How To Mobile Number Check 2023? Robi Banglalink Airtel & GP

Are you want to own Mobile Number Check? Yes! Here you get all information about Robi number check, Teletalk number check, Banglalink number check, Airtel number check & GP number check.

The number of mobile phone users is increasing in Bangladesh. Because of this, there are now several mobile phone companies in Bangladesh.

These companies include Grameenphone, Banglalink, Robi, Airtel, Teletalk. Among these, Teletalk is a government service organization in Bangladesh.

If you are using a mobile then it is common to use SIM. Be it E-SIM or normal SIM. And this SIM has a phone number, which can be used to contact others. Phone number is one of the personal information of people. Due to which SIM mobile number is a very important thing.

The mobile number of the SIM is written on the packet given at the time of purchasing the SIM. If you call others, you can know the number by looking at your number on the phone of the person who has been called.

However, if you use more than one SIM, it is not possible to remember the number of the less used SIM in many cases. As a result, it is necessary to know the SIM number when recharging or giving someone a number.

It may be necessary to know the SIM number at an important moment. If you do not know the mobile number of the SIM at this time, it may be a problem to give it to others. But there is no reason to worry.

The number of any sim can be known very easily by dialing a specific number. In this post I will know about the code to know the mobile number of SIM of all the operators of the country.

How To Mobile Number Check? Robi Banglalink Airtel & GP
How To Mobile Number Check 2023? Robi Banglalink Airtel & GP

How To Mobile Number Check?

Even though we use mobile phones every day, many do not know how to check their phone numbers again. So with our reports and procedures this time. Here we will tell you how to check your phone number or own Mobile Number Check.

Mobile OperatorCode
Grameenphone*2# or *111*8*

How to GP number check

Grameenphone is a GSM-based mobile phone service company in Bangladesh. It commenced operations from 26 March 1997.

Grameenphone is the largest mobile phone service company in Bangladesh. Grameenphone occupies more than 50% of Bangladesh’s mobile phone market.

If you are a GrameenPhone or GP Sim holder and like to check your mobile number, you have dial a USSD code to check own number. The USSD Code is *2# and *111*8#.

How to Robi number check

Robi Axiata Limited, DBA Robi, is the second-largest mobile network operator in Bangladesh.

It is a joint venture between Malaysia’s Axiata Group Berhad, Bharti Airtel Ltd of India and NTT Docomo Inc. of Japan.

With the commencement of the operation of the merged company of Robi Axiata Limited, the first bill of Bangladesh Telecom Sector came into force on 16 November 2016.

You may wonder to hear that, Robi mobile number can be checked by *140*2*4# number.

How to Airtel number check

Airtel is a global brand of Bharti Enterprise of India- the world’s third-largest mobile phone operator in terms of subscriber base.

However, Axiata Group of Malaysia and Bharti Enterprise of India had agreed to merge their respective operations in Bangladesh on January 28, 2016.

Airtel is previously known as Warid. One can check the Warid number by dialing USSD code *121*7*3#.

Banglalink is the third-largest GSM-based mobile phone service provider in Bangladesh. As of December 2006, Banglalink had a subscriber base of around 3.64 million.

The company was a company owned by the current Global Telecom Limited, Orascom Telecom.

To check the own Banglalink Number, the USSD code is *511#.

How to Teletalk number check

Teletalk Bangladesh Limited, whose brand name “Teletalk” is a mobile phone service company based in Bangladesh. It was first published as “bMobile” but later changed to “Teletalk”.

Teletalk is a GSM and forgery based state-owned mobile phone company in Bangladesh. It is a Public Limited Company of the Government of Bangladesh.

The call rate and other facilities are awesome. The Checking process is *551# USSD code dialing.

We have provided information on all mobile phone number checks here. However, if you would like to get information by calling Customer Care.

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