Kapotaksha Express Train Schedule & Ticket Price 2023

Are You Finding Kapotaksha Express Train Schedule & Ticket Price? Then you are on the right place. Kapotaksha Express is the popular train in Rajshahi to Khulna route.

The first inaugural run of Kapotaksha Express was on 1 May 1986. In 1988 the service was temporarily stopped. In late 1989 the service started again from Khulna to Rajshahi. Initially this train halted only in Jessore, Chuadanga and Ishwardi. Now it has 15 stoppages in between the routes.

Kapotaksha Express Train Schedule
Kapotaksha Express Train Schedule

Kapotaksha Express Train Schedule

This train departs Khulna at 6:15 am and reaches Rajshahi at 12:20 pm. The returning journey starts at 2:10 pm by departing Rajshahi. This train reaches Jessore, Jhenaidah, Chuadanga, Kushtia, Pabna and Natore district. Its weekly off day is Sunday.

The rake of Kapotaksha Express consists of 11 LHB COACHES. It has one AC chair car and eight8 non-AC chair cars with two power cars.[3] It usually gets Class 6500 locomotives.

Rajshahi to Khulna Train Schedule

Train No716
Rajshahi Departure02:15 pm
Khulna Arrival08:10 pm
Journey Time05 Hour 55 Minutes

Khulna to Rajshahi Train Schedule

Train No715
Khulna Departure06:15 am
Rajshahi Arrival12:00 pm
Journey Time05 Hour 45 Minutes

Substations | Rajshahi to Khulna

Station NameArrivalDeparture
Rajshahi02:15 pm
Azim Nagar03:01 pm03:03 pm
Ishwardi03:20 pm03:35 pm
Pakshi03:46 pm03:48 pm
Bheramara04:00 pm04:03 pm
Mirpur04:13 pm04:15 pm
Poradaha04:25 pm04:28 pm
Alamdanga04:43 pm04:45 pm
Chuadanga05:00 pm05:03 pm
Darshana Halt05:26 pm05:29 pm
Safdarpur05:46 pm05:48 pm
Kotchandpur05:53 pm06:05 pm
Mubarakganj06:17 pm06:19 pm
Jashore06:46 pm06:50 pm
Noapara07:18 pm07:21 pm
Khulna08:10 pm

Substations | Khulna to Rajshahi

Station NameArrivalDeparture
Khulna06:15 am
Noapara06:47 am06:50 am
Jashore07:23 am07:28 am
Mubarakganj07:54 am07:56 am
Kotchandpur08:07 am08:09 am
Safdarpur08:18 am
Darshana Halt08:32 am08:35 am
Chuadanga08:59 am09:02 am
Alamdanga09:20 am09:23 am
Poradaha09:37 am09:40 am
Mirpur09:50 am09:52 am
Bheramara10:03 am10:06 am
Pakshi10:18 am10:20 am
Ishwardi10:35 am10:55 am
Azim Nagar11:07 am11:09 am
Abdulpur11:07 am
Rajshahi12:00 pm

Kapotaksha Express Ticket Price

There are many categories of seats in Kapotaksha Express. The ticket prices are based on their quality. If you want good quality then you must pay more.

ClassRent Per Seat
Snigdha593 Taka + 15% Vat
Single Chair310 Taka + 15% Vat

How Can Buy Kapotaksha Express Ticket

You can buy train tickets in two ways. First, go to the railway station directly, secondly online. But you can buy tickets online from the house easily to buy tickets online.

You can buy tickets online from Bangladesh Railway’s own website online. In that case, an online charge will be applicable.

  • Firstly, Go to the near railway station directly.
  • Secondly, You can buy tickets online just a couple of clicks. Here is your Bangladesh railway ticket website link.
  • Thirdly, You can Download RailSheba apps & Purchase more tickets.

Do you want to buy a train ticket? Yes! you have three ways. If you Want to know more this way, then click: Know For E-Ticketing.

How to Track Kapotaksha Express

Bangladesh Railway launched the train tracking system on 16 January 2014. This allows passengers to arrive at 16318 by mobile SMS when they leave the train, getting information on train status, next stoppage, real-time departure.

  • Go to your mobile SMS option
  • tr <space> 715/716. OR tr <space> Kapotaksha Express
  • Send to 16318
  • The immediate location of the train will be informed via SMS again.
  • SMS charge 4 taka+vat.

Contact Number

Kamalapur Station02-8315857, 02-9330522, 01843-220622, 01711 691612
Dhaka Airport02-8924239
Rajshahi Station01711-622728, 761940

Charge to carry goods in Train

There is a pool arrangement for carrying goods from the station to the compartment or from the compartment. They charge according to the number of goods.

Here are the lists of current charges, although they can be taken care of by the actual cases.

28 kgs (1 bag)BDT 30
28 kgs (2 bags)BDT 40
37 kg (1 bag)BDT 40
37 kg (2 bags)BDT 50
56 kg (1 bag)BDT 60
56 kgs (2 bags)BDT 80

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