Top 10 Most In-Demand Technology Job 2023

Today i will tell you about Top most In-Demand Technology Job. Technology is advancing day by day. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals. With technical skills you can rise to the pinnacle of success.

Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals. Most companies have been forced to increase their reliance and investment in technology over the past two and a half years.

But due to lack of skilled workers, many positions of IT security, software development, various IT based services or data analysis work have remained vacant.

Most In-Demand Technology Job
Most In-Demand Technology Job

Top 10 Most In-Demand Technology Job

Recently, the technical training platform ‘CodingDozo’ analyzed the employment data of the technology sector and revealed which technologies are currently in demand.

To compile the list, CodingDoz analyzed data on the top 50 jobs on Glasdor, a job search platform in the United States this year. Take a look at the list coded by Dodge.

Information Security Engineer

In the field of information technology, the most sought after position in the job market is now information security engineer or information security engineer. Since the Corona epidemic, many organizations have focused on cloud technology.

As a result, given the growing risk of cyber attacks, the demand for skilled workers in information security is on the rise. This is basically the position of senior employee from mid-level, where an employee has to be involved with system design to ensure the network and software security of the organization.

In order to be proficient in this position, one has to have proficiency in Linux, Unix, Java system as well as knowledge in various subjects including software development. The average salary for this post is more than 1 lakh 19 thousand US dollars.

Full-stack engineer

Currently, the position of software and web developer is very important for any technology organization associated with the creation of digital services and products. And so there is a huge demand for skilled full-stack engineers.

Because in this profession employees can work both front end (website or UI) and back end (server). Employers now want to hire workers who can do all kinds of work.

They do not want to hire separate engineers for frontend or backend. Those who are skilled as full-stack engineers can quickly increase their income and go to higher positions in the organization.

Datologist | Most In-Demand Technology Job

At present, data scientists are in the third position in terms of demanding technology skills. Many organizations are currently investing heavily in machine learning and data analysis.

There is no alternative to hiring customer data analysis databases. Even the most basic workers earn more than 90,000 a year. As skills and experience increase, so does their income.

Machine Learning Engineer

A machine learning engineer is a medium to senior level data scientist who specializes in machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) applications.

They earn from 1 lakh 10 thousand US dollars to 3 lakh US dollars a year. Their demand for technology skills is growing.

Java developer | Most In-Demand Technology Job

Java is still a popular programming language. It is also on the list of codingdozor’s 2022 most in-demand programming languages. Software developers still use this language extensively.

It is being used in various fields including Android app, desktop app, smart TV. Java developers have more than 60,000 recruitment notices in Glasdor in the United States.

According to in the United States, Java developers earn more than 114,000 a year.

Data engineer

The data engineer assists the organization in collecting, sorting and distributing the necessary information. This is a term that deals mainly with the work of a machine learning engineer.

The salary of data engineers is more than 1 lakh 16 thousand US dollars a year. The demand for this position is increasing as data engineers can do several types of work.

Cloud engineer | Most In-Demand Technology Job

In the current context, cloud experts have become more important than ever. As the amount of work done at home has increased, various organizations have started to keep their apps and the work of their officials in the cloud.

Cloud engineers usually have to be proficient in programming like Linux, MySQL, Java, Python. It also requires knowledge like Amazon, Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure.

Backend engineer

The backend engineer basically does all the details of creating an organization’s website or application software. He is also involved in creating new products or services.

Currently there is a huge demand for backend engineers for the success of technology organizations.

Salesforce Engineer | Most In-Demand Technology Job

Salesforce is a very popular customer relationship management (CRM) platform, which is used by the organization to communicate with customers and potential buyers. They work to add third party apps or fix software errors if the organization needs a CRM.

Salesforce engineers need to be well versed in Java or Sisharp. A sales force engineer earns more than 1 lakh 5 thousand US dollars a year.

Automation Engineer

Automation engineers work with the organization’s engineering team to fix problems that can be solved through automation. This is a field whose job is to ensure quality.

Automation engineers therefore have to be proficient in automation test software such as Lambdatest, Rainforest. The demand for this position is now increasing as many organizations have started working on automation.

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