Rajshahi Hospital List & Latest Contact Number 2023

Here is your Rajshahi Hospital List & Contact Number. Not only that here you get the Rajshahi Doctor list & Contact number also. We collected all the latest information for you.

Rajshahi is a metropolitan city and a major urban, commercial and educational center of Bangladesh. It is also the administrative seat of the eponymous division and district.

There are many people need to hospitality facilities everyday. All the modern hospitals have been built here keeping in mind their facilities.

Rajshahi Hospital List
Rajshahi Hospital List

Rajshahi Hospital List & Contact Number

Now i will tell you Rajshahi Hospital List & Contact Number. If you know more information about this please comments this post bellow section.

Rajshahi Hospital List

Amana Hospital
Jhoutala More, Laxmipur Shershah Road
Ph: 0721-772686 | Mob: 01705-403610
Barind Medical College Hospital
Padma Residential Area,, Rajshahi
Ph: 0721-761738 | Mobile: 01755-774860
Bridge Hospital
Infront of Chowdhury Tower, Ct Station Rd
Ph: 01732-565523
Chest Disease (TB) Hospital
Ph: 0721-774558
Christian Mission Hospital
Chandipur, Rajshahi
Ph: 0721-776180
City Hospital
Raninagar, Rajshahi
Ph: 0721-750901
CDM Hospital
Chowdhury Tower Laxmipur, Rajshahi
Ph: 01715-841330
Dental hospital Rajshahi
NESCO Head Office, Rajshahi
Ph: 01757-327103
Hepta Health Care
Saccha Tower(Hall er mor), Ghoramara
Ph: 0721-772392
ID Hospital
Hatemkha, Rajshahi Sadar
Ph: 0721-772101
Islami Bank Medical College Hospital
Airport Road, Nawdapara, Rajshahi
Ph: 0721-861291 | Mob: 01915997646 | 01917-089705
Kaisar Memorial Hospital
EIB Compond, 24/2 Cantonment Rd
Mob: 01711-484006
Labaid Hospital
Sher Shah Road, Laxmipur Mor, Laxmipur Bazar
Ph: 01766-661144
Lions Eye Hospital
Ph: 0721-774163
Makka Eye Hospital
Ph: 0721-771212
Motherland Hospital
Greater Rd, Rajshahi
Ph: 0721-775266
Rajshahi Central Hospital
Bir Sreshtho Shaheed Captain Mohiuddin Jahangir Smarani
Ph: 01997-383940
Rajshahi Comfort Hospital
336, Sher Shah Rd, Rajshahi
Mob: 01791-503238
Rajshahi Diabetic Association General Hospital
Ct Station Rd, Rajshahi
Rajshahi City Corporation Hospital
Ph: 0721-770901
Rajshahi City Hospital
Raninagar, Rajshahi
Ph: 01313-086666
Rajshahi Metropolitan Hospital Ltd.
City Building, Greater Rd, Rajshahi
Mob: 01725-671023
Rajshahi Medical College Hospital
Medical College Road, Rajshahi
Ph: 0721 – 776001-9 | 0721 – 775651 (Director)
Ph: 0721 – 774335 (Emergency)
Rajshahi Model Hospital
United Plaza, Rajshahi Model Hospital Bhabon Laxmipur Mor
Mob: 01773-844844
Rajshahi Royal Hospital
Court Station Road,r Laxmipur Mor, Rajshahi
Ph: 0721-771277 | Mob: 01762-685090
Rajshahi Shishu Hospital
Fire Service Mor, Sipaipara, Saheb Bazar Rd
Ph: 0721-770506
Rajshahi Tuberculosis Cure Center
Hatem Khan Gorostan Road
Ph: 01719-422095
Tasin Shisu Hospital
Madrasa Mor, Saheb Bazar Rd
Ph: 0247-812555
Zamzam Islami Hospital
Lokhipur, Greater Rd, Rajshahi
Ph: 0721-771146 | Mob: 01711-192600

