GP Internet Offer With All Activation Code 2022

Now I tell you the latest GP Internet Offer for you. Here you get all information about the 5MB to 30GB Pack (GP MB Pack) With All Activation Code. GP 1GB Offer is the most popular pack for these users.

Grameenphone offers 4G speedy internet for you. Grameenphone speed is better than any phone company in Bangladesh. However, they cost more than some phone companies.

However, many people use Grameenphone Internet for good spirits. Here are all the Grameenphone internet latest offers for you.

Grameenphone offers 5MB to 30GB internet for you. In addition, they have created separate offers for Facebook, Viber & WhatsApp.

GP 1GB Offer, GP 2GB Offer, GP 3GB Offer is the most popular for grameenphone users. You want to cheak this GP Internet Offer 2019.

These packs do not apply to Skitto customers. Internet speed can be checked at at this link (charges apply). Download Terms and Conditions in PDF format

GP Internet Offer

GP Internet Offer | Volume Packages

GrameenPhone Offer for you Volume packages, Offer pack, Bundles, 4G Packs, Bioscope Packs & Conference Packs. Here I will tell all offers by the table. Most people like GP 1GB Offer, GP MB Pack.

PackPriceActivation CodeValidity
512MB28 Tk*121*3256#3 Days
1 GB77 Tk.*121*3056#7 Days
1GB189 Tk.*121*3390#30 Days
2 GB197 Tk.*121*3027#30 Days
3 GB289 Tk.*121*3391#30 Days
5 GB299 Tk.*121*3458#30 Days
10 GB399 Tk.*121*3392#30 Days
15 GB498 Tk.*121*3459#30 Days
25 GB649 Tk.*121*3393#30 Days
50 GB998 Tk.*121*3394#30 Days

GP Internet Offer | Offer Packs

PackDetailsPriceActivation CodeValidity
1 GB512MB + 512MB 4G38 Tk.*121*3366#3 Days
1 GB46 Tk.*121*3399#3 Days
2 GB98 Tk.*121*3322#7 Days
2.5 GB2GB + 512MB 4G57 Tk.*121*3242#3 Days
3.5 GB3GB + 512MB 4G69 Tk.*121*3282#3 Days
4.5 GB3 GB +1.5 GB 4G76 Tk.Buy Online3 Days
5 GB4GB + 1 GB 4G114 Tk.*121*3344#7 Days
8GB6GB + 2GB 4G
Free Zee5 Pass
148 Tk.*121*3262#7 Days
12 GB10GB + 2GB 4G198 Tk.*121*3133#7 Days

GP Internet Offer | Bundles

PackDetailsPriceActivation CodeValidity
1 GBZEE5 Pack39 Tk.Buy Online7 Days
5 GBZEE5 Pack99 Tk.Buy Online30 Days
Voice Heavy600 mins + 2GB494 Tk.*121*3447#30 Days
Data Heavy10GB + 300 mins599 Tk.*121*3448#30 Days
Voice Heavy1200 mins + 6GB997 Tk.*121*3449#30 Days
Data Heavy25GB + 600mins989 Tk.*121*3450#30 Days

GP Internet Offer | 4G Packs

4G SIM, 4G Handset and 4G Network required for the following packs.

PackPriceActivation CodeValidity
6GB124 Tk.*121*3434#7 Days
20GB499 Tk.*121*3435#30 Days
60GB999 Tk.*121*3436#30 Days
100GB1499 Tk.*121*3437#30 Days
200GB1999 Tk.*121*3438#30 Days
GP Internet Offer
GP Internet Offer

Important Codes

  • To check GP internet usage, dial *566*10#
  • To check GP internet subscription status, dial *500*60#
  • Deactivate the GP internet package, dial *500*40#
  • To activate GP internet Auto-Renewal Feature, dial *500*41#
  • To deactivate GP internet Auto-Renewal Feature, dial *500*42#
  • For GP internet handset settings, dial *500*50#

GP MB Pack Details

The Internet pack can be enabled through USSD, SMS, IVR, MyGP, Easynet, WoW Box, customer service, GP websites, and any other Grameenphone affiliate channels.

The AutoRenu feature is by default OFF (except BS Pre & Postpaid customers only). However, customers can turn on the AutoRenew feature if they activate the pack.

  • After activating the pack, you will need to type “ON” to start the auto-renew and SMS to 25000 or dial *121*3042#.
  • To turn off AutoRenu, type “OFF” and send 25000 or dial *121*3043#.
  • To check internet balance dial *121*1*4#.
  • Customer will be charged a fee of Rs.5/MB (with SD + VAT + SC) for internet usage after the internet volume is finished.
  • Up to 5.825 Tk (VAT, SD, SC included). To buy Internet pack, dial *121*3#.
  • If the customer re-purchases the same pack or expires successfully before the expiry, then the unused Internet volume will be added to the next pack.
  • Auto-renewal launched by customer’s consent will be determined based on the renewal of internet packs, internet volume or expiration
  • Dial *121*3041# to turn off GP 1GB Offer Internet pack.
  • If the customer has multiple applications running at the same time while the internet volume is low, the money may be charged at a rate of 1.165/MB (with SD + VAT + SC).
  • Therefore, when using an application from one application to another when the Internet volume is low, close to the previous application.
  • For high-speed internet, the customer must use the 4G phone and must be within the 4G network.
  • The average speed of the Internet depends on the handset, website visits, distance from the BTS, all these things.
  • The Internet volume of the campaign pack will be used before the regular Internet pack volume.

Social Pack GP Internet Offer

Here is your social pack GP internet offer. Social Pack volume is eligible for use on Facebook and Twitter.

PackPriceActivation CodeValidity
30 MB1.64 Tk.Buy Online3 Days
50 MB6.56 Tk.Buy Online3 Days
90 MB6.56 Tk.Buy Online7 Days
343 MB20 Tk.Buy Online30 Days

Social Pack Details

If the customer’s social Internet volume expires before it expires, and the customer does not have the volume on any other regular internet account. Customer will be charged 1.165/MB (including SD + VAT + SC) charges on internet usage.

  • Dial *121*3# to buy internet packs.
  • Voice and video calls from Messenger are not part of this pack.
  • Customers will not be able to browse the specified site through a proxy-based browser.
  • Can only use the default web browser and applications.
  • Customers will be charged a fee of Tk 1.165/MB (including SD + VAT + SC) for internet usage when the social pack is on if the customer uses any site other than Facebook and there is no internet volume at that time in the customer’s other regular internet account.

Video Pack GP Internet Offer

  • With this pack, the customer can only access (;; these designated sites.
  • If the video pack is turned on, the customer does not have the volume on another regular Internet account and the customer specified site (;; http: //www.popcornlive If you use any internet site other than .tv /) then your customer will be charged a fee of 1.165/MB (including SD + VAT + SC) for internet usage.
  • Customers will not be able to browse the specified video site through a proxy-based browser. Customers can only use the default web browser and applications.

Message GP MB Pack

  • Voice and video calls from Viber or Whatsapp are not part of this pack.
  • Customers will not be able to browse the specified video site through a proxy-based browser.
  • Customers can only use the default web browser and applications.

Star Pack

  • Customers can enjoy Star status for 3 months by purchasing Star Internet Pack.
  • Star status will be given on the 11th of the pack purchase date. That is, if a customer buys Star Internet Pack on October 25 or November 4, he will be considered a GP Star from November 11.
  • If the customer is at the top of the Star status and buys a data pack containing the Star status of the following step, the above status of the customer will be up to the Star status.
  • This opportunity does not apply to GPPP, BPO, ERS, and SKITO customers

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