Top 10 Best Messages and Calling Apps For Smartphones

Due to the availability of smartphones, the demand for SMS or traditional phone calls has disappeared. Messages and calling apps have taken that place. Almost all smartphone users use one or more messaging and calling apps for their needs.

There is a difference between a messaging app and traditional text messaging. The definition of an ideal messaging app is the same for everyone. However, most people choose Messages and calling apps that are used by family and friends. Let’s find out about the top ten messaging calls and apps for smartphones.

Best messages and calling apps
Best messages and calling apps

Top 10 Best messages and calling apps


Details of messages and calling apps

Now I will tell you all these messages and calling apps details. You can use any apps you want. You also can use it all at a time.

Telegram | best messages and calling apps

The first place in the list of messaging apps for smartphones is the privacy and speed focused messaging and calling app Telegram. Telegram can be used through both mobile and desktop.

Telegram chats can be stored in the cloud. There is also no size limit for shared files. That means you can share any size file through telegram.

Telegram’s Chat is protected by 256-bit synthetic encryption, 2048-bit RSA encryption, and Defy-Hellman Secure Key Exchange. Telegram has sticker and gif support as well as photo and video editing facilities.

Telegram’s most remarkable feature is its advanced group chat system. It is possible to add a maximum of 200,000 people in a telegram group Telegram powered by donations is a completely free messaging app and is committed to protecting user information.

WhatsApp | best messages and calling apps

WhatsApp | best messages and calling apps

It is very easy to set up and as a free messaging app on smartphones, WhatsApp has surpassed all other apps on this list as milestones in popularity.

In addition to general chatting, pictures, documents, contacts, and even location can be shared through WhatsApp. A maximum of 6 people can join the same audio or video call on WhatsApp.

Since WhatsApp is primarily based on phone numbers, it automatically adds all WhatsApp users among the phone numbers in the user’s contact list. Despite the huge popularity and control of Facebook, end-to-end encryption provides top-level privacy and security in WhatsApp.

Facebook Messenger | best messages and calling apps

Those who use Facebook regularly, they are somehow aware of Facebook’s messaging app, Messenger. If you have a Facebook account, Messenger can be used on a smartphone with one click.

Messenger can also be used on the desktop through the website. The convenience of chatting outside of apps like Chat Head has taken the popularity of Messenger to another level. Can’t finish talking about Messenger’s features. There is a 24 hour post, story as well as location, photo, video sharing facility.

Messenger has recently added a rooms facility, where even if you do not have a Facebook account through the link, a maximum of 50 people can join the same group call. Added vanishing message facility. Group chats with up to 250 people can be opened on Messenger. Up to 50 people can also join the free audio and video chat.

SnapChat | messages and calling apps

SnapChat | messages and calling apps

The app that has gained popularity by celebrities, Snapchat, is widely popular among the current young society. However, Snapchat is very different from other traditional messaging apps. Although Snapchat’s list of features is smaller than other apps, all the features are in the hands of the users.

As a result, the popularity of so many apps has not collapsed in the crowd of Snapchat. In Snapchat, users can use Aveter instead of their own picture as their profile picture.

Snapchat has the benefits of voice calling, video messaging, photo messaging and text messaging. Messages sent by Snapchat vanish once viewed, making conversations between two people impossible for a third person to see.

Also, if someone takes a screenshot of the chat, Snapchat lets the other sender know. There are various live filters for taking pictures or video records, which are hugely popular among users. The most popular feature of Snapchat is Stories. Stories is a 24-hour post, which can be viewed by the poster’s followers.

This feature became so popular that Facebook was forced to add the feature to their app, messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram. This groundbreaking feature of Snapchat also moved Twitter, and even LinkedIn authorities. As a result, Stories has been added to the platforms.

Discord | messages and calling apps

The Discord app, released in 2015, was originally created for video gamers. At present, there are more than 56 million regular monthly users as well as a total of 250 million users in the Discord app.

Private group chats can simultaneously add up to 10 voice calls to Discord, which facilitates game management for gamers. Discord has the benefit of group chats called channels, in which different sub-groups can be created for different types of chats.

In addition to groups, subgroups also have separate settings, which makes the group chatting more flexible. However, Discord does not use end-to-end encryption. So for those looking for security and privacy-focused messaging and calling apps, Discord may not be the ideal choice for them.

Signal | messages and calling apps

Signal messages and calling apps
Signal | messages and calling apps

When it comes to chat encryption and security, the Open Whisper Systems app, the Signals app, can be a great choice. The app provides military-grade encryption of all messaging and voice calls.

The app has the facility of sending text, voice calls, group messages and attachments. Experts like Edward Snowden have called Signal app the most secure messaging app. The Signal app has image editors, stickers, and even the ability to react to messages with emojis.

Viber | messages and calling apps

Viber’s popularity as a messaging app has declined in the crowd of numerous messaging apps. However, considering the features, the app is not lagging behind in any way. With more than 1 billion users worldwide, Viber has easily made the list of popular messaging and calling apps.

Viber has numerous features like simple messaging, self-destructing messages, group chatting facilities, video messaging and chatting. There are stickers, some additional features like world news. However, for those who prefer a simple and clean interface for messaging or chatting, Viber is not for them.

Line | messages and calling apps

Line messages and calling apps
Line | messages and calling apps

Line, a popular messaging and calling app in Asia with over 600 million users. In addition to the general messaging features, this app can be compared to Facebook. Line can be posted on the app and friends can also comment on the post.

Free landline calls are also possible using the Line app. Line users also have the advantage of sending messages to each other as well as audio and video calling. There is a sticker with line characters in Line AppTA, which is hugely popular among users. Up to 500 people can join the same chat group.

The line app also has the feature to follow artists and bands The album can be set up on the Line app as well as shared with friends. There is also the benefit of watching YouTube videos while on the phone with friends.

Skype | messages and calling apps

There was a time when Skype was the only one in the market for the messaging app. However, due to not being able to update themselves in line with the times, this popular messaging and calling app has lagged behind. In addition to text chatting, video and audio calling are available on Skype.

One of the main features of Skype is that users can use Skype to call real phone numbers instead of a fixed fee. The app is cross-platform supported. General chatting app features, such as stickers, file sending, etc. are there.

WeChat | messages and calling apps

WeChat messages and calling apps
WeChat | messages and calling apps

WeChat is China’s most popular app with over 1 billion users. In addition to messaging, photo sharing, audio and video calling are available in the app. There is also the advantage of location sharing with friends. The WeChat app is packed with many more features like Payment, Games. The app can even be used on Wear OS and Apple Watch.

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