Top 10 Brands in the World with Brand Value 2020

There are plenty of best brands in the world. They have different values. But how many brands are there in the world and their brand value? Yes! Now I tell you top brands in the world 2020.

Top Brands in the World

Top Brands in the World

Brand No Name Value (Dollar)
1 Apple 145 Billion
2 Google 94 Billion
3 Samsung 83 Billion
4 Amazon 69 Billion
5 Microsoft 67 Billion
6 Verizon 63 Billion
7 AT&T 59 Billion
8 Walmart 53 Billion
9 China Mobile 49 Billion
10 Wells Fargo 44 Billion

Details of the top brands

Here I tell you the details of the top brands. These bands are as valuable as they are around the world.


Apple is among the most valuable brands in the world. This multinational technology company in America manufactures everything from computers and mobiles.

It’s brand value is one step ahead of the rest of the company. Apple is now the best brand with 145 billion brand values.


When we run the Internet we first remember Google. Anything is asked of him. It is also a multinational technology company in America.


Their business with the internet and computer software. People all over the world are their customers. Their brand value is 94 billion USD.


Samsung, a multinational conglomerate company in South Korea. Their business has been around the world for 1938 years.

This company specially manufactures mobile and some electronics products. Although they are more known as mobile companies.

It’s brand value is 83 billion USD.


Amazon is the largest retailer of Internet-based retailers. Although it is primarily an American company, its business is around the world.

From jewelry to food, toys to furniture, it has everything. They will only be delivered to you after ordering.

Their fast service is increasing its customer base day by day. And so their brand value has touched 69 billion USD.


Microsoft’s name is very familiar to us today. It is a multinational company in America. The company produces all the software on the computer.

They have been developing much new software for many years. And so their brand value is enviable, 67 billion USD.

From the customer’s software to the operating system, the operating system is always updated.


Verizon is the largest US broadband and telecommunications company. And so it’s brand value is 63 billion USD.

How this company has maintained its position in the world market for 32 years.


AT&T logo

The multinational telecommunication corporation of America is ranked number seven among the world’s most valuable brands. Whose brand value is 59 billion USD.

AT&T is the third-largest company in Texas. It has 18 mobile telecom operators all over the world. It has a subscriber base of 128.6 million.


Walmart is a multinational retail corporation in America. He was selected as the Biggest Private Employer in the 2014 figures.

Walmart is actually a Walton family business. They have been carrying on this business for generations.

Walmart does business all over the world. Their brand value is 53 billion USD.

China Mobile

Now, the mobile that can be seen in the hands of most people is definitely not China Mobile. The number of subscribers worldwide is not less.

China Mobile Company is the largest mobile phone operator in the world with over 806 million subscribers.

And so it is ranked number 9 among the world’s most valuable brands. It’s brand value is 49 billion USD.

Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo Company is ranked number 10 of the world’s most valuable brands. It is a multinational banking and financial holding company in America.

The brand value of this company is 44 billion USD in the world market. This is the largest bank in the world in terms of marketing value. And so it’s brand value is increasing steadily.

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