Ninth Wage Board Gazette Download Full PDF File 2023

Ninth Wage Board Gazette Published published to determine the salaries of journalists, officers and employees appointed to the newspaper.

The Gazette of the Press Branch-2 to 12 September 2019 was published in the Ministry of Information. However, it has reached the media 14 September.

The Gazette also said that it would be called the ‘9th Newspaper Wage Board Royard-2018’ and would be effective from the date of the Gazette notification.

The Gazette says, From the date of publication of the Gazette (September 12), the Ninth Newspaper Wageboard Roomsaday Gazette will be in effect and will be followed periodically.

The government has approved the Ninth Newspaper WageBoard with recommendations of the Rotiad Cabinet Committee.

Ninth Wage Board Gazette
Ninth Wage Board Gazette

According to the Gazette, salaries for journalists and officers working in newspapers have been increased from 80 to 85 percent.

Journalists’ organizations have been demanding a new pay structure ever since the announcement of a new pay structure to government employees in the 2015. They have followed various programs in this demand.

On the Ninth Wage Board, newspapers and news organizations are organized into five categories.

This is categorized on the basis of the annual average earnings and publicity numbers of newspapers and news organizations.

Ninth Wage Board Gazette PDF File

The Ninth Wage Board has been added as a basis for classification of newspaper manpower and page numbers.

This Wage Board has mentioned the Baishakhi allowance. About 20 percent of March’s basic pay will be considered as a separate allowance.

Earlier, on 15 September 2013, the eighth wageboard for the journalists was published. Six years after that, a new salary structure for news workers came up.

After the formation of the ninth wageboard in January last year Nawab President Matiur Rahman filed a writ petition.

Earlier, the Supreme Court’s Appellate Division stayed the stay order for eight weeks on the publication of the Gazette of the WageBoard.

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