladesh Newspapers Circulation & Ad Rate: English

English NewspapersCirculationAd Rate
The Daily Star44,814563 Tk.
Daily Sun41,000543 Tk.
The Financial Express41,000543 Tk.
The Independent40,550543 Tk.
The Daily Observer40,550543 Tk.
Daily Bangladesh Post40,550543 Tk.
The Asain Age40,500543 Tk.
The Daily Tribunal40,500543 Tk.
The Bangladesh Today40,010538 Tk.
New Age40,000538 Tk.
The Daily Citizen Times39,998538 Tk.
Daily Our Time39,998538 Tk.
Daily Industry39,990538 Tk.
The Bangladesh News39,000533 Tk.
The New Nation38,970533 Tk.
The News Today38,500533 Tk.
The Daily Evening News35,000513 Tk.
The Daily Morning Glory30,000488 Tk.
The Peoples Time28,000476 Tk.
The Good Morning25,000458 Tk.
Daily News Mail24,000126.10 Tk.
The Muslim Times21,000252 Tk.
The Daily Voice Of Asia20,500434 Tk.
The Daily State20,000428 Tk.
Daily Morning Observer16,000404 Tk.
The Daily News Star12,000380 Tk.
The Daily Earth6,340104 Tk.
The Daily Banner6,090104 Tk.
The Daiily Capital News6,010104 Tk.
The Daily Bangladesh Tribune6,010104 Tk.
Daily Present Times6,005104 Tk.
The Daily News line6,002104 Tk.
The Daily Echo6,002104 Tk.
Daily Financial Post6,000104 Tk.
Daily Times Of Bangladesh 104 Tk.
The Daily Peoples View5,050101.40 Tk.
The Daily Com. Times4,040101.40 Tk.
The Daily Life4,010101.40 Tk.
The Daily Tribune8,000102.70 Tk.

Newspapers Circulation & Ad Rate: Bengali

Bangla NewspapersCirculationAd Rate
Bangladesh pratidin5,53,300900 Tk.
Prothom Alo5,01,800900 Tk.
Kaler Kantho2,90,200900 Tk.
Daily Jugantor2,90,200900 Tk.
Daily Ittefaq2,90,200900 Tk.
Amader Shomoy2,90,200900 Tk.
The Daily Janakantha2,90,200900 Tk.
Samakal2,71,000900 Tk.
The Sangbad2,01,100900 Tk.
Bhorer Kagoj1,61,160900 Tk.
Amader Notun Shomoy1,61,160900 Tk.
Daily Manobkantha1,61,150900 Tk.
Protidiner Sangbad1,61,140900 Tk.
Daily Inqilab1,61,110900 Tk.
Bangladesher Somoy1,61,110900 Tk.
Daily Amar Sangbad1,61,105900 Tk.
Amader Orthoneeti1,61,101900 Tk.
Manab Zamin1,61,100900 Tk.
Bhorer Dak1,60,500900 Tk.
Amar Barta1,60,000900 Tk.
Alokito Bangladesh1,52,000900 Tk.
Daily Vorer Pata1,51,800900 Tk.
Nobo Chetona1,51,750900 Tk.
Dhaka Protidin1,51,000900 Tk.
Bartaman1,50,500900 Tk.
Mukta Khabar1,50,000900 Tk.
Daily Ajkaler Khobor1,43,000900 Tk.
Ajker Business Bangladesh1,42,000900 Tk.
Bonik Barta1,41,500900 Tk.
Dainik Janata1,41,110900 Tk.
Khola Kagoj1,41,100900 Tk.
Daily Gonokantho1,41,000900 Tk.
Daily Janobani1,41,000900 Tk.
Daily Hazarika Pratidin1,40,600900 Tk.
Shadhin Bangla1,40,500900 Tk.
Sangbad Pratidin1,26,100856 Tk.
Daily Bhorer Darpan1,26,000856 Tk.
Daily Shomoyer Alo1,16,500829 Tk.
Jai Jai Din1,16,00450 Tk.
Amar Somoy1,15,000823 Tk.
Lakho Kantho1,10,010808 Tk.
Bangladesh Kantho1,08,000802 Tk.
Bangladesher Alo1,00,050778 Tk.
Share Biz Korcha1,00,005778 Tk.
Khobor1,00,000778 Tk.
Dainik Shamaj Shangbad1,00,000778 Tk.
Daily Naya Diganta90,650751 Tk.
Sonali Khabar90,100748 Tk.
Swadesh Pratidin90,000748 Tk.
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