WhatsApp message will be deleted within 7 days

WhatsApp message will be deleted within 7 days. New feature on WhatsApp – ‘disappearing messages’ from Sunday (November 22) night. Facebook came up with this feature for Indians.

This feature can be used on Android, iOS, desktop, KaiOS and web. Learn how to use this new feature-

WhatsApp chat> Tap the contact’s name> Tap Disappearing messages> tap ‘CONTINUE’> Select On.

Whatsapp disappearing messages on this rule. In case of WhatsApp Group –

WhatsApp group chat> Tap the group name> Tap Disappearing messages> if prompted, tap ‘CONTINUE’> Select On.

In case of WhatsApp KaiOS app –

WhatsApp group chat> Tap the group name> Tap Disappearing messages> if prompted, tap CONTINUE> Select On

Then within seven days your message will be deleted automatically.

New surprises on WhatsApp message

The Facebook-owned company is bringing new surprises for WhatsApp users. This time new emoji, advanced wallpaper is coming in this messaging app.

A new feature called ‘Read Letter’ is also being added. Such information has been revealed in the report published in the Indian media.

WhatsApp is coming up with a new feature called WhatsApp Advanced Wallpaper feature. This feature allows users to easily set different wallpapers for each chat.

This feature has already been seen in some beta versions of WhatsApp. The company has been working on it for a long time. Users will also get 32 bright wallpapers and 29 dark wallpapers in this new feature. There is also a system to make wallpapers as desired.

The company is coming up with another new feature called Reed Letter. They are replacing the vacation mode feature. With this feature, users will not be notified even if a new message arrives in the archive chat.

In addition to these, WhatsApp is bringing several new emojis.

Which chat takes up more storage?

Social media is our daily companion now. Without it, most of the people in the world cannot go on now. I want a smartphone when I wake up, and scrolling on social media.

Now WhatsApp is one of the most popular social media. Liability to run now without WhatsApp.

According to this affiliate of Facebook, 10 trillion messages are circulated on WhatsApp all over the world every day. It’s not just text, it’s video, audio, pictures and much more! This results in a lot of mobile storage.

The biggest problem with WhatsApp is this storage problem. Due to the large number of groups exchanging thousands of files a day, mobile storage is forced to be filled.

If the media auto download option is on, then the storage will be filled. So there is no way but to delete unnecessary chats. But there is a way to know which chat is taking up more space on your mobile.