Top 10 Mobile Brand in the World 2020

Now I will tell you Top Mobile Brand in the World. Not only that top mobile companies in the world you will get here.

Mobile phones are increasing in popularity every day. Without a mobile phone, life cannot be imagined anymore. And so there are several mobile manufacturers working to meet this demand.

The global smartphone business is now dominated by China. Chinese brands occupy 48 percent of the global smartphone market share.

Xiaomi, Apo, Vivo, and Huawei are doing extensive business outside China. However, Samsung and Apple hold the top spot in the smartphone market.

Top Mobile Brand In World

Top Mobile Brand in the World

Here is your all Information about the top ten smartphone makers in the smartphone market is now released to readers.

NoBrand NameMarket Share
2Apple 22.4%
3Huawei 8.57%
4 Xiaomi 7.52%
5 Oppo 4.41%
6 LG 2.89%
7 Motorola 2.72%
8 Mobicel 2.65%
9 Lenovo 1.51%
10 Nokia 1.19%

Details of the top mobile brand in the world

First of all, you know the name of the world’s top 10 mobile phone companies. Now we will get a general idea about these companies.

1. Samsung

Samsung is the first on this list. The South Korean company is the world’s largest company right now.

The company had a market share of 19% in 2018. Earlier, Samsung’s share was 27%.

2. Apple

Apple is something else. That’s why many people buy Apple by dropping their old mobile phones.

So the quality of this phone is increasing day by day. Apple is currently second on the list.

3. Huawei


Chinese smartphone company Huawei is third on the list. This year, the company’s growth has grown by 34% over last year.

Its total market share worldwide is 8.57% right now.

4. Xiaomi

Xiaomi has come out in front of many old mobiles. The popularity of the phone is increasing worldwide. The user of this phone is not less in Bangladesh.

This Chinese company also showed a 26% growth last year. Xiaomi has a market share of 7.52% right now.

5. Oppo

Oppo is another popular phone worldwide. The popularity of the phone is increasing day by day.

This Chinese smartphone company occupies the fifth position with 4.41% market share.

6. LG

South Korean company LG increased its business by 26% last year. At present, the market share is around 2.89%.

It is also gaining popularity in many countries. And this phone is at number six on the list.

7. Motorola

8. Mobicel

9. Lenovo

10. Nokia

Thanks to reading our top mobile companies in the world relate article. Here you get Top 10 Brands in the World with Brand Value 2020.

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