USSD Code – GrameenPhone, Robi, Banglalink, Airtel, Teletalk 2023

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USSD Code - GrameenPhone, Robi, Banglalink, Airtel, Teletalk 2023
USSD Code – GrameenPhone, Robi, Banglalink, Airtel, Teletalk

USSD Code Grameenphone

Grameenphone is a popular phone operator in Bangladesh. This is a GSM-based mobile phone service company in Bangladesh.

It commenced operations from 26 March 1997. Norwegian company Telenor owns a 55.8% stake in Grameenphone.

At present, Grameenphone is the largest mobile phone service company in Bangladesh with a total of 6.92 million customers.

Grameenphone occupies more than 50% of Bangladesh’s mobile phone market. Grameenphone has faced severe criticism for cutting unfair and unpredictable charges.

Most Grameenphone customers have changed the operator after the operator changed service. The number assigned to them is (+88) 017xxxxxxxx (+88) 013xxxxxxxx. Here is the USSD Code Grameenphone.

Prepaid Balance Check*566#
Show SIM Number*2# or *11182#
Package Check*111*7*2#
Minute Balance Check*566*24#, *566*20#, *566*22#
SMS Check*566*2#, *566*18#
MMS Check*566*14#
Data (MB) Check*566*10#, *567#
Call Me Back*123*Number#
Net Setting Request*111*6*2#
Miss Call Alert (On) Type START MCA & Send to 6222
Miss Call Alert (Off)Type STOP MCA & Send to 6222

USSD Code Robi

Robi Axiata Limited is the second-largest mobile network operator in Bangladesh. It is a joint venture between Malaysia’s Axiata Group Berhad, Bharti Airtel Limited of India and NTT Docomo Inc. of Japan.

Malaysia has a 68.7% regulated stake in Asia, Indian Airtel has 25% and Japan the rest 6.3% with the NTT Docomo.

Robi first started operation in the name of Telecom Malaysia International (Bangladesh) under the brand name Aktel.

The company was re-branded on Robi in 2010 and changed its name to Robi Axiata Limited. It introduced the first GPRS system in Bangladesh.

The number assigned to them is (+88) 018xxxxxxxx. Here is the USSD Code Robi

Prepaid Balance Check*222#
Show SIM Number*140*2*4#
Package Check*140*14#
Minute Check*222*3#
SMS Check*222*11#
MMS Check*222*13#
Data (MB) Check *222*81#, 8444*88#
Net Setting Request*140*7#
Miss Call Alert (On)Type ON & Send to 8272
Miss Call Alert (Off)Type OFF & Send to 8272

Banglalink is the third-largest GSM-based mobile phone service provider in Bangladesh. The company was a company owned by the current Global Telecom Limited, Orascom Telecom.

The number of Banglalink connection users in Bangladesh has exceeded 3 million. The company has made a big contribution to making mobile communication affordable to the people of Bangladesh.

The number assigned to them is (+88) 019xxxxxxxx (+88) 014xxxxxxxx. Here is the USSD Code Banglalink.

Prepaid Balance Check *124#
Show SIM Number*511#
Package Check*125#
Minute Balance Check*124*2#
SMS Check*124*3#
MMS Check*124*2#
Data (MB) Check*124*5#, *222*3#
Call Me Back *126*Number#
Net Setting RequestType ALL & Send to 3343
Miss Call Alert (On)Type START & Send to 622
Miss Call Alert (Off)Type STOP & Send to 622

USSD Code Airtel

This is an independent band operated by Robi Axiata Limited in Bangladesh under the license of Robi Axiata Limited.

Airtel Bangladesh Limited and Robi Axiata teamed up on 16 November 2016. It is a GSM-based mobile telecom operator. It is serviced in Bangladesh by the number +88016xxxxxxxx. Here is the USSD Code Airtel.

Prepaid Balance Check *778#
Show SIM Number*121*6*3#
Package Check *121*8#
Minute Balance Check *778*5# or *778*8#
SMS Check*778*2#
MMS Check*222*13#
Data (MB) Check*778*39# or *778*4#
Call Me Back*121*5#
Net Setting Request *140*7#
Miss Call Alert (On) *121*3*4#

USSD Code Teletalk

Teletalk is a mobile phone service provider based in Bangladesh. It is a GSM and 3G based state-owned mobile phone company in Bangladesh.

Teletalk launched on 29 December 2004. It is a Public Limited Company of the Government of Bangladesh. It provides services on a prepaid, postpaid basis.

SSC Examination Teletalk is a special package for GPA-5 recipients who usually provide Teletalk free. Call rate, SMS charges, and Internet charges are very low.

Teletalk provides customers with the following numbers: +88015 ********. Here is the USSD Code Teletalk.

Prepaid Balance Check*152#
Show SIM NumberType “Tar” & send to 222
Minute Balance Check*152#
SMS Check*152#
MMS Check*152#
Data (MB) Check*152#
Net Setting RequestType SET & Send to 738
Miss Call Alert (On)Type REG & Send to 2455
Miss Call Alert (Off)Type CAN & Send to 2455

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