Smartphone Charge saving Functional 10 tips

Smartphone Charge saving Functional 10 tips you will give here. Don’t be tense. its fully easy way for you.

The phone’s battery charge decreased – such a smartphone user could not be found. There are many who fear the decrease in battery charge, the phone’s brightness so low that it becomes difficult to show something on the screen. Smartphone Charge saving tips.

All this is done only in the hope of getting a backup for a little more time. Let’s know how to keep the phone’s battery safer.

Smartphone Charge saving way…

One: The phone’s battery charge is due to the notification of various app phones. So if you want to get more battery backup, then get as little information as possible by going to the notification settings of these phone’s phones.

Two: If any service like Bluetooth or GPS is used, the power of your phone is used. So unnecessarily do not turn on GPS, Bluetooth or WiFi.

Three: There are many charges for photographing and recording videos. So you have to practice as little as possible to reduce the number of pictures possible by phone.

Four: Learn to use GPS tactics. You can use GPS while traveling. But Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, these apps do not just need to use GPS. Your battery consumes extra power in such a way.

Five: Keep the Auto Brightness feature off the screen. When it is turned on, the phone’s sensor works all the time and decreases the brightness of the screen according to the light around you. It also has extra battery power consumption.

Six: The live wallpaper of the phone costs more than ordinary wallpaper. So, stop using the live wallpaper if you want more battery backup.

Seven: The battery of the phone may be damaged in excess heat or cold. 15 degrees Celsius is the ideal temperature for mobile batteries. If more than that, it will lose the efficiency.

Eight: Keep your phone’s operating system and apps updated. More likely to be good for updated software batteries.

Nine: There is a small motor in the mobile for the phone’s vibration feature. It undoubtedly costs well. So keep the vibration off for touch and other effects.

Ten: Every smartphone has a battery saver or power saver mood. On the iPhone, it is called ‘Low Power Mood’. The phone’s background apps are mostly closed when these moods are turned on. It has a lot of charges.