Clinic and Nursing Home | Rajshahi Hospital List

Al-Arafa Clinic
Address: Bornali Mor, Rajshahi
Phone: 0721-770922 Mob: 01556-320048
Cure Nursing Home
Address: Rajshahi Sadar
Phone: 0721-776392 | 0721-770301
Dolphin Clinic
Address: Greater Road
Phone: 0721-776344
Goribe Newaz Clinic
Address: Talaimari, Rajshahi
Phone: 0721-750177
Imdad Sitara Khan Kidney Center
Phone: 0247-812654
Mary Stopes Clinic
Phone: 0721-771847
Makka Eye Hospital
Phone: 0721-771212
Medipath Diagnostic Center
Phone 0721-774333
Mohanagar Clinic
Address: Sepaipara,Hatemkha, Rajshahi
Phone: 0721-775346
Mukti Clinic
Address: Medical Road, Rajshahi
Phone: 0721-774337
Padma Clinic
Address: N6, Rajshahi
Phone: 0721-774146
Rajshahi Sheba Clinic
Address: Ct station Rd, Laxmipur Jhaotola
Phone: 01711-460387
Sharmin Nursing Home
Phone: 0721-774437
Uttara Clinic
Address: EIB Compond, 24/2 Cantonment Rd
Phone: 0721-761204

Pathological Lab and Diagnostic Center

National Diagnostic And Hospital
Address: Bismillah Super Market, Laximpur Mor
Phone: 01729-236996
Nuclear Medicine and Ultrasound Center
Phone: 0721-773233 | 0721-773933
Shapla Diagnostic Complex
Address: Greater Rd, Rajshahi
Phone: 01571-326640
Jillia Medicare
Phone: 0721-773324
The pathology
Phone: 0721-772138
North Bengal City Scan
Phone: 0247-810588
Popular diagnostics
Phone: 0247-812117-8
Address: Medical Road, Rajshahi
Phone: 0721-771724 | Mob: 01724-550544
Medipath Diagnostic Compensnox
Phone: 0721-774333 | Mob: 01712-685297
Metro Diagnostic Center
Phone: 0721-771717 | Mob: 01718-282696
Retina Eye Care Center
Mob: 01740-910541
Laser diagnostic
Phone: 0721-770949
City Diagnostic Center
Address: Greater Rd, Rajshahi
Phone: 0721-774180
Phone: 0721-770776
Hepta Health Care and Diagnostic Center
Mob: 01715-233470
Green diagnostic
Phone: 0721-775379
Fair Lab
Phone: 0721-771190
Plasma Diagnostic Center
Address: Rajshahi
Department of Radiology and Imaging
Address: Medical College Hospital, Medical Road
Phone: 0721-774335
The Rajshahi Diagnostic Center
Address: Mehedi plaza, Greater Road, Laxmipur
Mob: 01704-560456
Lab Care Diagnostic Center
Address: Shipaipara Rd, Rajshahi
Mob: 01741-316019
Adhunik physiotherapy clinic
Phone: 0247-810936 | Mob: 01712-758882
Patwari Dental and Physiotherapy Center
Mob: 01711-342413
UK Physiotherapy Center
Phone: 0721-773733

Rajshahi Upazila Health Complex | Rajshahi Hospital List

Bagmara Upazila Health Complex
Mob: 01730-324700
Bagha Upazila Health Complex
Mob: 01730-324701
Durgapur Upazila Health Complex
Mob: 01730-324703
Godagari Upazila Health Complex
Mob: 01730-324704
Godagari 31 Bed Hospital
Mob: 01730-324881
Mohapur Upazila Health Comple
Mob: 01730-324705
Paba Upazila Health Complex
Mob: 01730-324706
Puthia Upazila Health Complex
Mob: 01730-324707
Tanore Upazila Health Complex
Mob: 01730-324708

Thank you for reading Rajshahi Hospital list & contact number. If you have more information about Rajshahi Hospital pls send us a comment to bellow section.

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