How to go Bisanakandi? Air, Train & Bus Schedule 2023

Are you finding How to go Bisanakandi? Ok now i will give you all information’s about Air, Train & Bus Schedule.

Bisanakandi of Sylhet has surrounded the beauty of nature. To overcome the busyness or loneliness of busy life, one can visit the hills and stones from this diversity. Before going to know how to go to Bisanakandi? Where to stay?

Besides, there are some precautions to follow in this remote area. This tourism center of Goingghat Upazila, situated on the foothills of the Meghalaya hills, has now become one of the most popular tourist centers in the country.

It is possible to visit Bisanakandi all year round. But here the crowd of tourists is more in the rainy season.

How to go Bisanakandi
How to go Bisanakandi

Bisanakandi: Which you will see

The main attraction for tourists in Bisanakandi is mountains, fountains, and stones. The vast green Meghalaya mountain has come down from the border with the transparent water fountain.

The precious stone comes in the rainy season. Zero Point of Bangladesh-India border like a stone garden Many small stones were found on the course of the mountainous fountains.

The lake was mixed with Pian river. And look at the top of the Sunil sky under the green greens, the huge hill, which is the heart of the heart. The Indian Khasia Palli residents live on the slopes of theirs. It is not the end here.

You will see the movement of fish in transparent water. Here are about 100 young people from the Meghalaya and Bichhankandi Samity, who are working to take pictures of tourists here.

How to go Bisanakandi?

In Sylhet, the plane, train or bus went to Sylhet. Everyday 11 aircrafts left Dhaka for Sylhet. And every day the train goes 5 Besides, a lot of buses go from Dhaka to Sylhet every day.

Airlines schedules and fares

Biman schedule and rental Bangladesh Airlines flight 7 flights from Dhaka to Sylhet.

They leave the clock at 5 am, 5:02 am, 5:05 am, 10:45 am, 12:45 pm, 1:30 pm and 4:30 pm. However, there may not be all flights at this time every day. Click here to see if there are any flights to your scheduled date.

These flights will cost Tk 2,500 to Tk 7,500. But these rentals are often offered on rent. If you want to go on a flight to Bangladesh Biman, you can cut your ticket by clicking on this link.

Also, outside the Bangladesh Biman, NovoAir every day at 12.30 pm and at 7 pm run everyday. Everyday 1 pm and 7:40 pm, the US-Bangla airlines operates the Airlines flight.

The fares for these flights are between Tk 2,500 and Tk 8,000. However, take a look before you make a booking. Because these rentals may change every day.

  • Click here to view Navoir’s air schedules and rentals.
  • Click here to view the US-Bangla Airlines’ schedule and rentals.

Train schedules and fares

Five trains left for Dhaka from Sylhet for the day outside the airline. Among them – Parabat Express at 6 to 36 in the morning, Jayantika Express at 12 noon, Colony Express at 4 pm, Upobon Express at 9:50 pm and Surma Mail left Dhaka at 10:50 pm.

The tickets for these trains would be Tk 80 to Tk 1099. If you want you can buy these train tickets at home. For this, click on this link.

Bus schedules and fares

For those who want to go to Sylhet for bus schedules and rentals or outside the train, there are several bus services. At least 12 buses leave for Dhaka from Sylhet every day. Some of these are AC and some non-AC buses.

The NON AC buses include – Unique Transport, Shyamoli Transport, Anna Transport, Al Mobaraka, Mamun Enterprises, RP Aliens, Hanif Enterprise.

These buses cost Tk 470.

AC buses include – Green Line, Enna Transport, Sentmartin Transport, London Express, and Golden Line Transport.

These bus fares are from 950 to 1200.

If you want to buy these bus tickets at home. Click for that.

You can go further

In addition to going to Kadamtali on the southern side of Sylhet. Some buses from Sayedabad-Fakirapul will cost you Tk 500 to 800.

From there, the rickshaw will cost 30 to 50 taka and CNG auto-rickshaw will cost between Tk 70 and 100.

From CNG auto rickshaw to the Amberkhana, the cost will be Tk 10 each.

If you take the CNG Autorickshaw Reserve from Ambarkhana to Bisanakandi, it will cost Tk 1,200 to Tk 1500.

However, you can go to the reserve. In that case, the cost of going to Gowainghat’s Hodparha from Amberkhana to CNG auto rickshaw will be Tk 120 per person.

From there, reserve CNG auto-rickshaw will be taken again from there to Bisanakandi tourism center. It will cost 300 taka. And the motorcycle will cost 100 taka each.

Bisanakandi : Where to stay

To go to Bichankandi, you have to rent a hotel or resort in Sylhet City. Value and rents are different in these hotels. So before going ahead, know about the facilities or fare in these hotels beforehand.

There are lots of residential hotels in the city of Bandarbazar, Zindabazar, Dargah Gate in Sylhet. The cost of these hotels will be 250 to 500 taka. There are also some elite hotels.

Below are some hotel names, addresses and phone numbers-

Hotel NameContact Number
Metro International01731-533733
Nirvan In01730-083790, 01711-336761
Star Pacific01713-674 009, 01937-776633
Anurag715717, 714489, 01712-093039
Supreme01711-197012, 0821-720751
Sun Flawar0821-713914
Asia01922-595841, 01922-595840
Surma Valley Guest House01716-095836
Sylhet Inn082-811945
Al-Arab0821-724059, 01721-81662
Urmi0821-714563, 01733-153805

Warnings and Tips on Bisanakandi Visit

Before making fun, know the information well. Because the road from Haldar to Bichankandi is very bad. If you do not use caution, then the accident can happen.

After the end of the journey, try to return to Sylhet city in the light of day. At night the robbers are at risk of being caught by the robbers.

If you can take food from the city better then. Although there is a restaurant in the tourist center, its value is not very good.

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