How to use Google Meet App Easily 2023?

Here you get all information about How to use Google Meet App Easily? The use of video conferencing is increasing day by day. Google’s Google Meet App is an ideal video conferencing tool.

Google Meet has been able to differentiate itself from all other video conferencing apps by offering all the usual features as well as additional benefits.

Let’s find out how to use Meet and whether it’s a functional solution based on your usage.

What is Google Meet App?

Google Meet is Google’s business-focused video conferencing tool. The previous name of Meet was Google Hangouts Meet.

In addition to Google Chat and Google Hangouts video chat features, Meet also has a number of enterprise level usable features.

These enterprise focused features are ideal solutions for small or large businesses but are currently being used extensively for the Google Meat business as well as for schools.

Also, many people do not think the zoom app is trusted. For them, Meet has become the first choice as a video conferencing tool.

How to use Google Meet
How to use Google Meet

Is Google Meet App for free?

Anyone can use Google Meet for free with some limitations. Free users will be able to take part in 1 hour continuous meetings with a maximum of 100 people.

On the other hand, Google G-Suite users will get huge benefits in this case. G-Suite users can participate in a meeting for up to 300 hours and up to 150 people.

G-Suite users will also get domestic and international call-ins and customer service.

The benefits are even greater for G-Suite enterprise users. G-Suite Enterprise users will be able to participate in video conferencing on Google for 300 consecutive hours and up to 250 people.

There are many extra features, such as: Intelligent Noise Cancellation, recording of meetings in Google Drive, security features, etc.

Rules for using Google Meet

Using Google Meet is at least as easy as Google’s other ten services. Anyone who spends a little time can get a basic idea about Meet. Let’s find out how to use Meet.

How to use Google Meet App Easily?

It is very easy to create a meeting onMeet. For this you will need a Google account and internet connection.

To create a meeting on Google Meet from the browser-

  • Join
  • Click New Meeting and follow the instructions displayed
  • New meetings can also be created with a single click by entering the link

To create a meeting from Gmail to Google Meet

  • Log in to Gmail
  • Clicking on the Start A Meeting option from the menu on the left will open a new meeting

To create a meeting on Google Meet from a smartphone

  • Install the Google Meet app from the Play Store or App Store
  • After installing, open the app and login with the desired Gmail account
  • Click on New Meeting to start a new meeting

After creating a meeting, a link is automatically generated, which can be used by other participants to join the meeting.

The link will automatically go to the people who are invited to the meeting scheduled in Google Calendar or Gmail.

How to join Google Meet?

Joining a meeting at Google Meet is one of the easiest things in the world. To join the meeting at Meet-

  • Log in to Google Meet from the app or browser
  • Click on Join Meeting next to Start A Meeting or New Meeting
  • Type in the meeting code and press enter to join the meeting
  • You can also join the meeting with one click using the meeting link sent by the host

Google Meet settings

As well as creating and joining meetings, it is important for all users to know some important settings and customizations of Google Meet.

While some features are only for G-Suite users, most of the features are free to use.

An important aspect of video conferencing is how participants are displayed. In a meeting it is set to Auto by default.

This means that an automatic layout will be created based on how many people are participating in the meeting and talking.

If you want to customize this directly, there are three types of options-

  • Tiled: 16 participants are shown in small tiles. If one of the rest is presented, it is displayed in the sidebar
  • Spotlight: Only the presentation or active speaker is shown on the screen
  • Sidebar: Other participants are displayed in small tiles next to the presentation or active speaker in the middle.

There is also the advantage of pinning the participant, through which the specific participant can be placed in the middle of the screen if desired. Meeting participants can mute their mic if they want.

Also the person who created the meeting can also mute anyone participating in the meeting if he wants.

One of the most remarkable features of Meet is the live caption. Clicking on the Turn on captions button at the bottom of the screen will display the speaker’s captions. However, this feature is currently only available in English.

Rules for presenting at Meet

Video meetings are a great means of communication, no doubt about it. However, the meeting may occasionally require all participants to show something.

Like other video conferencing apps, it is possible to show a presentation on Meet during a meeting.

Click Present Now at the bottom of the screen to share your screen. If you want, you can display your full screen, a specific window or Chrome tab as a presentation.

If you want to show videos or animations, Google recommends selecting the Chrome tab.

You can present another Chrome tab using the Change Source option at the bottom of the page. Clicking Stop Presenting will turn off the presentation.

You can also use the chat feature if you do not want to cause problems in the conference call through screen sharing or talking.

You will see the option to chat by clicking on the small chat icon in the top right This chat feature is great for any resource sharing or Q&A.

G-Suite users can use a number of essential features in Google Meet. However, those who use Meet for free, they are deprived of these features.

If you want, you can add all the awesome features to Meet for free using different Chrome extensions. Learn about 9 useful free tools of Meet from this link.

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