Banalata Express Train Schedule & Ticket Price 2024

Today I will tell you Banalata Express Train Schedule & Ticket Price. This non-stop train is being introduced on Dhaka To Chapainawabganj route. Here you get Banalata Express Schedule & Rent. This train Fast service launched on 25 April 2019. In the meantime, the Bangladesh Railway has brought all the preparations.

However, the train tickets will now be bought at the rate of 10 percent more than the three trains introduced on the Dhaka To Rajshahi route. Besides, passengers will have to collect compulsory food tickets. Here is your Banalata Express train Schedule & ticket price latest information.

Banalata Express Train Schedule
Banalata Express Train Schedule

Banalata Express Train Schedule

This train runs Dhaka to Chapainawabganj route directly. You can travel this train to your destination Rajshahi also. Here is your Dhaka to Chapainawabganj train Schedule. This is a very advanced train for this route.

Dhaka to Chapainawabganj | Banalata Express Train Schedule

Train No791
Kamalapur Departure01:30 pm
Dhaka Airport Departure2:02 pm
Chapainawabganj Arrival07:30 pm
Journey Time6 Hour

Chapainawabganj to Dhaka | Banalata Express Train Schedule

Train No792
Chapainawabganj Departure06:00 am
Kamalapur Arrival11:30 am
Journey Time5 Hour 30 Minutes

Banalata Express Sub Stations | Dhaka to Chapainawabganj

Kamalapur01:30 pm
Biman Bandar01:57 pm02:02 pm
Rajshahi06:15 pm06:35 pm
Chapainawabganj07:30 pm

Banalata Express Sub Stations | Chapainawabganj To Dhaka

Chapainawabganj06:00 am
Rajshahi06:50 am07:00 am
Kamalapur11:30 am

Banalata Express Ticket Price

ClassRent Per Seat
AC Single848 Taka + 15% Vat
Snigdha704 Taka + 15% Vat
Single Chair425 Taka + 15% Vat

Contact Number | Banalata Express Train Schedule

StationContact Number
Kamlapur station02-8315857, 02-9330522, 01843-220622, 01711-691612
Dhaka Airport station02-8924239
Station Superintendent, Rajshahi01711-622728
Chapainawabganj railway station55205

How to Track BanalataExpress

Bangladesh Railway launched the train tracking system on 16 January 2014. This allows passengers to arrive at 16318 by mobile SMS when they leave the train, getting information on train status, next stoppage, real-time departure.

  • Go to your mobile SMS option
  • tr <space> 791/792. OR tr <space> Banalata Express
  • Send to 16318
  • The immediate location of the train will be informed via SMS again.
  • SMS charge 4 taka+vat.

How Can You Buy a Train Ticket

You can buy train tickets in two ways. First, go to the railway station directly, secondly online. But you can buy tickets online from the house easily to buy tickets online.

You can buy tickets online from Bangladesh Railway’s own website online. In that case, an online charge will be applicable.

Dhaka To Rajshahi More trains

Three trains are currently operating on Dhaka To Rajshahi route, namely- Padma, Dhumketu and SilkCity Express. These trains have stopped 10 to 14 railway stations on the way.

It takes about seven hours to go from Dhaka to Rajshahi by rail. In the meantime, an extra hour for more than one hour was delayed due to the suspension of multiple railway stations. Here is the Dhaka to Rajshahi another Train Schedule.

Dhumketu Express06:00 am11:40 am
Silk City Express02:45 pm08:35 pm
Padma Express11:00 pm04:30 am

Advantages of Banalata Express Train

Banalata Express is the country’s most advanced high-speed train. Its speed will be 140 kilometers per hour. That means the trains will be 2.5 kilometers per minute. The total number of Bogis can be 12 on the train. The number of seats will be 928. Of them, AC chair 160, Shovon chair 664, seats in the car, 108 seats and power car 16.

The airplane Bayo toilet is connected to the train. Because of this, the ostriches will not fall in the rail line. For the first time, Riqulen’s chair was installed in the train. Where there are comfort and comfort to relax. Bedrooms are offered in the AC bath cabin. In order to spread the night, you will become like a small bed.

For the upper seat in the cabin, the staircase has been given to exclude the previous steel ladders. Which was not on any previous train.

Facilities | Banalata Express Train Schedule

Feature: There are 12 new bogies imported from Indonesia. This Train has 7 Bogis Shovon Chair. The number of seats is 664. AC bogies 2, with 160 seats. The number of seats for two guard brackets is 108. In total, the total number of seats will be 948 in Bonolata Express.

Time-table: Bonolota Express started commercial operations from 27 April 2019. The train will leave from Rajshahi at 7 am and reach Dhaka at 11:40 pm. It will leave Dhaka at 1:15 pm. Reaching Rajshahi at 6 pm.

Rental: The same route will impose 10 percent more on the non-stop service charge than the running train fares. Bonolota Express Shovon Chair rent Tk 525. AC chair rentals have been fixed at Tk 875.

Food: Bangladesh Railway will provide food to its own catering and tourism services (BRICS) on the train. With rent, 150 takas will be kept as food.

Benefit: The train has a bio-fuel like an airplane. As a result, the ointment will not fall on the rail line. Besides, there are cleaner chairs, WiFi, LED display in each compartment. Find out the station and travel information through the display.

First Trip Of The Banalata Express

The unstoppable Banalata Express train reached Dhaka from Rajshahi in about 5 hours. Today (25 April 2019), the train started from Rajshahi at 12 noon. It reached at Kamalapur station at 4:30 pm. It is now the fastest way of moving between Rajshahi and Dhaka via any airspace.

This morning, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the Banalata Express through video conferencing from Dhaka.

Banalata Express Named Chose by Prime Minister

Prior to this, the train was sent to the railway ministry referring to the number of rents and compartments of the train including the names of the train. The ministry recently took a policy decision regarding the non-stop train on the Rajshahi-Dhaka route with the permission of the Prime Minister.

However, the train authorities proposed the names of Himsagar Express, Ruposhi Bangla Express, Northern Express, Banalata Express and Green City Express 5 names for the train.

From these, the finalization of the name of the Banalata Express Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. But the authorities applied for a pair of non-stop trains on this route. But for now, a train is going on. The train was supposed to be started on the 14 April 2019. But it was not possible for many reasons.

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