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Are you Want SSC Exam Routine Download PDF Now? Here you get all SSC Exam routine PDF for download. Secondary School Certificate is a public examination in Bangladesh conducted by the Boards of Intermediate and Secondary Education under the Ministry of Education.

One has to pass the JSC Examination in order to participate. SSC is held based on the books of classes 9 and 10, which are usually the same. To pass, a student has to undergo both a written and a practical exam.

Students of religious and English medium streams also sit for their respective public examinations, Dakhil and O-Level, conducted by the Madrasah Education Board, Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) and Pearson Edexcel under the board of British Council, as well as other curriculums such as International Baccalaureate, respectively to qualify for further education.

SSC or equivalent is mandatory in order to get admitted into colleges and later, universities. Usually, it is held between the months of February and March every year.

SSC Exam Routine Download PDF
SSC Exam Routine Download PDF

SSC Exam Routine Download PDF 2021

The government has finalized the schedule of SSC Routine 2021. The SSC examination will start from 14 November 2021.

On Monday (27 September 2021), the Secondary and Higher Education Department of the Ministry of Education finalized the schedule of the examination.

Earlier, Education Minister Dipu Moni said at a function at Shilpakala Academy in the capital on Saturday that the SSC examination would be held in mid-November.

It has been seen in the schedule of SSC examination: The examination of Physics (Theoretical) subject will be held on 14th November.

The SSC examination will end on November 23 with the subjects of Politics and Citizenship, Economics and Business Entrepreneurship.

Due to the corona epidemic, it has been instructed to take the test in accordance with the hygiene rules.

Candidates have to take seats in the examination room 30 minutes before the start of the examination.

First multiple choice and then creative / compositional (theoretical) test will be held. There will be no break between the two parts. One and a half hours will be given for each test.

Professor Nehal Ahmed, Chairman, Dhaka Board of Secondary and Higher Education, said, “Based on our proposal, the Ministry of Education has approved the routine of SSC and HSC-equivalent examinations.

There is a meeting about it in the afternoon. Will then be officially released. Two examination routines will be published on the websites of all the Boards of Education.

Here is your SSC Exam Routine 2021. You can follow this routine. Its collected from education board legal website. thanks

SSC Exam 2021 Routine

SSC Exam Routine Download PDF 2020

Here is your Modified new SSC Exam Routine 2020. This routine changed from Dhaka city corporation election.

Daily examinations will be held from 10 am to 1 pm and from 2 pm to 5 pm. Candidates must take seats 30 minutes in advance.

Sub CodeSubjectDate
101Bangla 1st Paper03.02.2020
103Shohoj Bangla 1st Paper03.02.2020
102Bangla 2nd Paper04.02.2020
104Shohoj Bangla 2nd Paper04.02.2020
107English 1st Paper06.02.2020
108English 2nd Paper09.02.2020
154Totho & Jogajog Projukti12.02.2020
151Garhosto Biggan13.02.2020
134Krishi Sikka13.02.2020
133Saririk sikka & Krira13.02.2020
148Charu & Karukola13.02.2020
111Islam Dormo & Noitik Sikka15.02.2020
112Hindu Dormo & Noitik Sikka15.02.2020
113Boiddo Dormo & Noitik Sikka15.02.2020
114Kristo Dormo & Noitik Sikka15.02.2020
136Podartho Biggan17.02.2020
153Bangladesher Itehas17.02.2020
152Finance & Banking17.02.2020
110Vugol & Porebesh18.02.2020
140Pouroniti & Nagorikota20.02.2020
143Bebshay Uddog20.02.2020
146Hisab Biggan22.02.2020
126Ucchotoro Gonit23.02.2020
138Jibo Biggan25.02.2020
150Bangladesh & Bisho Porichoy27.02.2020

Some Important Information

  • There will be multiple elections first and then creative experiments. SSC Exam Routine Download PDF
  • A total of 3 hours will be allocated including 30 minutes for the multiple-choice exam and 2.30 minutes for the written test.
  • There will be no break between the multiple-choice and the creative test.
  • Students will be able to use a simple scientific calculator. But you can’t use any kind of programming calculator.
  • The practical integrative issues have to be passed separately in the theoretical, multiple-choice and practical areas.
  • No mobile or other devices of any kind will be used during the test.
  • The visually impaired, cerebral palsy sufferers and those who do not have handicaps will be able to participate in the test with Scribe (audiologist).
  • An additional 20 minutes has been increased for such examiners and those with hearing impairments.
  • Students with disabilities (autistic, Down Syndrome, cerebral palsy) are given the opportunity to take the test with the special assistance of the teacher/guardian/helper with an additional 30 minutes.
  • Within seven days of publishing the result of the test, the application can be made via SMS using Teletalk Prepaid SIM for SSC and equivalent result re-evaluation.

Aditional Information | SSC Exam Routine Download PDF

Eight Board SSC Examiner16,35,240
Dhakil Examiner2,81,254
Vocational Examiner1.31,285
Regular Examiner16,81,688
Irregular Examiner3,61,325
Special Examiner2,82,598
Educational institutions28,884

More Information

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